With the New Year, there are endless ideas of how to start the next twelve months.  Can I share a practice I do as a photographer?  It isn’t about renewing the gym membership or re-committing to a healthier diet or any other practice that acknowledges what I want to do better this coming year.  Instead, this is a practice that acknowledges who I am at this moment in time, this new year, knowing that we are always evolving with each passing year.

These last few weeks, I asked myself ‘What would my Self Portrait be as I enter this new season, the new year?  What change, transformation, has come?’ As I look back over the last year, I find that I spent more time alone than ever before.  In the past, I have chosen to be with people versus be alone.  I LOVE people and the energy that a rich conversation gives.  But this last year, I felt a calling to create intentional time to be with myself.  My morning walks with the dog have become a sacred time to quiet myself, let my mind wander, let prayers unfold, and listen to the rhythm of my steps.  This season represents a shift for me in learning how to sustain myself and my family by first pouring into myself so I can continue to pour out to others.  I asked Blaze, my eight year old, if he would take a photo of mama walking the dog–a self portrait to acknowledge the milestone of this present season.

Continue reading by visiting my Babble column and see this awesome photo gallery that I put together (took me three hours!  but so excited!  LOL!) of our fourteen CONFIDENCE teachers and their Self Portraits…



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  1. wanted to read this but your website seems to be down….

  2. think we are good now. Thanks Laurie!

  3. denise karis says:

    happy new year MeRa! What a sweet photo… I am looking forward to this year :)