Check out the latest photo tip posts for moms on ShutterLoveOnline, brought to you by our awesome CONFIDENCE Teachers!  If you are saving up funds to take a workshop with one of these inspiring teachers but want to be learning now…we’ve got you covered!  Every week at ShutterLoveOnline our workshop teachers are blogging their wonderful words of wisdom and sharing their best photo tips for moms! View the category under the “Tips and Learning” tab.  Look to the far right for the Me Ra Koh: Shoot with CONFIDENCE section and read fantastic tips from these busy, inspiring ladies!

But that’s not all!  Starting this week, you are going to see these ladies posting more on my blog too.  Readers have LOVED Jen’s First Year posts so much, that I’m going to start providing more space for our other teachers to inspire and empower you.  This new season is all about stepping forward with dreams we carry.  A number of our teachers not only have dreams of teaching workshops but also writing.  Wait till you see what they are working on!  It starts this week!  But for now, I’m making my way to the Outerbanks in North Carolina to speak at the Click Retreat.  And I’m excited to leave you with these three recent ShutterLoveOnline posts!  Check em out!

This week, Washington D.C. CONFIDENCE Teacher, Allison Gallagher dishes sage advice on Family Portraits: An Exercise in Patience, offering insights on getting everyone in the mood for a family photo!  (Just in time for getting that great holiday family photo!)

Also, Milwaukee, WI CONFIDENCE Teacher, Tina Erdmann, shares a few pointers on an often difficult subject in 8 Tips on Photographing Your Child Playing Indoor Sports.

Beth Wendland, Portland, OR CONFIDENCE Teacher, wrote an awesome piece called The Proper Way to Change a DSLR Lens.  This post alone has had 15 comments!  Who knew readers had so much to say about how to change your DSLR Lens!  We are super proud of of Beth and all the other teachers!

Stay tuned this week for more inspiration from our teachers!




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  2. Jody Forslund Wicker, that is weird! Just tried the link and didn’t get that. Is anyone else? If so, will you ping brian AT merakoh DOT com about it? Thanks!