Happy Monday ladies!

I’m so excited to share that Jen Tacbas, our Savannah, Georgia CONFIDENCE Teacher, had her first baby!  Meet baby Logan, sweetest baby girl in the south!

Logan is already seven weeks! Time is ever fleeting with newborns.  The photos of Logan at seven weeks are day and night from this sleepy newborn.  This got me thinking, so Jen and I talked, and here is a Sneak Peak at what is coming!

Starting next week, every Monday, Jen is going to share a special weekly post on my blog called “First Year” for everyone who loves babies!  She and I have been conspiring on all kinds of fun ideas that will empower, inspire and entertain you!  She is an AWESOME photographer with a heart to teach and inspire!  I am SO EXCITED to have her share with our audience!

Join us next Monday for the premier of Jen’s “First Year” column!  YAY!




3 Comments: “Sneak Peak at New Weekly Photo Column for Baby Lovers!”

  1. Ladies!! I cannot tell you how crazy excited I am to be a first-time mom to an incredible little bundle – my sweet baby Logan!! Having the opportunity to share Logan’s and my milestones during our first year together on your blog, Me Ra, is going to be so much fun! And there will be many photos! I can’t wait to share with your readers how I’m using some of the photo recipes from you book, Your Baby in Pictures, to help me capture Logan’s first year and everything that comes along with it. See you all next Monday when the fun begins!!

  2. Sara Arrigoni says:

    Woohoo! Just in time for me. We’ll be welcoming our newest soon!

  3. Jen, you are going to ROCK THIS! I’m already excited just to see this Monday’s first post!