Brian and I took a few photo adventures with the kids this summer.  I’m excited to walk through these with my audience at Photo Plus Expo in NYC next week.  But if you can’t make it, I wanted to give you a sneak peak.

SONY sent us this super cool point-and-shoot camera that is waterproof (DSC-TX20 model–in pink! :)).  So we decided to test it to the max!  I called the local country club and asked if we could rent the pool for a couple hours one Sunday.  When I told them what we were up to, they were so excited about how out-of-the-box it was that they didn’t charge us and even had a lifeguard join us for good measure!

The kids don’t really dress up anymore, but we decided to pull those dress up clothes out one last time and jump in the POOL!  I’ll show you a few of Pascaline’s photos today and try to post Blaze’s tomorrow!

When Pascaline was going through her princess stage, I found an old wedding dress at a vintage store so I could dress up with her.  Since the wedding dress has layers and layers of sheer, white fabric, I thought it would photograph SUPER COOL underwater–all the light would illuminate the sheer layers!  Being the daredevil she is, we pinned it to fit her (and I secretly thanked God for giving us a lifeguard :)).

She was so excited to jump into the pool with the dress on!  Meanwhile, I was trading water with my goggles and SONY camera–ready for her underwater!

This is why I call the series “Underwater Photo Dreams”.

Isn’t that cool!!  And with a POINT-AND-SHOOT!!! No fancy underwater housing for a camera, just a P&S camera!  I’ll be talking in NY about different tips I learned through trial and error when capturing underwater photos of kids.  The first time I tried, there were tons of people in the pool and the photos came out murky with a lot of random legs everywhere.  With a little practice, we finessed the process to get dreamy results!

What do you think?  Fun, right?!  I have to tell you, the kids had SO MUCH fun!  Honestly, we ALL had a blast!  Before we knew it our three hours was up!  But for kids who have been photographed their whole life, it was like the camera didn’t exist and they were in another world.  They didn’t want to stop!  Wait till you see Blaze’s photos–batman capes are involved!  :)  Have you ever tried underwater photos of your kids?  How did it go?

And is anyone coming to Photo Plus Expo this year?  If so, come say hi!  I’ll be speaking and doing photo shoot demonstrations every day at the SONY booth!





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