Today I get to share on Babble about the Behind the Scenes story from the episode, How to Take a Holiday Family Photo.

Here is the episode if you haven’t caught it.

This is the beginning of my Babble post;

What mom doesn’t want a GREAT family photo for their holiday card?

The sheer reality of how bad we want this makes it become so easily stressful.  Over the years, I’ve taken endless holiday portraits.  I have seen it all, friends: from the crazy, stressed–out moms to whom I suggested taking a walk to ease their jitters to the kids who wouldn’t behave no matter what reward their parents offered, to the resistant dad who wanted to talk shop, hoping to avoid being in the photo.

But picture having a film crew, sound guy, makeup lady, and all the rest of the people that go into producing a show on top of the typical holiday-photo stress.  Mix that with a little girl who just finished her first week of full-day school.  Guess who is super tired and doesn’t want to have their photo taken?  Yep, the little girl you’ll see in the video below.  When we all met at a park in Seattle, WA to film the “How to Take a Holiday Photo” episode for my new show Capture Your Story with Me Ra Koh, she took one look at the crew and started crying.  In not so many words, she said “no thanks!” and wouldn’t get out of the car…

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p.s.  A HUGE thank you to the Dugaw Family who helped make this episode possible!  You guys are awesome, and your kids overcame every obstacle!  So proud of those two!  So thankful for you four!

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