As I look back on all the family photo shoots I’ve done, I can say that 98% of dads are the same when it comes to having their picture taken.  They don’t want to pose. They don’t want to look at the camera and smile.  Honestly, they don’t even want to sit still for a photo.  It’s not that they don’t want a photo with the kids.  They do!  But they want to feel comfortable in their own skin too!  How do we meet dad on his level?  Here are four tips to capturing a GREAT shot of dad this Father’s Day!

1.  Think of an Activity Dad can do with the Kids.  Dads feel more comfortable in front of the camera when they are doing something.  (It’s the whole “standing there” that is a bit unnerving.)  Think of an activity dad can focus on versus the camera.  It can be something as simple as “Tickle Monster” or playing drums with the kids.  But keep in mind Tip 2 as you brainstorm this activity.

2.  Find a way for this Activity to happen within a Small Space.  A portrait tends to feel more intimate and personal when bodies are physically close.  Brian and the kids made their own African drums last week for a final homeschool project.  I asked all three of them to sit on the piano bench, knowing this would force them to squish together.

KEY:  I also expect the first couple photos to be a little stiff.  Everyone, no matter how young or old, needs a little time to warm up to a camera.

3.  Give Dad Direction.  You know the feeling when you are having your picture taken and you don’t know where to look, how big to smile, if you should laugh, what to do with your hands…dads have all the same questions.  The more direction you can give him the better.  Play around with different ideas like asking him to look at one of the kids or one of the kids look up at him

or look right at the camera and even antagonize the kids while he looks at the camera (this dad is dialed in on how to antagonize the kids!)

4.  As You See Dad Loosen Up with the Camera, Give Him Praise.  Now that dad is starting to have fun (and is forgetting about the camera), give him praise!  Let me tell you ladies…have your camera ready when you start dishing out a little praise, like “Honey, you are so funny!  You are cracking me up!  Babe, wait till you see these photos!” –you get the picture.  They hear your praise and get crazy!  Results are AWESOME!

Look at how the comfort level has evolved from the first photo–that was a bit stiff and staged–to this one!

Can you feel the rhythm?!

Blaze took off, but I LOVED this one too!

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there!

You are the shelter to our families.  You bring a sense of safety that no one else can give.  You know how to make your bride feel beautiful 15 years later.  You know the words to say that makes your daughter hold her head high.  You raise up a son to respect women like no other.  You can play with the kids on their level and then exhort them to a higher purpose in the next breath.

Thank you dads for giving your all to the word DAD!  And a big squeeze to my husband.  Brian, I never knew a dad could be so amazing, so involved in his kids’ lives, so dedicated, until you.  I love you babe.



p.s.  To all the women who applied to be a Certified Me Ra Koh Workshop Teacher, we will be contacting you next week!


6 Comments: “Family Photo Tips for Capturing Dad this Father’s Day!”

  1. Michelle S says:

    Happy father’s day, Brian!!!

    Love the pictures!:)

  2. Jennifer Tacbas says:

    Love these tips and photos, Me Ra! For sure, you and the kids are a lucky bunch to have such a great guy as the lead drummer of your family. Happy Dad’s Day, Brian!

  3. ali anderson says:

    happy father’s day, brian! you are a treasure!

  4. Jess Robertson says:

    Beautiful post! Love the end :) Happy Fathers Day, Brian!

  5. Carrie Yuan says:

    Happy Father’s Day, Brian!!! Me Ra, love seeing all of your family photos behind them on the piano!

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