Award Winning Photography Workshops for Women!

When was the last time you took a day to yourself to be inspired, creative, laugh with other women and gain confidence?

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The Story (in a nutshell)

In 2011, Me Ra and Brian had reached five years of selling out their CONFIDENCE Photography Workshops for women.  But a pull in Me Ra’s heart was growing stronger and stronger.  How many women had she met in her workshops that were born leaders, just waiting to be mentored and raised up?  A year later, Me Ra and Brian decided to make a big change in their business–a leap of faith–believing that they were meant to not only inspire and empower women but women leaders.  They went from teaching ten nationwide workshops every year to teaching two.  Pulling back from their own workshops, at such a dramatic level, was the only way they could pour their hearts into raising up talented, strong women leaders who not only had a heart to empower moms in their community but were equipped with the best training to do so.

Each of our teachers has gone through rigorous training and are mentored on a regular basis by Me Ra and Brian.  These women are leaders in their local communities, providing beautiful photography to their clients and now empowering moms to capture their own kids.

Was that leap of faith worth the risk?  You tell us.

Hear what our teacher’s workshop attendees say all over the nation AND what our teachers say…empowering women is being multiplied!

What Our Students and Teachers Say;

“I am so grateful to you both for seeing something in me and believing in me, and for your ever so gentle shoves into the unknown!  It is kind of crazy, but I was the girl who almost vomited when I had to teach for three minutes at our teacher training.  Almost a year later, I did my last nine hour workshop with no notes AND no nerves.  This is totally INSANE!  And it’s thanks to you.”  -Allison, awesome teacher in Virginia

North Dakota Photography Workshops for Women

What one of Allison’s attendees said;

“My advice to any woman who is unsure about taking is the workshop is to go for it. I fell in love with photography many years before I became a Mommy. *I truly believe that out of all of the photography workshops that exist out there, that you have found this workshop for a reason. There is something here, in this workshop, for you to learn. *There may be many photographers out there, but only YOU can tell YOUR story in YOUR special way and this workshop empowers you to do that. It is not a cookie-cutter workshop. It allows you to express yourself. ” Maria – Baltimore, Maryland

“A full day of practical instruction and helpful tips completely changed the way I take photos. This is what I’d been missing!! After a day of learning and an on-site photo shoot, I was home to see the results..THERE THEY ARE!! The kind of photos I always wanted to take!  After a few “who-hoos” and silly happy dances, I had to write a rave review!”  -Liz, Northern CA (Lynda’s student)

Cheryl Bidleman, Seattle Tacoma Photography workshops for women

“The workshop (with Cheryl) was one of the best investments I have made to improving and looking at photography. I wish I would have taken it before buying my camera. The investment in the workshop would have saved me thousands of dollars in focusing on the right investment pieces. Very easy to understand and felt absolutely safe and supported!”  –April from Monroe, WA.

Of course the shutter speed, ISO etc etc was always so overwhelming and foreign UNTIL the day I attended Nicole’s workshop ( I have attended others and I guess I left the building with the knowledge still in the room.  That special woman gave all of her heart and soul to us and as I eventually underlined CONFIDENCE in my workbook, I felt her spirit within me.  Now mind you I have a long way to go, but she was an inspiration to me (and my special niece Denise who came over 150 miles to attend). I realize that a much trial and error will be necessary to get a base of knowledge, but she was able to help me to “get it”.  I am so in awe of her.  -Susan from Bismarck, North Dakota

Confidence Photography Workshops for women, Lynda Kennedy, San Francisco, CA

“The workshop was such an amazing experience. Getting the personalized attention from Summie allowed me to feel at ease with my learning curve. The atmosphere is not intimidating or judgmental, which gave this perfectionist the opportunity to grow my sills through trial and error. It astounds me the level of knowledge I gained in such a short amount of time. I never would have thought that I’d be shooting in manual by the end of the day. The most unintimidating learning experience. It will forever change the way I take pictures. It exceeded my expectation. I still have so much to learn but the foundation is there now. I love working with the “magic 3? and manipulating them to get the result I want. I can’t wait to see where this new-found confidence and comfortableness with my camera will take me! I LOVED the workshop and can’t believe how much my photography has changed since.” ~Alyssa, San Antonio, TX

Southern CA Photography workshops for women

“Laura is so easy- going and relaxed – LOVE that!  and she instills confidence.  I felt excited and more confident by the end of our day.”  Anne, North Carolina

“This workshop (with Jess) was such a wonderful way to take a step back from the chaos of life, enjoy some time with inspirational people, gain the confidence to capture those small amazing moments we sometimes forget exist among the chatter, and walk away feeling ready to take on a new journey. I hope more and more women will take the opportunity to do the same!”  -Dana, Southern California

“I’ve been meaning to let you know since I left that I had such a great, successful day with you (Amy) today! I brushed up on some much needed info and learned something’s that will change my photography forever. Really, it was totally worth it and so happy I bucked up and came. Your a fantastic teacher and thanks for spoiling us with all the awesome goodies!” -Jenny, Nevada

Amy Rhodes, photography teacher in Las Vegas

“OMG!!!! I’m editing the pictures from your workshop yesterday. YOU are a genius! I never thought I’d be able to shoot on Manual mode and WOW! These pictures are amazing! I can’t wait to share them with you! Thanks for an amazing day yesterday!!!! Woo hoooo!!!!!” -Amy, Delaware (Kelli’s student)

“I recently attended the Me Ra Koh Confidence workshop held at the beautiful snow covered Merrill Hills Country Club near Milw. The photography workshop was taught by the very knowledgeable Tina Erdman. I was taking this workshop so that I could freshen up on my camera and photography skills in preparation of the arrival of my first grandchild. Tina does an amazing job. Basic and advanced topics and questions were all addressed. Two things that the workshops offer that sets them apart from other training classes that I have attended are the Women only group and the hands on training with actual people models. Tina also has continued to follow up with me making sure that all my questions and concerns have been completely answered. I never received a phone call from my camera store after spending lots of money for camera/lens to see if I had any questions or concerns. That form of customer service is why I would STRONGLY encourage any woman to attend Tina’s workshop.” –Janice, Wisconsin


Photography Workshops for Women


I used to believe that the greatest reward was teaching.  But raising up women to be leaders and teachers has been even more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

As women, we are incredibly powerful and creative.  Yet, so many of us doubt those two things.  We can see it for our friends, but struggle to see it for ourselves.  The struggle is so real that it is often difficult to see ourselves worthy of investing in.  This is the inner battle that I find endless women battling.  This is why the mission of confidence is so important. Confidence changes everything from our decision making to our outlook on our future.

When I see a teacher’s eyes begin to sparkle because her confidence is reaching a whole new level by teaching photography workshops for women, I picture all the lives she is going to touch–lives that will never be the same.  That is how confidence operates: it wants to multiply.  Confidence, in it’s most beautiful form, is not threatened or driven by ego.  It wants to be shared.  And when confidence touches one part of our lives, it starts to seep into all the other areas.  It cannot be contained.  That is the beauty and power of confidence.

Women have come to our workshop for years because they want to learn how to use their camera.  But what they leave with is so much more.

Photography Workshops for Women

Discovering confidence with your camera is only the beginning.