Did you create your own doll-sized studio yet?  If not, here are some AWESOME examples to show you!  Every lady that tried this exercise has told me that they not only had a blast with their kids, but they also learned a lot more than they bargained for!

Read what Breanna from South Dakota said;

Our son doesn’t have any Barbies, so I decided to use his Buzz Lightyear. This was a great exercise for myself because it helps me to stop and think about what I’m doing instead of just shooting away. Such a great way to try out new ideas! Since I love to use natural light, I haven’t had much practice using indoor lighting…it was really different. I especially have a hard time adjusting the white balance.

Check out these GREAT shots Breanna shot.  Click on the image to see it BIG–Buzz Lightyear big!!!

Breanna, you mentioned having a hard time with White Balance.  Did you find that your images were yellow?  I’m noticing the hardwood floors, and whenever you’ve got hardwood floors, yellow light bounces back up on our subjects.  But yes, white balance is trickier with artificial lighting.  In fact, I often shoot in Auto White Balance and make corrections in post process.

Here are a couple examples from our SOAR! Recipients!

Charisse took the opportunity to not only build her doll sized studio, but also work with dolls that have different skin tones.  Read about what she discovered!

Rachel, played around with Depth of Field.  I LOVE those stars in the background Rachel!  Dreamy!

See all of Rachel’s photos, plus read about her “a-ha’s” by CLICKING HERE!

To see the most HILARIOUS video ever, check out Ali’s experience with building her doll sized studio.  But seriously, you may wet your pants from laughing!  To see Ali’s doll sized studio and watch her video, CLICK HERE!

I think this is my favorite SOAR! Photography Exercise yet!  I LOVE what you are all learning!  Keep sharing your experiences with me and post your photos up at the SOAR! Forum!



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7 Comments: “Doll Sized Photo Studios to Check Out!”

  1. BreAnna says:

    Thanks for the tip Me Ra! It seems so obvious now about the yellow light reflecting off the wood floor, but I never realized it until you mentioned it. I will have to get a piece of white poster board and try again to see the difference. Thanks again! :)

  2. Me Ra says:

    If you haven’t watched Ali’s video today, you MUST! I think it’s the MOST HILARIOUS Video I’ve ever seen, and I LOVE that it’s all about studio lighting!


  3. ajira says:

    OMG Me Ra you are so right!! It’s brilliant! Goodness gracious but Ali is talented! Literally laughed out loud. Oh, and I think Barbie needs an intervention.

  4. ali anderson says:

    she totally does, ajira. it was like 3:00 in the afternoon and i came outside to find her trashed on the back deck. looks like barbie isn’t so ladylike after all!

  5. Karen says:

    In the fall I did something similar, I took a few lego people and some plastic carebears outside into the fall leaves and practiced. A lego man is much more patient than a person while I am working on depth of field and angles! I had a great time and even convinced some friends to do the same to learn and understand depth of field and by doing so it finally clicked for them! I had a great time doing it also!

  6. BreAnna says:

    Ali…that must have been what my Barbie was doing whenever I couldn’t find her. I always knew she’d rather be doing something else. Now I’d probably join her for that glass of wine!

  7. there goes Pascaline, inspiring women already! ; ) like mother like daughter. love that this exercise came from her experience. can’t wait to try it!!!