The kids went to the grandparents for the weekend.  I had told Brian earlier in the week how fun it would be to runaway to a cabin for a couple of nights while they were there.  He said he had a better idea.  He suggested we by a bunch of firewood so we could have a fire going all night and into the evening, light a bunch of candles, turn on the Christmas tree lights, and set up a table for two in the living room.

The best idea ever!  It’s so romantic and fun to eat a meal in a room you never eat in.  Something magical happens.  Even though we hadn’t gone anywhere,  I felt like we were far away from the stresses and responsibilities of daily life.

We read by the fire.

We laughed, brainstormed, and at one point, Brian got his guitar and asked me if I’d accompany him on the piano.  Well, I haven’t played the piano in YEARS!  I grew up learning to play and reading sheet music, but just play spontaneously????  I was so freaked out!  I was afraid to hit a single key for fear it would sound horrible.  He was determined though, and we almost got into an argument over it. And then he smiled at me and said, “Me Ra, we are always telling people to take creative risks.  Just try.  No expectations.”  With a little help from some champagne (smart on his part) and his determination to NOT GIVE UP on me, we started playing.  And wow.  Once I let go of how self conscious I felt, I tuned into what he was playing, and followed his lead on the piano. It sounded so beautiful!  I’m telling you, it was the movie “Once” all over again!  LOL! But seriously, it was so special.

I know it’s a crazy time of year, but if you and your sweetie can steal a night alone or after the kids go to bed, light those candles, share a glass of champagne, and let your conversations wander until the candles burn low.

A table for two can happen in any living room.

Happy Monday friends,

Me Ra

*All photos taken at a f/1.8 Aperture, 1/160 Shutter Speed and ISO 3200 with the SONY Cyber-shot DSC-RX100, coolest Point and Shoot ever with built in f/1.8 lens and 20.2 megapixels.

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