Yesterday’s comments and feedback in regards to the post, A Woman’s Power During Uncertain Financial Times, were amazing. Thank you for all the beautiful things you shared from your own experiences to quotes to songs lyrics to your own fears and vulnerabilities. What a gift you each gave.

Today is a much more serious topic. :)

This touches on an ongoing topic in our house: Why Brian thinks he could win the People magazine award for Sexiest Man Alive. Before I get myself in trouble as his wife, he is totally the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE! I mean if you don’t think so, just check out my baby here! And Brian’s theory on why the world would agree is interesting to say the least.

Check out the video! The end is my favorite!

Cast your vote below by answering the question: Do you think Brian could win Sexiest Man Alive if he only had more exposure? :)

I know the video was really about a new term we’ve come up with called Photo Coaching. This was the topic of our talk at Partnercon, plus the upcoming WPPI conference in 2009. Pictage has asked us to spend some time on the forums tonight to follow up with any questions you might have from the talk, or questions you have for Brian about being the sexiest many alive!

If your a Pictage member, Brian and I will be on the Pictage forum live today from 4pm-6pm PST to answer as many questions as possible. Hope to see you there!

P.S. Last I looked, we only need 119 more votes to hit 500 for the Pet Photo Contest! If you haven’t voted, get over to this post and post your vote as a comment! If we hit 500 votes by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT PST, we are going to give some copies of Adobe’s Lightroom Software away to RANDOM VOTERS!! Don’t miss out! Get over there and vote, and you may win Adobe software!!


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