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Me Ra is looking for 6 students to join her in Seattle for Creative Live, April 22nd!

Do you feel like you’ve hit a glass ceiling in your creativity?  Do you feel like your photography dream hits one barrier after another?  Has your confidence been beat up?  Are you sick of feeling stuck? If you answer “yes” to any of those questions, I want you to consider joining me in Seattle as […]

A bunch of you have emailed, and YES!, Brian and I will be doing our weekend workshop this February 2013 in Seattle!  We are so excited to bring CONFIDENCE back to Seattle, our good old stomping ground! The big question:  Will we be offering other CONFIDENCE workshops on the East Coast?  As of now, probably […]

A Rare Find

Over the years, especially when I first started my photography business, I’d walk into several camera stores hoping to get help and better understanding.  I think it’s safe to say that 95% of the time, my experience was horrible.  The guy behind the counter often had an ego that exhausted me.  I remember one store […]

Can you believe it’s been SIX WEEKS since we last talked?!  And what a FUN six weeks it’s been!  We have SO MUCH to catch up on!! Taking a break from the blog was more important than I even realized at the time.  I had no idea I’d be filming the first 14 episodes for […]

August is officially here!  We’ve taken the kids camping and had a wonderful anniversary getaway, and now it’s time to hit the road with a full, rich month of crazy–ground breaking projects for our business and mission to empower moms!  New shifts are happening over here that I’m so EXCITED to share about as the […]

When feeding a giraffe, never underestimate how far their “reach” can be.  Here are three tips on how to have a successful feeding. 1.  Use ZooGoo (hand sanitizer) on your hands. 2. Have the single leaf you are feeding in one hand and hide the rest of your leaves. 3.  Be prepared for giraffe drool!  […]

I recently got all the photos from the Legacy Conference at Covenant Church in Dallas, TX.  I was given the honor of doing the opening Keynote for this powerful women’s conference, and then I also got to do a smaller breakout session on Day Two.  By looking at these photos, it’s hard to tell if […]

After Brian and I left WPPI in Vegas, we headed to Nashville, TN for the Blissdom 2012 Conference. I’ve got to be honest.  I was so tired from all the speaking at WPPI that when the airline had a misprint of my name and wouldn’t let me board…I broke into tears.  In the end, it […]