SOAR! Hall of Fame!

SOAR! Hall of Fame… Most Heart Warming

Feelings can be so intimate. Being able to express them at all can sometimes be so difficult. The following ladies allowed us into their feelings and dreams, fears and passions, heartaches and loves. They connected with our hearts and for that I am forever grateful. These ladies should be rejoiced for sharing something that can be difficult to do by yourself, let alone to post it on a video for all the world to see. We are empowered by your grace, by your beauty, and by your strength.

Video # 8 – Tender and heartfelt describe Katie’s video. She reminds us that our passions are real!

Video # 40 – Tonie uses sounds, visuals, and her passion to tap into our hearts. She talks about being loyal to her dream and passion, which is a lesion that we can always be reminded of.

Video # 45 – Beryl’s strength through difficult times is so amazingly inspirational! Her passion for photography embodies her love of her muse.

Video # 101 – Injury, homelessness, passion, strength and beauty come together with feeling in Sandy’s video submission.

Video # 127 – Sometimes when someone opens up, you can see right into the soul. Humor is sprinkled into Erin’s video as well; it tugs on all your heartstrings.

Video # 204 – Dana shares her husband’s memory with us. Her passion for him, her family and her photography bring tears to my eyes.

Video # 254 – While Crissie expresses the pain she felt from the loss of her girls you cry. When she shows her outtakes, you laugh. When you see her passion, you become inspired.

Video # 47 – Tricia takes her father with her everywhere. She allows her photography to remind her he desired her to be happy. How very touched and strong she makes us feel.

This week I request that we share how these stories moved us. I would love to hear your support for these ladies. I look forward to the strength we all gain by their words.

With a very warmed heart,
Christine Barker

SOAR! Hall of Fame ~ Best Video Editing

As photographers we know how important it is to tell the story. To have the gift that allows you to complete this task in more than one media is noteworthy. These ladies use all the elements of what was available to them to create videos that entertain us, inspire us to push further, and to desire more knowledge. They stand out as having incredibly beautiful videos and we should all congratulate them on a job well done!

Video # 27 – Kristy has a gorgeous video. Her cuts and clips all flow in such a way that I would have thought this was a clip from a TV show. Wonderful work!

Video # 61 – Belina has a one-two punch of having amazing photography and an ability to put together an incredible video!

Video # 130 – Creativity pulls monochrome and color video together in an incredibly expressive way. A beautiful combination of still photography and video give this video it’s beauty.

Video # 187 – Heather’s personality shines though her video. Preparation, time, and expertise are evident in this video!

Video # 147 – Nicole tells her story with such beauty; it leaves you wanting more.

Video # 209 – Tambi’s video flows with grace. Her photography is incredible and her video is eloquently done.

Video # 176 – Heather takes us though photos of the past and her dreams for the feature. She uses technology to make that transition in the video. Wonderfully done!

Video # 180 – The editing is so well done here that it took me more than one time of viewing to realize that LaDonna plays both herself and her own therapist. How true that can be in the field of photography.

Video # 225 – Natalia has a technical know-how that creates an AMAZING video! What gorgeous photography as well!

Video # 235 – With a pinhole camera she makes beautiful photos ;-) and with this video she makes editing look easy! Rachel’s video is beautiful!

Piecing a story together can sometimes be so difficult. It’s tough to ensure that you don’t forget any details. These ladies pulled it all together in an inspiring way! Comment below to show these ladies your support.

Come back to us next week for the Best Photography!

Keep SOARing!
Christine Barker

SOAR! Hall of Fame ~ Best Video Presence

I am so excited to post the nominations for the SOAR Hall of Fame category Best Video Presence. I want to commend these ladies for turning on the camera, looking straight at us, and saying with confidence what they desire. They are all worth our praise!

Video # 169 – Penny, even in her video still he has an amazing smile and connection with the camera. Beautiful work Penny!

Video # 3 – Vicki is a natural in front of the camera. She shares with us her connection with kids, her struggles, and her victories. Congratulations Vicki!

Video # 4 – Ashli exudes confidence in front of the camera. She knows what she wants to do, and she puts it out there with her venn diagram! You should be very proud of yourself Ashli!

Video # 63 – Kara pulls your right into her story, keeps her story personal, and maintains a BEAUTIFUL smile. Most of all she has an incredible heart. Just Beautiful!

Video # 256 – The kids don’t stop Heather’s connection with us. She keeps rolling with it. Being able to do that takes great skill.

Video # 95 – When you keep eye contact and a smile you keep a connection with those you are speaking to, just like Tatiana.

Video # 29 – Rose is very candid with the camera. She brings you in and makes you feel as if she is talking to only you.

Video # 257 – Liz finds a beautiful place to talk, keeps a smile on, and looks directly at the camera. What a great connection we are able to make.

Video # 26 – Megan’s speaks with a smile directly at us. She connects with us as he shows us her beautiful photos and story though photography.

Video # 189 – Lara’s video presence draws us into her video, helps tell her story, and allows us to connect with her as a photographer. Great work!

These ladies open up to us and make that connection. I propose that we strive to do the same as we all SOAR this year! SOAR sisters have something to be proud of with these ladies!

On a side note, as I reviewed these videos to post them I noticed the settings we filmed our SOAR videos in. The fall colors are beautiful and now that I am on the other side of the cold winter months I reminisce back to my own submission. It is amazing how far we have all come together. I would love to have you comment with your own accomplishments as well as a big congrats to the ladies above.

Keep SOARing!
Christine Barker

SOAR! Hall of Fame Most Entertaining

What do you feel like when you hear the word “entertain”?  I get excited, scoot to the edge of my seat and wait in anticipation.  Talk about pressure!  But to think that entertaining comes so natural for some.

So what does it mean to entertain?  No, we aren’t talking about having someone over for dinner. It’s not about entrées and hors d’oeuvres. These videos exemplify the power of entertaining when it provides a connection with those whom you are communicating. These videos, these AMAZING WOMEN in the videos, deserve all the applause we can give them!

Please help us welcome the videos selected for the Most Entertaining Hall of Fame! Click on the links below to see for yourself!  Or leave them a quick comment of applause.  These women have guts, heart and talent!

Marianna shows us an entertaining explanation about her passion for photography.

105- Mariana

An entertaining energy and playfulness is pouring from Sarah’s SOAR video!


LUCKY RED HEN is entertaining with music, humor and photography!

140- Shannon

While Jen’s video self-proclaims a shortage of confidence and work plan; it is not short of entertaining.

177 – Jen

The Brady Bunch has nothing on Billie. She entertains with not only an intro, but also with her story as well.

205- Billie

Desiree entertains us with a heartfelt story of her journey though photography.

44 – Desiree H.

The photography and the smile are entertaining when Tonie expresses it.

40- Tonie

Including kids, passion, and photography… what can be more entertaining than that?


Tina’s connection with the camera and comfort in expressing herself is amazingly entertaining.

145 – Tina

How can you bring the feeling of entertainment to those around you?

See you next time for the Most Confident Video Presence.

~Christine Barker

#Soar! Hall of Fame continues with ‘Most Inspirational’

Inspiration can come about in many different ways. These ladies bring about inspiration to overcome challenging situations, rise above average aspirations, and SOAR! forward with determination and enthusiasm. I am so very proud to announce a group of ladies that keep us wanting to do and be more.

Welcome JJ! (#41) Your knowledge and creativity are an incredible gift to storytelling. The use of multiple images inspires us to learn more!

Joy (#106) inspiration is pouring from you as you so passionately talk about your craft! We are inspired by your heart, passion, and words!

“As a single Mom, success in my only option!” is a quote used by someone who is building a life with her daughter and keeping her determination though the obstacles she has faced. Melanie (#171) is SOAR!ing already, and inspires us to follow.

Becoming a stay at home mother and having to find yourself again is so relatable! HOWEVER, Elise (#233) has gone out and made things happen. Placing yourself out there to do something more useful is a lesson we can all follow.

Sometimes when scary things hit us out of left field it can derail us, but Danielle (#237) took it and inspires hope! Strength is very inspiring!

Jennifer (#149) is not only inspirational in her photography work, but that she is confident in starting something new while starting something new! (you will just have to watch it to see the surprise). She also has a creative area, and who isn’t inspired by their creative area?

The ability to reach out to newly bereaved parents, and a refusal to allow sorrow to keep her down, Susan (#122) inspires us to give back to help us heal or even just grow.

All so moving. Nothing more to say except give them some love! They deserve it.
Christine Barker

#SOAR! Hall of Fame: Most Daring!

The meaning of DARING is – Willing to take or seek out risks; bold and venturesome. These videos epitomize that definition. So, here we go… after this commercial break…

Ok, kidding! In random order we have:

Who took a risk and JUMPED! I heard though the grape vine that there was a recovery period after the jump… Hope you recovered well (make a comment below and explain the story ;-) )
137- Rhonda

I feel awkward announcing my own video on here, but as these videos are picked by a panel of judges I have no choice (or so I was told). I will follow up in the SOARority forum with my story of my video.
229- Christine

To go on a photo walk asking strangers to take their photo is VERY daring!!!! Incredible risk and incredible photos!
251- Ariane

Signage has proven to bring attention; so what a bold and venturesome way to get creative with this video!!
173- Becca

Speaking, creating and performing are all VERY daring, but to incorporate it all into one work fits daring to a “T”
215- Sundhi

Filming in December in Gig Harbor Washington’s water I can ONLY imagine was daring to brave those elements, but you did it WITH your camera in hand! Very Daring!!
179- Natalie

Filming your dream is daunting, and doing it in a public place is very daring!
226- Suzy

I see so many intimate, strong and daring dreams here! It’s BEAUTIFUL, HOWEVER, we need to add three more to this list.
Please! If you feel that this list is missing of a video that should be highlighted here, email [email protected] I look forward to adding even more daring women soon!

Christine Barker
(You’re SO right Christine! I love how each of you stepped out BIG, including you Christine. Thank you so much – I’m loving seeing every single one of these Hall of Fame ladies. xoxo m)

Ha HA ha I have some funny news! #Soar! MOST HILARIOUS Hall of Fame!

Ha Ha Ha we are joyfully announcing SOAR!’s Hall of Fame nominations for the Most Hilarious! With my coffee this morning I am gonna take two lumps of these videos! Check ‘em out!

162 Maura brings her humor and adds in a bit of Nana’s too

198 A great smile, represents the east coast with our Kung Fu panda Yadira

89 Me Ra’s voice has dropped a couple of octaves in Crystal’s video.

220 Desiree who shoots with her camera, not guns!

249 War wounds didn’t stop the humor of Alisa.

10 Jennifer’s box is not confining her humor!

23 Read between the lines with Kristen, to see what is so funny about this one.

You all can brighten my day with these videos! What a great job our Nominating panel did with these!
I can’t wait to see what all the SOAR! Sisters have to add. See you back here soon!
~Christine Barker

Three more for “Most Creative” in our #SOAR! Hall of Fame!

Here are the final three nominations for the Most Creative category in the SOAR! Hall of fame. Our first seven were so much fun to see again and so are these ladies! :D

71 – We have Lydia rappin her way to SOARdom!

114- Elizabeth who is so casual about being so creative!

185 – Washington and all its politics didn’t stop Erin from releasing a video FULL of creativity!

Ladies, you all ROCK! There are more that could have fit into this list, but we wanted to save you guys for other categories. I am so happy that we could highlight you women for the STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, CREATIVE and PASSIONATE SOAR Sisters that you are!!

Come back Friday to see who will be selected for the Hall of Fame and who is in the group of “Most Hilarious”! Great laughs to come! :D See you then!

(Another two post day! Check below for Lindsay’s post about her experience at Igniting the Flame with Karen and Fay. She is so darn honest and real! )

Our 1st #SOAR Hall of Fame! ‘Most Creative’

It’s a special day…two SOAR! blogs! It’s a holiday so maybe you can give a little more time? Lindsay’s blog for last week on Storytelling (she was quite sick and STILL got it done) and our promised Hall of Famers! So check them both out and give a shout back! See you soon, Genie

I (Christine Barker) am so very proud to announce those videos nominated for the Most Creative videos in our 2009 SOAR Hall of Fame. Me Ra called on me and a great team of volunteers to put this together. Creative ideas, fully home-grown, out-of-the-box acts and some are technologically fun. Watch and enjoy ~ you ladies really ran with spirit of SOAR!!!
In random order they are:

168 Here’s Carol Anne Heartman, our Broadway singer!

154 ‘Castaway Lisa’ who’s anything BUT! :)

235 Rachel Leib and her pinhole camera from a juice box (whaaaa?!?) Go Rachel!

213 And follow Shawna’s ‘intimate sharing’ (hee)

133 Here’s Miranda, so dedicated and so darn CUTE!

17 Watch and listen to Shannon as she rejuvenates her soul…and rejuvenate yours. Thank you Shannon.

87 And last (for now) is Jennifer with her fun, funky SOAR! theme song!

Please feel free to contribute by emailing [email protected] with any 3 videos not on this list. I will be accepting emails until Wednesday at midnight. Then return here for an update on Thursday for the full list of the 10 videos. We’ll be back on Friday, our regularly scheduled day with MOST HILARIOUS!

I am so excited to start this, and I hope to hear from all of you. Let’s honor more of you ~ your dreams are all beautiful.
Talk to you soon, Christine

Soar! Hall of Fame coming tomorrow…

Happy Valentine’s Day! Good President’s Weekend to you! :D

I hope you’re all having a great day. It’s beautiful, sunny, clear where I am – sorry to all of you who have awful weather right now.

The 1st Hall of Fame videos were due up on Friday. :( I’m on a steep learning curve about blogs over here – careening around corners, running into landslides, you know what I mean if you’ve ever had to learn something quick feeling like all eyes are on you? As Me Ra and Brian get their Thailand pareos (think ‘wrap’) on and beach legs back I’m the techno-babe. Yikes, jeepers & WOO-HOO! So please forgive me – they’ll be up tomorrow, the ‘Most Creative’ seven chosen by our panel of lovely volunteers. And you’ll get to vote for MORE! Applause all around b/c each of you stretched your creative juices to just submit a video. But we will highlight some with many more categories to come!

And yes, the Photo Contest results will be posted soon on Me Ra’s blog!

Many hugs this Valentine’s Day to you. Go give some unexpected hugs! :) See you tomorrow…Genie (I’ll post a photo soon…promise)