Brian and I had an AMAZING time at our DC Workshop this last weekend.  The ladies were incredible.  They came with open hearts and a readiness to take risks and grow!  And GROW, they did!  Lots of laughter, tears and applauding each other.  Transformation was everywhere, and it was stunning to watch.  Their photos transformed overnight, not to mention their creative spirits!

On Sunday, the ladies gave me one of the funniest surprises ever!  I had stepped out of the workshop to talk to the models that were arriving.  And when I came back in, Brian had a headband in his hair!  I almost fell over, he looked HILARIOUS!  But all of a sudden I turned around, and EVERY SINGLE WOMAN in the workshop had a headband on!  Knowing how much I love my headbands, they GOT ME GOOD!  Oh my goodness, I almost peed my pants.  It was the BEST and FUNNIEST surprise ever!

To all the beautiful DC ladies,

I found a card in my bag while I was on the plane, and when I opened it up and saw that all of you had signed it…I couldn’t help but cry.  Thank you so much for all your kind words and thoughtfulness.  My life is so much richer having spent the weekend with all of you.



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11 Comments: “Behind the Scenes of DC Photography Workshop!”

  1. Delanae says:

    What a fun way to show appreciation ladies! That’s fantastic!

    Me Ra, you are truly loved by many. You have a wonderfully blessed life. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. <3

  2. Jill O'Hanlon says:

    It truly was the best weekend – all thanks to what you and Brian created for us. Words cannot express the transformation that took place in my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Rhonda says:

    So glad you had a great weekend. I was praying that you would be just as blessed as they were and it looks like you were.

  4. Debbie Allan says:

    MeRa and Brian
    Thank you so much for the most amazing experience. I have never been so outspoken in my life, but that may have something to do with hanging out with the other loud Brit. She brings out the best in me!
    I cannot truly express how incredible the weekend was, however what I can say is I somehow feel very different, in the most amazing way.
    I do have new found confidence and am even more excited about my photographic journey.
    MeRa seeing the look on your face when you saw Brian with his very fetching headband on was hysterical, but sitting there knowing that you had not even noticed that we all had them on too was the best.

    Thank you so much for being yourselves. Opening up your hearts and pouring it all out makes means a great deal to me. You and both such sincere, AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT people. Pascaline and Blaze are very luck to call you Mom (Mum) and Dad.

  5. Genie says:

    that’s so CRAZY!! a riot!! congrats on getting Me Ra (and Brian too) – so happy it was an amazing journey for all of you.

    Bri-ahn never looked so chic!

  6. Melissa Appleton says:

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend!! I can’t wait for the next round of workshops (please say there will be a next round!), as I definitely want to be a part of it!! I am just getting started on my journey into photography and have found your website and blog to be very inspirational….thank you for being so willing to share your gift with others, not all photographers are so open to sharing information with those just starting out… thank you and I can’t wait to meet you someday!!! ;-)

  7. jeramy says:

    as I read these comments I see that you are still affecting people in such a deep and profound way. that is amazing!!! what a legacy you are leaving of being so incredibly generous with your time, talent and your hearts. love you guys.

  8. Cathleen Woodbridge says:

    So fun!!!! Love the picture! Your reaction made the whole thing!! You are so expressive and responsive to life. I am glad that you were a good sport about it. We love you!
    Thanks to you and Brian for a fantastic weekend.( And Genie, behind the scenes) It was incredible. I learned so much and I know that my learning will continue as I practice all of the techniques and skills that you taught.
    Thanks for being authentic, caring, passionate, determined and willing to be used by God to build others up and help them dream. And for giving others the courage to go after their dreams even if they are afraid. We should actually be more afraid of what would happen if we didn’t live our dream than if we do! Right?
    Well, I hope our paths cross again soon. I know our virtual paths will but face to face is fun. Happy Day!! Thanks again!!

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