Fall Family Photo Tips!

One of our readers’ favorite topics is Fall Family Photo Tips!  When I think of Fall, I envision crunchy yellow and red leaves, warm cups of apple cider, cinnamon sticks and bonfires with friends. For the kids, the holidays are edging closer at an agonizingly slow pace, but Halloween treats help. Now that the first hint of chill is in the air, I thought I’d share some fun Fall family photo tips and moments for making the most of capturing the season.

Leaves, leaves, leaves. This is probably an obvious choice, but even if you don’t live in an area where trees put on a dramatic display of burning reds, golds and oranges, you can still have fun with falling leaves–even those crinkly brown ones!

  • Leave the kids with dad for 30 minutes and take a silent walk–looking for light among the changing leaves.

Me Ra Koh SmartPhone Fall Photo Tips

  • Older kids are never to old to throw leaves up in the air–as Blaze clearly demonstrates!

Fall Family Photo Tips, Me Ra Koh

  • Rake up a huge leaf pile and set your camera to Continuous Shooting mode as your children throw them high!

Jess Robertson caught this sweetie in a recent shoot! Beautiful California sunlight, and GREAT job blasting the background Jess!

On the other side of the country, Laura Swift, our Virginia CONFIDENCE Teacher, captured another sweet red-head!  Look at the sheer joy that throwing leaves brings!  I love the blur that helps us feel the motion of her throwing those leaves!

Laura Swift, Virginia, CONFIDENCE Photography Teacher

  • Plop your baby in the leaf pile and compose the shot so all you see are the texture of leaves surrounding his face, or have him sit up on top of the pile.
  • If you live in a coastal area without a lot of deciduous trees, look for tall grasses that are beginning to turn golden. Late afternoon sun shining through the grasses gives a nice autumnal, golden glow.

Apples of your eye. Fall is the season of apples, and apple stands pop up all over the country selling hundreds of yummy varieties. Think bushel baskets, apple barns, even apple orchards if you have one nearby.

While I was in NYC at Photo Plus Expo, Pascaline was home assisting a local photographer on a photo shoot at an apple orchard.  Proud mama here–I’ve got to share one of her favorites (and mine!).  This is straight out of the camera with her Sony DSLR camera.

Me Ra Koh's Daughter, Pascaline, Photography

Head to the midwest where Tina Erdmann, our Wisconsin CONFIDENCE Teacher, did a DARLING family photo shoot at an apple orchard.  The kids couldn’t resist climbing the apple trees!  Could you?!  🙂

Tina Erdman, Wisconsin, Me Ra Koh CONFIDENCE Teacher, Fall Photo Tips

Take a Fall Drive!  Pile the kids in the car with cozy music and take a Fall Drive to see the changing leaves.  Find a quiet country road.  I LOVE this photo that Nicole, our North Dakota CONFIDENCE Teacher, captured!

Nicole Elliott, Me Ra Koh CONFIDENCE Teacher, Fall Photo Tips

Visit the local farmer’s market. Pumpkins aren’t the only thing going – shop your local farmer’s market for stalks of wheat, Indian corn and cool gourds. All of those things make fun seasonal props.

Bake a pie. Have your child help you bake an apple pie or tartlets. Capture her helping with the crust or dressed in an apron with bowls of chopped apples. After it’s baked, set her up with a warm slice topped with vanilla ice cream and capture that satisfied smile!

Find a Fall festival. Think cotton candy machines, candied apples, carnival rides and gaming booths. Even bobbing for apples!

Campfires and roasted marshmallows. There’s nothing like a blazing campfire on a cool November night. Get it going before dusk and grab shots of your children roasting marshmallows as the late afternoon sun goes down. Don’t forget cups of hot cocoa with marshmallows on top.

Warm up the wardrobe. Fall family photo tips involve wardrobe too!  Look your coziest!  Bright reds give a nice pop against those warm autumn colors. But fleecy red plaids and warm-toned corduroys also look good against Fall scenery. I especially love my canary yellow cords!  Think about fun scarves and interesting hats. For girls, bring out the boots, denim and old-fashioned capelets. Consider leather bomber jackets and flat caps.

Speaking of wardrobe, ever wonder what to wear for photos?  Next wee my Stylist (yes, Stylist–you’ll hear the story :)) is going to offer up some fun, easy tips for how to put your Fall Family Portrait outfits together!  Going to be fun!!

Happy Fall shooting!  And be sure to share on my Facebook page!  I LOVE to see what our moms capture!

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