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I’m headed to Denver, CO next week to do a special photo shoot–TWIN PREEMIES!  I’m so excited and just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this family!!  I had the honor of shooting both sisters weddings, their first babies, and now preemie twins!!  I can hardly wait to hold these little miracles!

I’ve also got a special opportunity for five families or engaged couples!  Since I’m already being flown to Denver, CO, I thought I would stay an extra day and offer five Mini Photo Sessions.  This is something I don’t get to do as often b/c of all the travel we do for SONY, The Nate Berkus Show, and our CONFIDENCE Workshops.  But I’m super excited to make it happen in Denver next Saturday!

There are five Mini Photo Sessions for five sweet families/couples.

If a Photo Shoot is something that tickles your fancy with Mother’s Day around the corner, here are the details!

Pick one of the FIVE TIME SLOTS below.

Cost is $550.  Mini Photo Session MUST be prepaid to confirm your time.  You must be on time, preferably 10 minutes early, since sessions are booked back to back.

Location: Cheesman Park in Denver, CO.

I LOVE this location whether it’s sunny, raining or snowing!  So many beautiful shots to take in this setting!  CLICK HERE for Google Maps!  Come to the monument, and as soon as I’m done with the family before you, I’ll find you!

Features of Mini Photo Sessions;

1. 30 minute Photo Shoot of your family (Some of you may be thinking, THIRTY minutes?  What can you shoot in thirty minutes?  Answer: a whole heck of A LOT–see below)

2. 30 Final Images that are touched up, mix of Color and BW toning

3. High Res DVD of Your 30 Final Images (yep, you get to keep the images and print them wherever you’d like)

4. 16×20 Metal Print of Your Favorite Image (Moms have gone CRAZY over these Metal Prints since we spotlighted them on the Nate Berkus Show.  Nate LOVES these Metal prints–I LOVE these Metal Prints!  Watch the episode by clicking “Turn Your Portraits into Art.”


I have these metals all around our house, and I even have them hanging on my outside deck because they can handle rain and snow and add this wonderful design and color to our backyard.  Once you get yours, you’ll join the fan club of Metal Prints!  :)

The BIG question…What can I shoot in 30 minutes? Well, this is what I shot in 10 minutes at a recent CONFIDENCE Workshop in Seattle.

Mom had these amazing, long legs, so I walked the group through my thought process on how to set up a shot that tells this story along with the story of two generations.

Love all that JOY!!

(Within this 10 minutes, 20 plus women were watching me as I walked them through my camera settings and creative process–while trying to keep the kids entertained–mind you.  :))

When we do your family shoot, we won’t have an audience.  :)  And, I’m going to pull out the individual personalities of your kids so that you feel like the story of “who they are” is found in your photos.

When I’m doing a live shoot on The Nate Berkus Show, I get less than 7 minutes and ONE click for each photo–one shot, and it has to work because 2 million viewers see it.

Bottom line, a thirty minute Mini Session with your family feels like total LUXURY on my end!!  We can do ENDLESS things in thirty minutes!  Pick your time slot below!


1. Friday, March 11th, 4pm-4:30pm

2. Saturday, March  12th, 9am-9:30am

3. Saturday, March 12th, 9:40am-10:10am

4. Saturday, March 12th, 10:20am-10:50am

5. Saturday, March 12th, 11am-11:30am SOLD!

CLICK HERE to pick your time slot and pre-pay!  Once you are signed up, Genie (my right hand woman) will email you with details, like what to wear, what to bring, how to prepare, etc.  Questions?  Don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Engagement Shoot

If you are engaged but don’t think you can afford to hire us for your wedding photography, the Mini Shoot is an option that clients love.  You are more than welcome to grab one of these time slots for an engagement shoot!  I don’t book engagement shoots unless we are shooting your wedding.  But the Mini Photo shoot is an alternative option.  In fact, this is one of my favorite engagement photos that was taken at Cheesman Park on a cold, winter day.

Want more than 30 minutes?

My Portrait Packages start at $3K.  I come to your home and spend up to two hours with your family, documenting the many expressions of your family being in the place you love.  I may be able to squeeze one of these Portrait Packages in on Sunday morning before I fly back to Seattle.  If you are interested, email [email protected]

I can’t wait to meet five beautiful Denver, CO families!  See you next Saturday!

Much love!


p.s.  Please keep in mind that you MUST be on time for your Mini Session.  If you are late, your time and payment will be forfeited.  Thanks for understanding and arriving early!

p.s.s.  Since we spend a lot of time in NY for The Nate Berkus Show and SONY Speaking Engagements, I’m thinking of maybe adding a day that is dedicated to Mini Photo Sessions the next time we are in Manhattan.  Let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d like!  Central Park in the Spring…perfect photo shoot setting!

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This is a big day.  It is the last Friday before the SOAR! Scholarship Deadline.   I know a lot of you have yet to turn in your video.  You and I know that this weekend, tomorrow and Sunday, are your days to get it done—maybe Monday but that is SERIOUSLY pushing it.

Have the voices become louder as you’ve come closer to the deadline?  The voices that say, “You aren’t worth of this scholarship.  You don’t deserve it.”  Or maybe they say, “Look at all those Video Entries so far.  What makes you think you are that creative.  What makes you think you can do this?”  Don’t you hate those voices?

I must confess that even though I’m not an applicant, I have had my own voices to battle.  The SOAR! Scholarship is my own leap of faith.  ‘Can we pull something this big together?  Will it grow into what I envision?  Will women respond?  Will they hear my heart?’  They are all the doubts that you run through, just a different scenario.  And yes, they have become more and more loud as this deadline has approached.  Yesterday morning I got up extra early to get a head start on my day.  I did my workout and before leaving the gym, I decided to sit upstairs and write my morning pages.

I heard someone behind me messing with one of the elliptical machines.  I turned around and saw this man standing there, he was looking at me, and so I turned around and kept writing—choosing to ignore him.  In that split second I had a weird feeling, but I was at the gym of all places.  And then I heard the sound of someone urinating.  I turned around, and he had opened up his pants, exposing everything to me, and was looking right at me as he peed all over the equipment.  Insane, right?  Disgusting…violating.

I went downstairs, told the front desk.  They confronted the man.  He didn’t act senile or overly medicated.  He wasn’t a homeless guy who had wandered in.  Instead, he was a member.  And he was angry and offended by what he was being accused of.  They came back to me and said that there wasn’t much they could do but have me fill out a report for their records.  Since a staff member had not witnessed the incident, it was my word against his.  He was allowed to keep exercising.  …I had been here before.  This felt to familiar.  How was I not supposed to feel like they believed him since they were letting him stay?

I’ve been through the sexual assault court system enough to know that if nothing else, we can report the incident to the police so there is a record.  The staff called the police, and I waited in the office for over an hour.  There are these big glass windows in the office where you can look out on the basketball courts and upper level.  The track is on the upper level.  There he was–walking the track.  Doing his exercise instead of being asked to leave.  I had been here before.

In that next hour, I went through a myriad of flashbacks.  Almost twenty years ago, I was raped by a student on campus.  I had reported it to the police, but lack of evidence kicked the case out of court.  He was allowed to enroll back into classes.  As he stalked me for nine months, the college continued to say, “There were no other witnesses.  There is nothing we can do.”

As I was waiting for the police, one of the gym employees came in at his defense.  She told me that this man had been a gym member for years.  She had never seen or heard of him being inappropriate.  His medication, if he was taking any, was probably getting the better of him.  She walked away without asking me once how I was.

I had been here before.  This felt to familiar.

The man left when he was done working out.  The gym said they didn’t know if they could discontinue his membership.  Hard to prove what happened—even though there was urine all over the equipment.  The police finally showed up.  The officer talked to me outside.  I told him what happened, and he looked at me and said, “I believe you.”  Those three words almost undid me.  I told them I would testify.  They took my information, and I left.

I left the scene, but I had not left that familiar place.  That place where all my power seems to disappear.  Brian met me.  I looked at him and said, “Why did I sit upstairs by myself?  I should have known better.”  With passion in his eyes, he said, “No Me Ra.  That is not the voice of truth.  You’ve spent to many years battling that voice to let it have a say now.  This was not your fault.  You didn’t invite this.”

He was right.  That voice of unworthiness had crept right in and was now speaking for me.  How fast it happens.

I came home, laid down on the bed, and Blaze came and snuggled with me.  I had all these great plans for the day.  Plans to help promote SOAR! even more—with a dozen different ideas.  I felt like yesterday was our biggest viral day to promote SOAR! before Monday.  And now the day was lost to something like this.

The house was quiet.  The kids were at rock climbing club.  I lit a candle.  It was a red candle that my business coaches gave me last Spring.  They  told me to light it when I needed to remind myself of the light in the darkness—the power of that single light that is gentle, but ever present—that single light that is in me.  The power of Feminine Wisdom.

I felt like I had lost the day.  But in the quiet of this moment, as I write to you, I know that this isn’t true.  There is a light inside of me that cannot be put out.  I know this because of all the trauma I have had to endure, the light still shines.  I still love at the end of the day.  I still laugh.  And I still believe that we are all worth more than we could ever know.

I get to write to all of you that are struggling with the voices, the old, familiar, ugly voices.  And I get to say, you and I are worth more than what life has thrown at us.  You and I are worth more than we could ever imagine.  We are capable of more than we ever imagined.  We are meant for MORE than we have dared to dream. I believe this with all my heart.

But here is another truth I have found.  As I stretch my wings.  As I get into position to fly—to take my next leap—a little higher, a little scarier.  The voices come alive and things start to happen around me—things that make me scared to jump—to not fly—to never soar.  When those things start to happen, when the voices seem to be screaming at me from every direction, when I feel like I have been here before–that this place is all to familiar—I know that I am on the cusp of flying.   A shift is about to happen.  And all the powers that have come against me know they are powerless.  All I need to do is leap.

You can try to close out the voices—just block them out, but I have found that they are still audible until after the leap has happened.  I can’t wait for those voices to shut up—or I’ll never leap.  I guarantee that if you wait for those voices to shut up, you will NEVER make your video entry for SOAR!  And we both don’t want that.

So close your eyes. Picture me standing with you on the ledge.  Picture me surrounded by all my familiar places and horrible voices, and I’ll picture you surrounded by all your familiar places and horrible voices.  Together, we know how hard this is.  How much courage this jump takes.  And together, we will leap.

With full confidence in you and myself, I send you all my love and faith this weekend.  And I will be looking for your SOAR! Video Entry.


Me Ra

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Okay friends, the countdown has started.  Next Monday, December 21st, is the DEADLINE for our SOAR! Scholarship!  We want to spread the word to as many people as possible.  To help make that happen…I am throwing in two incentives!  :)  Any great parent understands the power of incentives, and since the SOAR! Scholarship is my baby…you bet I’m going to parent the heck out of it! 

I am giving away a $100 Gift Certificate to AMAZON and a set of our Award Winning DVDs, Refuse to Say Cheese and Beyond the Green Box, to ONE lucky winner this week!…Friday actually! Who can’t use an extra $100 in their Holiday Shopping budget!  Right!

By entering, you will have a chance to get your name entered into a hat COUNTLESS times by completing as many of the following tasks as you can.

To enter, send ONE email with the subject “I SUPPORT SOAR!” to [email protected] listing which items you have completed with documentation as needed (photos, links to your blog, etc.)

Deadline to enter (i.e. Send us your email with which tasks you completed) will be this Thursday, at Midnight PST!  The winner will be announced Friday!


One Entry (For each item on the list your name will be entered once)

-Leave a comment on my blog this week and type the words “I SUPPORT SOAR!” at the end of the comment

-Add me as a friend on Facebook (you get one already if you already have:)

-Become a fan on the brand new Me Ra Koh Fan Page on FB, and post a comment with the phrase “I SUPPORT SOAR!” in it.

-Follow merakoh on Twitter

-Twitter about the SOAR! Scholarship with #SOAR in your status update (you can even more points if you Twitter every day between now and Thursday!)

-Post a status update on your Facebook page about the SOAR! Scholarship Deadline on Monday, December 21st with a link to the SOAR! website

-Email five friends, telling them about the SOAR! Scholarship AND our Newsletter (including the opportunity to win a Sony DSLR by signing up), include a link to the SOAR! website and our blog ( for the Newsletter!

-Post a comment on the SOAR! website, underneath my video, and include “I SUPPORT SOAR!” in your comment!


Two Entries (For each item on the list your name will be entered twice)

-Email ten MORE friends, telling them about the SOAR! Scholarship and our Newsletter (including the opportunity to win a Sony DSLR by signing up), include a link to the SOAR! website and our blog ( for the Newsletter!

-Write a (positive :)) review at our site for any one of our products. CLICK HERE to see all products!

-Twitter this review with a link to our site.

-Twitter about SOAR! every day between now and Thursday with #SOAR included.   

-Twitter your reviews (see below) once a day between now and Thursday with #SonyMom included!  


Five Entries  (For each item on the list your name will be entered FIVE times!)

-Write and post a blog about the SOAR! Scholarship that mentions the courageous SOAR! Video Entries on the website, and why you believe in soaring!  AND, link to my website and the SOAR! website (make sure to include the links in your email to us)

-Write and post a blog review about our Award Winning DVDs, Refuse to Say Cheese and Beyond the Green Box and link to our website and store!  If you haven’t purchased our Award Winning DVDs, and you want to take advantage of these points, you can order the download version by CLICKING HERE! 


Ten Entries!  (yes TEN!)

-Purchase any one of our Refuse to Say Cheese products (DVDs, 101 Kits, Women’s T-shirts, Baby Onsies, etc.) OR any one of our products on the Top Ten Stocking Stuffers blog post, before this Thursday (at midnight PST) and you will earn TEN ENTRIES!  Be sure to copy and paste your receipt in your “I SUPPORT SOAR!” email.  If you already purchased one of the sexy, Sony DSLR copper brown cameras—just copy and paste your receipt. 


We will track your specific number of entries from the ONE email you send us!  Be sure to make your subject line says “I SUPPORT SOAR!” 


Need inspiration today?  If yes, look no further!  The SOAR! website has some amazing Video Entries that you can see live!  Check them out today!


Still in process of making your SOAR! Video? 

We noticed that we have HUNDREDS of SOAR! Applications but only 30 plus SOAR! Video  Entries.  Your application will only qualify if you submit your SOAR! video too.  Gets those videos in ladies! 


Couple quick Video Tips from the judges and MORE FAQ:

1.  It’s most ideal to have YOU speaking in your video.  There is going to be a lot of video blogging in the next SOAR! year, and the panel of judges want to see how you hold yourself on video.  You don’t have to be perfect by any means, but to see you give it your best shot is gold. 

2.  If you’d like to redo your video, GO FOR IT!  Just re-upload a new video and let us know that you’d like to switch it out.   CLICK HERE to upload your video!

3.  A panel of hand picked judges will pick the THREE winners for SOAR!  They will base their decision on two things; Your Video Submission and Your COMPLETE SOAR! Application.  

4.  Winners will be announced on January 1st 2010!

5.  Click Here to SOAR! 


Coming up tomorrow!  I can’t wait for tomorrow’s blog post!  We are going to share one mom’s story of what happened when she tried my Christmas Tree Photo Tips!  :)   You’ll get to not only hear the story but see all the Photo Tips for yourself! 

And later this week, you get to meet Sony’s Director of Marketing!  To show Sony’s support for SOAR!, the Director of Marketing made a video for our SOAR! Partners page!  Goes live this week!

Pray for our SOAR! Blog Tour this week!  Brian and I donated a Blog Tour to SOAR! that will reach 200K mommy bloggers in the next several days!


Okay, that is it for Monday!  (phew!)  We’ve got a BIG week ahead of us!  Send us your “I Support SOAR!” emails, and let’s spread some inspiration!


Me Ra

p.s. Thank you Crystal Garcia for this fantastic Contest/Entries idea!  You are beautiful woman, wife, mother, friend and sister, and your work is beautiful too.  We are so thankful for you and Brian!

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Are you ready for a new photo contest, OR WHAT!! We had this up for a couple hours today, but the blog crashed along with everything else, so here we go again! :)

Let’s get this Photo Contest Party started! It’s an all NEW Photo Contest! There is going to be TWO WAYS to win this time! And the theme is going to be great for EVERYONE! I’m so excited!

Jeramy, I have to hand it to you. You are the man. I read over everyone’s Photo Contest ideas, and I kept coming back to your suggestion. COMFORT it is! The official Photo Contest Theme is COMFORT. I was thinking of doing the theme of Fall, but I love how one of our readers commented on
the fact that not everyone has fall leaves and colors right now. But Fall often means COMFORT to everyone, no matter where you live. So
COMFORT it is!

Little Twist though…this is where it gets even more fun!

I want to do TWO CONTESTS at the same time! I think this would be a great exercise! Both Photo Contests will have the THEME of COMFORT,
but they will have a different focus on the skills used. You can enter both, or you can choose one! It’s up to you!

Photo Contest #1 will focus on close, tighter frames with buttery, blurry backgrounds using lower Fstops. You’ll be putting our Depth of Field conversation from yesterday into practice with a COMFORT theme.

What do I mean by “Depth of Field”? Don’t stress. You can do this. (I KNOW you can not only do it but do a beautiful job at it!) All we’re talking about is showing depth in our images-making our one dimensional images have more of a three dimensional feel. So if you have a lens with the low fstops, you can get your depth by blurring the background, using those low fstops. But if you don’t have a lens with a low fstop, you can show depth and dimension in other creative ways-like lining your family up along the curbside with ice cream cones in hand. Focus on the kid in front, get down low so you can shoot from the hip and give the sense of a never ending line of ice cream eaters. I had to use this image again b/c Ice Cream, specifically Slow Churned Jamoca Almond Fudge with whip cream and chopped almonds, is a little bit of a COMFORT to me.

Me Ra Koh Photo Contest

Photo Contest #2 will focus on BACKGROUNDS that enhance your story! You’ll be shooting COMFORT theme images with a BACKGROUND, but the background has to enhance your story. The background is another character in your story. The background adds depth to your overall

This is one of my favorite COMFORT images that Brian took this summer. It has a background with purpose and depth.

Since the theme for both Photo Contests is COMFORT, you can submit images that have to do with people comforting each other, your kids
bundled up in scarves on a Fall day, the big pot of comfort soup your cooking. The ideas are endless!


(PLEASE use these SIX STEPS as a checklist, SO YOUR IMAGE IS NOT

1. SIZE: Size your image(s) so the longest edge is 600 pixels. (Don’t stress. If you don’t know how to resize
your image, send us what you’ve got anyways. But if you do know how, that would be super helpful.)

2. NAME: Title your Images with your Name and a Number (example: KOH1; KOH2; KOH3, ect.)

3. SUBJECT: Here is the MOST important part so we don’t lose your image! In the Subject Title of
your email, type “BLUR” or “BACKGROUND”. This will let us know which contest your submitting your images too.

4. LOCATION: In the email, include your name and the state you live.

5. BUZZ: Please include any website or blog so that if your image is picked as a Top Five Finalist, I can send great
traffic to YOU! Also, feel free to tell me anything you’d like about the image, but you don’t have too.

6. SUBMIT: Send your submissions to [email protected] before December 1st 2009!

In the past, people have forgotten to give us all their info and thus, we weren’t able to enter their images. Please make sure
you’ve completed ALL Six Submission Steps!

Have at it friends! I can’t wait to see what you all submit!!

DEADLINE for both COMFORT Photo Contest is December 1st! Both winners will be announced before Christmas!

Wait! We didn’t talk about prizes! Don’t worry, we’re cooking up some SERIOUS prizes. Think “big, bundle of goodies showing up at your front door”! I mean Christmas is around the corner right? You need UPS to bring you something too! :) More details to come!


Our DVD series are now AWARD WINNING! Read the press release HERE ! If you haven’t ordered your own copy yet, check out our popular Instructional DVDs Refuse to Say Cheese and , and our 101 Kits for starting or expanding a in , click on the titles of your choice!

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I was up at 4am this morning for the third time this week. For those of you who get up at that time every morning, I don’t know how you do it! We’ve packed this little family up, and we are in flight to NYC for a BIG week! It’s PDN’s International Photo Plus Expo this week at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center!

I love this photography conference because every type of photography is represented here from editorial to fashion to wedding to National Geographic to portrait, you name it! AND, if your looking to buy new gear or accessories, these expos always have some of the BEST deals!

I’ll be doing a handful of different things, so it would be GREAT to meet you if you can make it. On Saturday, I’m doing a two hour session for ALL levels. The title is Keep the Memories Alive with Visual Storytelling. I’m really looking forward to this talk b/c I’ll be sharing a lot of Thailand images and talking about working with kids, whether your a parent or portrait photographer. I’ve purposely made this session open to ALL LEVELS. Even if you only own a Point and Shoot, come and be inspired! Good News: The cost is minimal, and you can sign up online or at the door.

Title: Keep the Memories Alive with Visual Storytelling

Date: Saturday: 1:15pm-3:15pm

Location: Jacob Javitz Convention Center, Room SB2

PDN Photo Plus Conference Expo at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center


I’ll also be doing four 1 hour long sessions on the trade show floor at the Sony Booth #618 with a live model shoot. I would LOVE to meet you if you can make it to the trade show floor.

Here are the times I’ll be speaking on the trade show floor;

Friday: 9:45am, 12:45pm, and 3:45pm

Saturday: 11am

I encourage you whole heartedly to also see the other Sony Artisans of Imagery. All six of us will be presenting at the Sony booth, including Matthew Jordan Smith talking about his celebrity fashion shoots! A couple of the Artisans are also National Geographic photographers and FASCINATING to listen to. Christina Mittermier shoots all over the world with a focus on environment projects. She will be wonderful to hear. Seriously, you could just camp out at the Sony booth all day. I won’t be speaking on Thursday, but we’ll be there to hang out and meet some of you if can make it.

As you walk up the cement steps that lead into the Jacob Javitz Convention Center, see if you spot a Sony banner of Blaze with his slingshot. :)

But the week doesn’t end with speaking.

Thursday night, Sony is hosting a huge event with American Photo. They are throwing an invitation only party for 800 people at the Aperture Gallery. PDN’s International Photo Plus Expo is one of the main annual events where new cameras, lenses, accessories (you name it) are announced to the market. This year Sony has decided to do something different, and they are going ALL out with Sony Style! First, they are hosting the Sony World Photography Awards Global Tour.

Two, Photo Plus Expo marks the one year anniversary for the Sony Artisans of Imagery program. Instead of making the hype only around products, they are highlighting the six of us Artisans!

We were invited to send them six images that had a theme from a personal project we’ve worked on this year, specifically using the Alpha 900. All our photography projects are different and going to be on exhibit for two weeks at the prestigious Aperture Gallery. They will be revealed to the press and 800 guests Thursday night. My stomach is FULL of butterflies over this event. I’m so excited to see our images on exhibit. My project is called Dreaming. It’s based on the gifts I learned from our Thailand trip. I even got to include an essay with it that will be posted alongside the images. After the event, I’ll post the images and essay up so you can all experience it.

Sony has also made behind the scenes videos of each Artisan, so they’ll be revealing those to the public too. Brian and I are so excited! And did I mention that Brian is the best husband in the world. He bought me a beautiful, black, sparkly necklace and matching bracelet to wear Thursday night with my dress.

As I type this on the plane, guess who is sitting next to me? You’d never guess, so I’ll just tell you. My lawyer! :) Jennifer Wing has been the most phenomenal lawyer for our business the last several years. And in the midst of all our work together, she has also become a dear friend. We invited her to come join us Thursday night to see what her hard work helps us do. I feel like a little slice of home is coming with us.

If you can make it, post a comment, ping me on Facebook or shoot us an email. I would love to meet!

Wish us luck! We will keep you posted!

Me Ra

p.s. As I race the clock with my laptop battery, I’m working a blog for tomorrow that answers ALL your questions regarding the Unexpected Image from yesterday and how I captured it. Great questions. I think we need to talk about Depth of Field, and then how I got the image will make much more sense. So hopefully I have enough juice in this battery to make it happen for tomorrow. :)

p.s.s. For those of you who have been following the blog for a few years, remember when I did the post about flying to NY on a whim to meet Sony? Isn’t it crazy how much has happened?! Thanks for supporting me all the way. I bring you all in my hearts to the awards night. xoxoxo


ONE Spot left! CLICK HERE !

Our DVD series are now AWARD WINNING! Read the press release HERE ! If you haven’t ordered your own copy yet, check out our popular Instructional DVDs Refuse to Say Cheese and , and our 101 Kits for starting or expanding a in , click on the titles of your choice!

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New Photo Contest Anyone? :)

This morning I head to Charlottesville, Virginia for an engagement shoot tomorrow. I’m hoping the weather turns around because the fall leaves are in full splendor and the forecast is saying rain, rain, rain. So we’ll see what happens. Nonetheless, I’m excited to see Charlottesville. I’ve never been, and yet I’ve heard such great things about how sweet Charlottesville is. And who knows, maybe we’ll get a sun break so we can see this kind of scenery! I found this photographer’s blog last night, and I also loved the Mists of Autumn shot. Check it out!

Speaking of the fall, I was thinking it’s time to start a new photo contest. Any takers!

We need a theme for starters. What types of things have you all been shooting? What ideas come to mind for a theme? Should it be seasonal? Should it have a technical challenge? Should it have a story telling challenge?

Post your ideas, and let’s get a new Photo Contest going this coming week!


What about putting CONFIDENCE on your Christmas Wish List this year!!! We are down to THREE spots in the January 2010 Seattle CONFIDENCE Workshop! The November Seattle CONFIDENCE Workshop is sold out! CLICK HERE to get one of the last spots!

Our Refuse to Say Cheese DVD series are now AWARD WINNING! Read the press release HERE ! If you haven’t ordered your own copy yet, check out our popular Instructional DVDs Refuse to Say Cheese and , and our 101 Kits for starting or expanding a business in photography, click on the titles of your choice!

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SonyMom Blogging Event!

Breaking News Ladies! The Seattle CONFIDENCE Wkshp is going to release THIS FRIDAY for Early Bird Registration! The official dates are January 16th and 17th (Saturday and Sunday). ALL other details will be posted this Friday when registration goes live at 6am, including the winners of Brian and Jeramy’s post. It’s going to be a party Friday! Mark your calendars ladies for 6am this FRIDAY to make sure you get your spot. And can I just say “Yeah! January is going to work!” Brian and I still talk about the intense emails that some of you sent when you didn’t get a spot in the November CONFIDENCE Workshop. I’m so glad we’re going to be able to make it happen in January for all of you. It will be so fun starting the new year together!

So what was I doing last week in LA? Time to spill the beans! A driver to pick me up at the airport, a room at the W Hotel that was bigger than our first apartment when we first got married, and nine amazing women bloggers for company…it could only be another awesome Sony gig! As I watched this special event unfold, I kept thinking, ‘Sony definitely puts the style into SonyStyle!’ Sounds corny, but it’s TRUE! Every minute was detailed with Sony class.

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

Here is what happened. Nine of the top mommy bloggers were flown in from all over the country to see the new line up of Sony imaging products (DSLR cameras, Cybershots, camcorders, etc).

They were introduced to these products in an adventurous way. Sony Animation joined forces for this event, and these women were given back stage passes to interview the directors and talent of the new Sony animated movie Cloudy with a Chance or Meatballs. They got to get in on the red carpet premier of the movie, plus they were given a private tour of the Sony movie lot. Read one of the mommy bloggers, The Mommy Blog, share her experience. Mindy’s fun recap is HERE!

I was given the privilege of welcoming them and kicking the three days off with sharing my passion for photographing our kids. I walked them through the new Sony Alpha 330 (the camera I can’t say enough about!) and also taught on my philosophy of…(you know it! :) Yep, that’s right!) Refuse to Say Cheese.

Text arrives.

Are you free to do this upcoming event with 9 top mommy bloggers?

‘Hmmmmm….Spend the day with wonderful mommy bloggers at the Sony Lot, share the new Sony Alpha with them, and talk about taking better photos of your kids…hmmmm…okay, you twisted my arm.’ :)

Speaking at Sony Mom Blogging Event

Can you tell how much I LOVE these kinds of speaking engagements? :) Images like the one below could be embarrassing. (but it’s not, I can’t help it!)

Sony Mom Blogging Event

After my session, we were given a fun tour of the Sony Lot and the chance to practice the photography techniques I’d talked about. Most of these women had never met until that morning, but we ended up having the best time together. We laughed a lot,

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

(remember this moment ladies :))

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

Sony Mom Blogging Event

tried new techniques with the cameras.

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

The gal below in the dark sunglasses is Linda, one of Sony’s PR Managers. I can’t say enough about what an AMAZING job she did with putting this event together. Plus, she is one of the sweetest people ever. Linda, you ROCKED this event!

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

This was a group of women that you could totally goof around with and have a blast being silly (one of the things I loved most about these ladies–no ego from any of them!–which is probably why their blogs are so loved)

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

I offered to take head shots of the women during dinner. It was wonderful to spend a couple of minutes with each of them alone. It gave me a window into some of their specific passions and voices. And then how blessed am I? Since I’m a “mommy blogger” too, I got to pick their brains at dinner on ways to improve my blog. Their input was gold! (thank you ladies)

You must check out all their blogs. You’ll see what I mean!

• Monica Villa…………
• Amy Clark………….
• Beth Blecherman…
• Darcy Cruwys………
• Kimberley Blaine……www.TheGoToMom.TV
• Kristina Sauerwein… (on
• Karent Bodkin………
• Alli Worthington……
• Mindy Roberts……

Look out world. These mommy bloggers have a lot to say, and if Sony does the research and decides their worth spending the money to fly them out for three days…they may just be worth listening too!

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

To join their fun and insightful conversations around the SonyMom event, follow their hash group on Twitter by searching for #SonyMom!

To the nine beautiful mommy bloggers,

It was a complete honor to spend the day with you. I will never forget our meals and how honest some of you were in the struggles and challenges you face as women, as bloggers, as moms. And yet, you continue to push forward never giving up on your dreams and passions. Don’t ever stop expressing your voice. Don’t ever let the fears keep you from what you believe and dream. The world has so much to gain from each of you. Your inner voice, your strength, your crafted talents, but most of all your ability to risk while being completely feminine, strong and determined. Power Houses is what you are.

SonyMom Blogging Event 09

Much love, Me Ra


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We’ve had a crazy week. Good on so many levels. But crazy too.

We got home from camping late Sunday night. I did a speaking engagement Monday night. We were out Tuesday night. Our house was full of 63 people for the Pictage gathering on Wednesday night. Family from out of town arrived yesterday and today is Friday. phew.

This week and next week are two consecutive weeks that we’re home, and I had all these goals. Organize my office, once and for all! Every wedding season the same thing happens, by the end, it’s chaos as we’ve been going hard all summer. How about organizing the craziness under our bathroom sinks? That’s another thing I want to tackle. Or, transplant some flowers in my garden. Bills? That is one for sure. Ugh, bills. Order Pascaline and Blaze’s homeschool materials. Start gearing up for 3rd grade. The list goes on and on. It’s like we have two weeks at home, and I think I’m Wonder Woman and want to catch up on everything. When all my body really needs is some serious down time and rest. So is that part of the game–to travel this much means your bathroom cupboards may never be organized?

I must admit…I feel pretty wiped today. And then I stumbled upon a gift last night. While I was working on a new Amazing Mom Feature, which I’m so excited to share, I came across this slideshow at Garrett Burdick’s blog. I don’t know how I missed this back in May! But I did! It’s a slideshow that Garrett did from our 3 day, intensive Discovery Workshop. I watched it and tears ran down my face. The slideshow brought back all the wonderful memories from that weekend; focusing on nurturing the artist within, digging deep, stretching the creative spirit, and not being afraid of the results.

If you haven’t seen the Discovery Workshop slideshow, check it out. The song that Garrett chose is perfect. (Awesome job Garrett. Man, we miss you guys!)

I love the Fall, and I can feel it approaching. The early morning air is just a little colder than it’s been. But change is also never easy for me. Anyone relate? It’s as if I need to be a little more intentional about nurturing myself as the upcoming changes pass through our family and my heart. And of course, I need to let the bathroom cupboards go!

Are you feeling change in the air? How do you deal with change? Are you feeling the pressure to organize your life before the new school year starts? What is one thing, like bathroom cupboards, that you can let go of?

much warmth,

Me Ra


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Was Brian’s “Disappearing Blackberry Peach Gluten-Free Crumble” awesome or what? I love that guy. Your comments made, I’m talking MADE, his day. You can be sure to see the Mean Mojito recipe soon! :)

If you follow my Twitter Feed (merakoh), you probably noticed that we came back from a 5 day camping trip on Sunday night. It was AWESOME! HILARIOUS! I can’t wait to show you the images and tell some funny stories. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have that ready for you. But I want to tell you about one of the best photography conferences this November (because the seating is selling out fast!).

One of our FAVORITE photography conferences is the PICTAGE PARTNER CONFERENCE!!! This year it’s going to happen in the French Quarter of New Orleans on November 3-5, 2009!

Brian and I are excited to be a part of this. I think this is our fourth year speaking at Partnercon (Partner Conference). And this year, we are going to do a different type of talk, per request and encouragement from our good friends at Pictage. Instead of talking about Marketing and Technical Skills, we’re going to focus on reviving YOU! Here is the summary!

Joe Buissink

Me Ra and Brian of Me Ra Koh Photography

Revive the Artist in You: Live the Impossible Life!

What does your life look like? Has stress piled so high that your creative child can’t play anymore? Me Ra and Brian are excited to bring something unique to this year’s Partner Conference! They are shifting their focus from marketing and shooting to YOU and how to rediscover your creative self- the most powerful piece of your business. In this session you will learn simple exercises and practices that you can do to revive the artist within you. Me Ra and Brian believe that their commitment to constantly rediscovering their creative selves is the foundation for living their lives and running their business. Come to this session ready to be inspired, artistically refreshed, and ready to look at your business in a whole new light.

Want to join us?!!

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But the reason Pictage’s Partner Conference is so amazing is because you get to hear from the industry’s best in an intimate setting for 2 1/2 days for only $200 (or less, depending on how early you sign up!). Instead of a HUGE conference with thousands of people, PartnerCon is limited to a few hundred. It feels small enough to handle. You know what i mean? I can say without hesitation, that you will love it. And this year, you don’t have to be a Pictage Member to come. Anyone can come. ANYONE! Plus, this year the conference is going to host several Live Shoots with some of the speakers based on first come first serve basis. So basically, you get the opportunity to spend a couple of hours shooting alongside one of your photography heroes. How can you beat that? This year our heroes will be back doing new talks; Joe Buissink, Denis Reggie and more! Click HERE to see the awesome speaker line up and their topics!

The location is going to be the beautiful Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel. More DETAILS

Q: Have you ever been or felt like a Wall Flower?

Brian and I are working on a way to help host a “newbie” Pictage dinner one night. If you’ve ever been or felt like a Wall Flower b/c you were new to a group and didn’t know how to break in, you are not alone. The idea is still in the works, but if you come to Partnercon and don’t know anyone, we want to help you feel comfortable and welcome. Maybe we can find a place to all meet at for dinner. What do you think? This 21/2 day conference is about giving to you, leaving you inspired and most of all, connected.

We hope to see you there!

See you at Pictage Partner Conference 2009 New Orleans

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Remember these beautiful Seattle Workshop ladies and the token man, Brian? ;) We joked about how this image demonstrates how the fear the Seattle Sistas felt when we started teaching them how to shoot in Manuel.

Seattle Photography Wkshp for Women, June 2009

Well my friends, it’s time to show you how well they shot during the workshop! I’m so excited. We’ve been meaning to do this post since June, but life got a little crazy this summer. Let’s not waste another second!

On the Saturday of the workshop, we had a handful of mamas come with their new babies. The Seattle Sistas (attendees :)) were split up into groups of 3-5, and they were given different lighting situations to tackle with their assigned mama and baby. The focus of the practice shoot was to consider lighting and composition when shooting a mom and baby. What are the types of things we must be sensitive to with a new mom, when we consider composition specifically? This type of question and a bunch more are what we were tackling together.

On Sunday, we had a handful of families join us for a mock “family shoot”. One family had seven people! That was our beloved blog reader and friend, Kari Hale! She and Dave came with all five kids. I started our time by demonstrating different strategies I would use with a bigger sized family. And then the women were split up again and given their own assigned families to work with. One of the best parts for me was having Pascaline and Blaze participate for the first time. I felt like they were old enough to handle being one of the model families, and they did great (plus, we got some great images of the kids!).

The Seattle Sistas sent me some of their favorite results from both shoots to share with you! Some of them told me that they were holding their breath as they pushed the “SEND” button b/c the idea of having their images up here is terrifying. But I know that you will be the encouraging audience you always are! Thanks for helping me welcome the Seattle Sistas images!

First up is Katie. She took these beautiful images during the Baby Shoot on Saturday. She flew all the way from Washington DC to join us. What a pleasure to have her with us. Katie is so talented.

I just love how intimate this first one is–a precious moment between dad and baby.

Me Ra Koh Workshop Ladies Share Their Family Portraits!

And then look at the sweetness of this one! Doesn’t this image make you want to kiss baby Nathan to pieces!

Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop Results from Photo Shoots!

Katie, these two images are AMAZING! I love that you captured baby Nathan sucking on his mama’s finger b/c that is such a timely detail shot that shows us how old he is. Knowing that this time for baby Nathan is limited makes the image that much more significant. The color is also beautiful on both images. Fantastic job!

Tacey captured Valerie and baby Nathan from a completely different angle. Look at how sweet his eyes are.

Image Results from Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

And I love how tight Tacey got on this next one. We see just enough of mom’s smile to know that she adores this little guy and for this moment, he is her whole world.

Image Results from Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

You have to check out Tacey’s new blog. I loved getting to know this firecracker of a woman. Tacey had found our blog only a month before the workshop happened! She told me she had read three years of blog posts in that single month (giving her an amazing perspective on how this blog has transformed)! And now she is GOING FOR IT! So proud of you girl!

Erika had the opportunity to work with Marianne and her baby. Marianne came to our workshop a couple years ago, and it was WONDERFUL to have her back as a model with her precious baby. The first baby shot above is her husband. But look at this image Erika caught. I love so many elements of it. I love Marianne’s hair that falls over her face. I love how sweet this little guy’s face is cuddled next to his mama. I love how you can almost hear Marianne comfort him with soothing sounds. Wonderful Erika!

Image Results from Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

And one more! I can’t resist. I pulled this from Erika’s blog. :) It’s just beautiful! Same mom but hair down. Don’t you love it?!

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

During the Family Shoot on Sunday, one of the challenges was to capture moments that show the personality of the different family members. I’m thinking Erika nailed it on this shot! :)

Inspiring Image Results from Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Erika did a great job of using the Thirds Principle to frame this image. I love all the empty space on the other side of us. It brings more attention to Blazey’s face. And I love how Brian is standing there, thinking about his own things. You can totally tell this is a mama and Blazey dynamic. :) Erika, thank you! I love that you caught this moment! To see more of Erika’s work, visit her blog!

And if you want a window into Pascaline’s personality, Melanie did an AMAZING job of capturing the moment! This is totally my (superhero) daughter. :) Blaze idolizes Bruce Wayne (the hidden identity of Batman). I guess Bruce Wayne will rub his chin when he’s thinking, and thus, there you have it. Melanie, you caught them both in total character–and different characters! Way to go!

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Remember the tight black and white image that Tacey captured? Here is another perspective of that moment. I love that you can frame the same moment in so many different ways!

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

I love all the circular motion in the above image. Melanie, you did a great job of framing this image b/c mom’s arm looks good, her hands are gentle, baby’s tucked into her, and it gives you the feeling of him being in her womb–safe and surrounded by her love. Beautiful Melanie.

Jennifer Caplinger (yesterday’s Vacation Photo Contest winner!) captured this image of Valerie’s husband and baby Nathan the next day. I loved this image because of how Jennifer chose to frame it. Zane and Valerie are some of our dearest friends, and the expression on Zane’s face is classic. I can just hear him talking to baby Nathan. And then I love how Valerie and the girls are blurred in front. What a great composition!

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Here is another one of Jennifer’s images. Look at how she used composition in this image with a totally different focus.

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

She left us empty space on the right side and bottom corner. I feel like that little bit of empty space gives more motion and a rocking sense to the mama’s hands holding baby’s feet. Wonderful job Jennifer! Your composition for both images is so distinct! To see more of Jennifer’s work, check out her blog!

Kalli caught one of the sweetest images of my kids! I’m so excited to share this with you! I LOVE the expressions on both their faces. Totally their different personalities, and yet I love how this images shows us so many of their similarities from twinkly eyes to hair color. Thank you Kalli! What a gift you’ve given me and Brian!!!

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

And Kalli unknowingly gave all the women of the Discovery Workshop and last year’s Seattle Workshop another gift b/c guess who showed up to be a model! Our own sweet Jenny!

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Every time I look at this image that Kalli caught of Jenny, I think JOY! And Jenny’s smile is beautiful! Great job Kalli! We ALL thank you for capturing these priceless images of people we love!

Here is another image of Jenny’s little guy from a different perspective. There is a little movement in this image, and I think that softens the overall story of the image. I encouraged the women to not be quick to throw out blurry images that have moment or soft focus. Sometimes those images have a wealth of emotion that we miss b/c we’re so focused on finding the sharp images. Jennifer, thank you for sharing this image of Jenny’s little-big guy! :)

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Jennifer also captured this family image. This little guy has two big sisters to contend with, and yet his personality is so sweet. I love how Jennifer’s composition helped accentuate the relational dynamics with big sisters blurred in the background. Great storytelling Jennifer! What a moment!

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Speaking of little boys, Phillipa caught this great image of Dave with Ty. We were challenging the women to get out of the box with their framing and composition, and I think Phillipa reaped the rewards in this image! I love how powerful and solid dad looks with his son. I feel like the empty brick wall accentuates that strength. What do you think?

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Going to the other side, focusing on mama and baby, look at this little one’s FACE! It’s so precious! Another great image taken by Phillipa! For those of you who have had babies, can’t you taste the binky in your own mouth remembering those days? The image below is like a “time setter” where it shows us the story of the “time” of life they are in. One that feels so overwhelming when your the parent, and yet it ends so quickly. Thank you for noticing this precious dynamic Phillipa. Great work! Phillipa is GOING FOR IT with her photography! Check out her new blog!

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Here is Jenny’s sweetheart again! Look at those eyes! Erin Wheeler captured this magic!

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Erin’s husband Bill has a photography business, and Erin came to the workshop to build her confidence with the camera. She sent me the sweetest email and said;

I want you to know that, thanks to you and Brian, the camera doesn’t mock me from it’s lofty position on the table anymore – 5D and I are becoming better friends every day :)

I know exactly what she means. I remember starting out and feeling like my new DSLR smirked every time I walked by it. It took a while before I had the guts to show that camera who was boss. :) Erin, I’m so excited to see what images you continue to capture! You have an awesome eye. Bill is a lucky man to have you shooting alongside him! I mean look at this image below of our family! Did Erin capture ALL our different emotions responding to Brian’s jokes or what? :) Check out Erin and Bill’s portfolio and blog!

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Same crazy family, but a little more tamed and in color! :) The shot above and below were in the same five minutes that Brian and I jumped out of helping the small groups. The image below was captured by Jen Wills. I love how gentle we all look, at peace. Thank you Jen. I put these two images side by side b/c I love how dynamic the images from a family shoot can be–even within minutes of each other!

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

And here is Jenny’s sweet boy again! Look at those BLUE eyes! What grabbed me about this image is how Jen blurred out a blue element in the background. That blue element brings the blue out of his eyes even more. Don’t you think? Talk about creative and smart composition. Great job Jen!!

Okay ladies, if you think the image below is great than wait till you see Jen’s new website! OMG, the first image of Jenny and her baby are AWESOME!! (Jen, I’m so excited for you! And I love that this is all bringing such joy and life to you! yeah!)

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Melisa did a great job of capturing an image that makes you feel like your looking through a window into someone’s life. For instance, look at this moment she caught between Marianne and her husband. His arms are wrapped around them, and you feel like you are looking through a window seeing this sweet, unscripted family moment.

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Here is another one of Melisa’s images. What is more precious than a baby cooing at his mama? I know, not much! This image is another great example of how Melisa clipped in enough of Valerie to know that mama is there and what baby Nathan is looking at, but the image is still full of baby’s cooing. Melisa has started her own blog. Check it out!

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

These next two images were captured by Allison. The first image is so special. Look at this little guy’s pensive look. I can totally see mom and dad’s face in his expression. And I love how he seems totally at peace, resting in dad’s arms. Great job Alison.

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

This next one is so CLASSIC! I happen to know this little girl that Allison captured. She is a spirited little girl–full of confidence and personality. I love the energy that comes out of this image. Allison you captured the best expression on her face. You have no idea how much personality is in this smile you caught! Good job! Check out Allison’s new blog! (I can believe your doing it! And I’m so excited for you!)

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Here is another special example of capturing diverse images in the same couple minutes. Look at Allison’s image of baby above. Now look at Michelle’s image! What mom or dad could resist either? Even though the moment is within seconds, the look on his little face is totally different. Thanks so much Michelle for letting me use your image as an example of this! Great job!

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Michelle also caught my little guy in a defining moment. This is the kind of “defining” moment that shows the world why this little guy has me wrapped around his finger. Man, oh man! I love how he’s leaning back, elbows propped, and just chilling. Blazey knows my number in a way that puts Brian to shame! Classic example…I walk out of the bathroom in the morning, and Blaze looks at me from the bottom of the stairs and gasps, “Mama, you look so beautiful today.” …see what I mean! “WRAPPED”

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Michelle, thank you for being tuned to the moment and capturing this image of Blaze! I LOVE it! As you can see, it brings up all kinds of goosebumps in me! :) Check out Michelle’s website to see more of her work!

And speaking of having your parent wrapped around your finger…guess who has Zane wrapped around her finger? :)

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Totally! Melinda caught this image of Zane and Solenne. It’s priceless. Zane’s smile is great–relaxed and present. And Solenne, can you tell she is daddy’s girl? Oh boy! Melinda, I also love how you got rid of the background and let it become a soft blur. Sometimes we make the mistake of having background that distracts from the story in our image. But Melinda, you did a great job with keeping your framing tight enough for this one and the next one of Jenny.

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Again, the background is blurred and we are totally engaged with the subjects; Jenny and her little guy. I never noticed the blue ring Jenny was wearing. I like how you clipped that in. It adds a little to mom’s personality. In fact, I noticed mom’s beautiful highlights even more with the blue ring included. This isn’t any mom, this is a hip and fun mom! Good job Melinda! To see more of Melinda’s work, check out her website too! She has some great food and travel images to see!

Amy Little flew out from Utah at the last minute to jump in the workshop. It was wonderful to have her with us. (Amy, I loved our talk that night. Thank you.) She captured two beautiful images of Valerie and baby Nathan.

This first image feels so clean to me. I know “clean” is a funny word, but it’s clean, crisp, alive. The blacks are saturated well which adds the overall crispness, and I think it also helps the emotion become that much stronger. Plus, don’t you feel like you could just reach through your screen and feel his soft hair? I love the back of his head!

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Then Amy sent me something totally different from the first image. I like how she mixed it up. This reminds me of goals I have while doing a baby shoot. I love to get those super clean, crisp images. But I also love the stories in the type of image below; where mama is blurred out, the framing is tight, maybe there isn’t even a face, but emotion is still incredibly present.

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Look at those folds in his skin! Wonderful job Amy! To see more of Amy’s work with kids, check out her website!

And last but certainly NOT least, these next two images were taken by our Running on Empty Winner, Sarah. She flew in from Idaho last minute and was so ready to be there!

The first image is of Marianne and her baby. Look at how tight the framing is on this image. Doesn’t the tight frame make it feel that much more cozy and intimate. I love how Sarah clipped Marianne’s profile and sweet kiss, but her sleeping baby fills the frame. Sarah, you must have been standing real close to get this shot. But I’m not sure. What lens did you use? Do you remember? Was it the 50mm?

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

And if you ever wondered where Ty got his blue eyes from, wonder no longer! Sarah solved it for us in a magical way! Man, look at Ty’s expression! Isn’t that priceless! And Kari, good choice on having him wear a blue shirt. That made his eyes pop even more.

Inspiring Image Results from a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop!

Sarah, you did a fantastic job with these images. Thank you for sharing! Thank you for getting on a plane last minute and blessing our group with your presence. I’m sure I speak for a lot of us when I say I LOVED laughing with you! (Wait, you drove didn’t you?! Weren’t you the one sitting outside my house on the night of the Meet and Greet?! :)) To see more of Sarah’s work, visit her website!

To my beautiful Seattle Sistas,

I know some of you were terrified of sharing your images on the blog, but I’m proud of you for sending me your work!

I’m sure you’ll see from today’s comments that I’m not the only one who thinks you did a FANTASTIC job!

xoxo, Me Ra

To all my blog readers, if you have time, leave a comment today and tell these ladies they had NOTHING to be nervous about. Isn’t their work AMAZING! And keep in mind, we didn’t give them perfect, ideal photo situations with lighting. What on earth would they learn if we did! :)


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