For the last few months, you’ve been photographing all the beautiful details outside from flowers in your garden to vibrant sunsets.  But as the temperature drops, and we find ourselves looking for a warm, little nook in the house, why not capture the cozy details inside too?

Today’s photo exercise isn’t stressful or technical, just fun!  No need for a fancy camera.  I did all these photos with my smartphone.  In fact, this is one of my own exercises for feeding my creative juices.  What better way to start the week than to be intent on feeding your creative self?!  As you are spending time indoors or even out and about on errands with the kids, look for two things;

1. objects that are repetitive or a collection of some sort

2. objects that trigger cozy thoughts or Fall themed

The sky is the limit on this exercise!  It can be a stack of old dusty books or a row of pumpkins.

Pascaline loves to knit, so we stopped in at a yarn store recently.  The shelves and shelves of beautiful yarns made me think “COZY” right away!

And then we turned the corner and found all these wonderful buttons!  I got down low and shot up on the buttons so they would feel more endless in the photo.

The trick is to capturing details shots is to get in SUPER close.  You are so physically close you almost feel like you are looking at the objects like you would with a magnifying glass, except it’s your smartphone or camera.

I really pushed myself this summer to take more photos with my smartphone, to help me get back to the basics of simple composition and love for imagery.  But I never expected my smartphone to become a tool of creative photo inspiration!  Even at the grocery store, the last of the season’s fruit catches my eye–you’ll see me taking a photo.  :)

On Sunday evenings I spend a little time at my desk, prepping for the upcoming week.  The little balls on my lamp shade always make me smile.  Definitely my personal cozy touch at my desk.

Since the photo is about the repetition of all those little balls, I framed the photo with just enough of the lamp base to give us a place of setting and anchoring.

With the endless information on the internet of how to take photos or worse yet, how we “should” take photos, our creative well can dry up before it even has a chance to experience being full.  I find little exercises like this keep the well from draining.

Try it out and post your cozy details on my FB page!  I love the photos some of you posted from last week’s light exercise!  Bravo!  So awesome!

In the meantime, I have to ask this because I want to go shoot more of it!  What comes to mind when you think of a “cozy” detail or collection?!  Post it in today’s comments, and you may see me post a photo of it on my FB page or here.  We can inspire each other!

Happy Monday!




4 Comments: “Photo Tips for Capturing Cozy Details”

  1. Sarah Nguyen says:

    Fun photos, Me Ra! I love how you took photos of things that we may see all the time but don’t stop to pay attention to. “Cozy” makes me think of mugs of warm drinks, snuggling in blankets, and warm mittens. :)

    Love that you are blogging again! :). I’ve missed your words and photos. Can’t wait to hear more about what you’ve been up to!

  2. Shirley says:

    Love this – and have been doing this myself without thinking about it! As I knit a sweater for my granddaughter I became so aware of every stitch and how they all work together…not to mention that insane fact that the whole sweater is made from one string!

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  4. Joan benn says:

    Not sure my comment went thur, so doing tis again…

    I love Shells, makes me feel cozy to look at them. To think each one had a living something inside at one time… you,, grandma