The Heart Process Up Close

Last week was an amazing milestone for our business.  The launch of our fourteen teachers was so exciting, and I want to thank you for celebrating with us!  I had the privilege of sharing my heart process with you in several blog posts.  Thank you for all your emails and comments, sharing how much you appreciated this.

For those of you who are inspired by hearing the heart process, I want to invite you to read the blog posts that a handful of our teachers wrote on their individual blogs.  Their photos and perspective of the weekend alone is just fun to see!  This photo was captured by Laura!

I’ve loved reading these posts to hear what struggles, barriers, hopes, they were dealing with, and most of all, how they pushed through.  It is a honor to be working with these amazing women.

Click on any of the teacher names below to read their personal journey of becoming one of our teachers.  (for better or worse!  :))

Jess Robertson, CA Teacher (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Jennifer Tacbas, GA Teacher

Tonya Todd, WA Teacher

Laura Swift, VA Teacher (and resident grandma!  Such a woman of wisdom to have on our team!)

Beth Wendland, OR Teacher

Tina Erdman, WI Teacher

Kelli Kalish, IL Teacher

Summie Roach, TX Teacher

Amy Rhodes, NV Teacher

Today, we release our first Early Bird discount for their workshops AND a workshop Brian and I will be teaching in February.  This special discount goes out to our newsletter peeps first.  They always get a head start on registering, as a thank you to being one of our newsletter followers.  But stay tuned, we will release any remaining workshop seats along with the Early Bird special on the blog in the coming week!



p.s.  So glad you liked Rebecca’s tips yesterday!  Isn’t she great!  We will figure out how to bring you more good stuff!


10 Comments: “The Heart Process Up Close”

  1. laura says:

    Me Ra, I continue to be amazed with the vision you have and how you so willingly share that vision with us. You are a visionary and I love that I am part of that with you and the certified teachers. I have been called a trail blazer in this group and I think that will become my new nickname! haha.

  2. Me Ra says:

    Laura, I can’t think of a BETTER nickname for YOU!!! “Trailblazer” it is!!


  3. Me Ra says:

    lots of women emailing us today with excitement about the workshops! great energy all around this. Yeah!!


  4. Lynda from Gig Harbor says:

    Love that you have a resident grandma on the team! My grandkiddos are the major reasons I am loving my new photography hobby!