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Hey everyone.  This is Brian, signing on for Me Ra today.  I know it’s late in the day, but if you follow Me Ra’s Twitter, you know she had a pretty rough day.  She wanted me to thank you for all your prayers.  And knowing her, she’ll be back on the blog tomorrow.

But we wanted to remind people that the deadline for the “I SUPPORT SOAR”!” Contest is TONIGHT at Midnight PST!  Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done to spread the word about SOAR!  We are excited to give the winner a $100 Gift Certificate tomorrow!  We’ll be announcing the GC winner at the end of Friday (so we’ve got time to count up the entries.)

And the BEST news is…TWO NEW Workshops for Spring 2010!

We are going to do CONFIDENCE Workshops in April and May, one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast!

Dates and Locations:

April 24 and 25th, at the hip Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach, CA. (See you soon OC and San Diego friends!)

May 29th and 30th, at the very cool Westin Hotel in Jersey City, NJ. (For all our NY and surrounding area friends!  We are finally coming to you!)

But here is what I’m excited about.  I worked out a way with our Merchant Provider so you could be set up for four auto payments, over four months, for $199.  It’s basically allowing you to take advantage of the Early Bird but break it up over four months.

We know four things;

1.  Your Holiday Budget is stretched.

2.  A lot of you want the CONFIDENCE Workshop for Christmas.

3.  The Early Bird Registration of $799 is tough to pull of with the Holiday Budget.

4.  We better make a new option available for Christmas!  And by George, I think I’ve done it!

If you are signed up for Me Ra’s Newsletter, you will be sent an email on Monday with the private link to priority register.  You’ll have the choice to Register for the whole Early Bird amount of $799 or sign up for the four payments method.  (Signed up yet for the Newsletter?  Look to the left!)  The Workshop Early Bird Registration and Four Payments Method will go live on the blog for everyone else Tuesday morning!  Early Bird and Four Payments Option will end Thursday, January 7th. At that point, registration will go up to the normal price of $999.

FYI, If you sign up for the four payments method, one of us will call you within 24-48 hours to ensure your spot and info (just to make sure, since we’ve never used this merchant tool before), AND you will be set.  Please know that all payments are non-refundable.

If there are any husbands out there who need to get out of the dog house (not that I know what that’s like), you can email me with any questions!  [email protected] And I must say, our Genie, has helped quite a few husbands surprise their wives.  She will totally be available to help too.

And again, thank you for praying for my wife.  Today was rough.  She’s been through a lot in her life, but her passion to empower women…may be more fierce than ever.



FIVE Days Left Until SOAR! Scholarship Deadline!  Get your Complete Application and Video Entries in by Monday, Dec. 21st!

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Okay friends, the countdown has started.  Next Monday, December 21st, is the DEADLINE for our SOAR! Scholarship!  We want to spread the word to as many people as possible.  To help make that happen…I am throwing in two incentives!  :)  Any great parent understands the power of incentives, and since the SOAR! Scholarship is my baby…you bet I’m going to parent the heck out of it! 

I am giving away a $100 Gift Certificate to AMAZON and a set of our Award Winning DVDs, Refuse to Say Cheese and Beyond the Green Box, to ONE lucky winner this week!…Friday actually! Who can’t use an extra $100 in their Holiday Shopping budget!  Right!

By entering, you will have a chance to get your name entered into a hat COUNTLESS times by completing as many of the following tasks as you can.

To enter, send ONE email with the subject “I SUPPORT SOAR!” to [email protected] listing which items you have completed with documentation as needed (photos, links to your blog, etc.)

Deadline to enter (i.e. Send us your email with which tasks you completed) will be this Thursday, at Midnight PST!  The winner will be announced Friday!


One Entry (For each item on the list your name will be entered once)

-Leave a comment on my blog this week and type the words “I SUPPORT SOAR!” at the end of the comment

-Add me as a friend on Facebook (you get one already if you already have:)

-Become a fan on the brand new Me Ra Koh Fan Page on FB, and post a comment with the phrase “I SUPPORT SOAR!” in it.

-Follow merakoh on Twitter

-Twitter about the SOAR! Scholarship with #SOAR in your status update (you can even more points if you Twitter every day between now and Thursday!)

-Post a status update on your Facebook page about the SOAR! Scholarship Deadline on Monday, December 21st with a link to the SOAR! website

-Email five friends, telling them about the SOAR! Scholarship AND our Newsletter (including the opportunity to win a Sony DSLR by signing up), include a link to the SOAR! website and our blog ( for the Newsletter!

-Post a comment on the SOAR! website, underneath my video, and include “I SUPPORT SOAR!” in your comment!


Two Entries (For each item on the list your name will be entered twice)

-Email ten MORE friends, telling them about the SOAR! Scholarship and our Newsletter (including the opportunity to win a Sony DSLR by signing up), include a link to the SOAR! website and our blog ( for the Newsletter!

-Write a (positive :)) review at our site for any one of our products. CLICK HERE to see all products!

-Twitter this review with a link to our site.

-Twitter about SOAR! every day between now and Thursday with #SOAR included.   

-Twitter your reviews (see below) once a day between now and Thursday with #SonyMom included!  


Five Entries  (For each item on the list your name will be entered FIVE times!)

-Write and post a blog about the SOAR! Scholarship that mentions the courageous SOAR! Video Entries on the website, and why you believe in soaring!  AND, link to my website and the SOAR! website (make sure to include the links in your email to us)

-Write and post a blog review about our Award Winning DVDs, Refuse to Say Cheese and Beyond the Green Box and link to our website and store!  If you haven’t purchased our Award Winning DVDs, and you want to take advantage of these points, you can order the download version by CLICKING HERE! 


Ten Entries!  (yes TEN!)

-Purchase any one of our Refuse to Say Cheese products (DVDs, 101 Kits, Women’s T-shirts, Baby Onsies, etc.) OR any one of our products on the Top Ten Stocking Stuffers blog post, before this Thursday (at midnight PST) and you will earn TEN ENTRIES!  Be sure to copy and paste your receipt in your “I SUPPORT SOAR!” email.  If you already purchased one of the sexy, Sony DSLR copper brown cameras—just copy and paste your receipt. 


We will track your specific number of entries from the ONE email you send us!  Be sure to make your subject line says “I SUPPORT SOAR!” 


Need inspiration today?  If yes, look no further!  The SOAR! website has some amazing Video Entries that you can see live!  Check them out today!


Still in process of making your SOAR! Video? 

We noticed that we have HUNDREDS of SOAR! Applications but only 30 plus SOAR! Video  Entries.  Your application will only qualify if you submit your SOAR! video too.  Gets those videos in ladies! 


Couple quick Video Tips from the judges and MORE FAQ:

1.  It’s most ideal to have YOU speaking in your video.  There is going to be a lot of video blogging in the next SOAR! year, and the panel of judges want to see how you hold yourself on video.  You don’t have to be perfect by any means, but to see you give it your best shot is gold. 

2.  If you’d like to redo your video, GO FOR IT!  Just re-upload a new video and let us know that you’d like to switch it out.   CLICK HERE to upload your video!

3.  A panel of hand picked judges will pick the THREE winners for SOAR!  They will base their decision on two things; Your Video Submission and Your COMPLETE SOAR! Application.  

4.  Winners will be announced on January 1st 2010!

5.  Click Here to SOAR! 


Coming up tomorrow!  I can’t wait for tomorrow’s blog post!  We are going to share one mom’s story of what happened when she tried my Christmas Tree Photo Tips!  :)   You’ll get to not only hear the story but see all the Photo Tips for yourself! 

And later this week, you get to meet Sony’s Director of Marketing!  To show Sony’s support for SOAR!, the Director of Marketing made a video for our SOAR! Partners page!  Goes live this week!

Pray for our SOAR! Blog Tour this week!  Brian and I donated a Blog Tour to SOAR! that will reach 200K mommy bloggers in the next several days!


Okay, that is it for Monday!  (phew!)  We’ve got a BIG week ahead of us!  Send us your “I Support SOAR!” emails, and let’s spread some inspiration!


Me Ra

p.s. Thank you Crystal Garcia for this fantastic Contest/Entries idea!  You are beautiful woman, wife, mother, friend and sister, and your work is beautiful too.  We are so thankful for you and Brian!

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You have all been so patient and supportive as I’ve tweeted the unfolding developments of the SOAR! Scholarship.  Even now, as I write this blog, a handful of people from SmugMug, Chopping Block, Taco Lamp, and more, are racing the clock with us to bring you SOAR! today.   A few of them have been up ALL NIGHT!  Our goal is to go live with the video, website and all the details by 4pm PST (maybe sooner).  Between SOAR! and our new website and blog, I feel like we are birthing triplets! 


Stay tuned.  It’s going to get really good!  Think “Running on Empty Contest” magnified a 100x’s!  For up to the minute updates, search for #SOAR on Twitter. 


In the meantime, while we are finalizing details, go over to my dear friend, Kari Hale’s new blog opening.   Mamabloo went live today!  Her blog is going to be an awesome one to follow!  I’ve been waiting for Kari to have a blog my whole life!  You will LOVE her!


Check back later this afternoon and come SOAR! with me.  This is a scholarship that will change the lives of three women!  You may be one of those women!   


p.s. Wait! What else happens today? The two Photo Contests end!  Have you submitted your photo entries yet? Remember to submit your Photo Contest entries today!  We’ve got two photo contests going on right now that you don’t want to miss! I’m loving the submissions!  To read the details on what our Photo Contest Themes are CLICK HERE!


p.s.s. The bugs are worked out of our Newsletter box on the right side!  Sign up today, and you will be entered in a drawing for my favorite Sony DSLR camera!

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We are in the last leg of having every piece in place for the SPARKLY, NEW Me Ra Koh Website/Blog. I know I’m super excited, but all I can feel at this moment is complete exhaustion from doing hours of ironing. You know, the kind of ironing where you iron out one wrinkle, and then up pops a new wrinkle. Our web designers have been amazing with design and implementation. They have been so patient with me, and I know I’m not the only one staying up till 2am to try and get every wrinkle ironed out.

Here is a fun sneak peak at the new “right margin” of the blog (in progress)!

Me Ra Koh Photography Blog

This little sneak peak announces a couple great things!

1. If you read the fine print for the Newsletter box, you’ll notice that if you join our Newsletter you are automatically entered in a new drawing to win a Copper Brown Sony DSLR (Me Ra’s Favorite) camera! Yep, not joking! Sony is celebrating our new site with us, and they are doing it by partnering on a new DSLR camera giveaway! So get ready to sign up for the Newsletter b/c on top of winning the camera, you’ll also get the scoop on all kinds of stuff like…new, sweet, little baby onsies that say “Refuse to Say Cheese”! (just in time for the holidays! :))

2. Do you see that button below the newsletter called SOAR!? Well that is a seriously cool project Brian and I are working hard and fast on. In a nutshell, we’re wanting to create scholarship, SUPER COOL scholarships, for women. So stay tuned! I’m updating our progress on Twitter, so if your not following me–head over there now and look for “merakoh”.

The website home page is also going to feature FOUR videos! I can’t wait for you to see them. Brian at Taco Lamp did an amazing job with the video editing! Brian and I pretty much filmed them with a camcorder, and Brian Garcia used his editing magic to make the videos sparkle! Brian Garcia has also been staying up until 2am to put the finishing touches on the videos. (Thank you so much Brian! How lucky am I? I got two great Brians on my team. :))

And our web design team…well, they are amazing. Their name is Chopping Block. I don’t know if you remember me posting a tweet in early summer about looking for a web design team. I got a handful of responses, and then we ended up finding Chopping Block in this random sort of way. They do all the design and web work for Rachel Ray along with other brands like Phish, Dave Matthews, Sex and the City, etc. They have incredible experience in what it takes to brand a personality online.

It seemed like a good fit at the time, and let me tell you, it’s been an incredible fit. They have challenged me, helped me fine tune my online brand presence, and taken us to a new level. I can’t wait for you to experience their magic on the new

The experience (with even more surprises than drawings and scholarships) happens tomorrow (fingers crossed)!

Now to get back to the ironing!


Me Ra


TWO NEW Photo Contests, TWO WAYS to WIN! Deadline is December 1st! To enter and WIN, read the details HERE!

Our Refuse to Say Cheese DVD series are now AWARD WINNING! Read the press release HERE ! The DVDs were also recently featured on FOX News as a TOP GIFT recommendation for the holidays! Refuse to Say Cheese and , click either title!

Thinking of starting your dream Photography Business?! You can totally do it with our popular 101 Kits! Inspired from the 100’s of emails that Me Ra Koh receives each week, asking the how to’s of having a Photography Business, Me Ra has compiled all her answers into her popular 101 Kits! For more info, click on the titles of your choice, read the reviews and make your dream a reality! And don’t forget to send your success stories to Me Ra at [email protected]!

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Good lord! I promised myself that I wasn’t going to blog this morning until later because our last twenty four hours have been insane. Get home with Brian Tuesday night, repack and add all the kids clothes yesterday (opted to stay in PJ’s all day–no other way to dress when you have one day at home in two weeks), grab the kids-say goodbye to the dog and cat-and catch a 7am flight to Washington DC this morning. (I’m dying to meet all the Washington DC Workshop ladies!!! Can’t wait!!)

So I told myself, get your stuff together and then blog. You know…stuff like packing the kids clothes, the workshop materials, the camera gear, the shampoo, the snacks, the homeschool books, the…the…oh yeah, the name tags for the workshop, the products, the handmade folders, the snacks–did I pack the snacks?, the…the…..just that kind of stuff. :) But in the midst of it all, I got on line to see how the #SonyMom conversation is going on Twitter, and I just cracked up laughing! The #SonyMom conversations were going CRAZY! I had to share with you. You are going to LOVE these links. Grab a cup of morning coffee and enjoy!

Mommy Pie did the most hilarious captions on her photos of the SonyMom event. I could not stop laughing! (Girl, you are brilliant!) I took this from her blog because this was one of my favorite moments. When we were doing the Sony Lot tour, this guy told us where we could find Cameron Diaz and Seth Rogan, but he said we never heard it from him. :)

SonyMom Blog Post

And if you have a chance, check out her AMAZING homegrown, organic dream to help moms find clothes for their kids for FREE! It’s called SwapMamas, and moms can log on and see if anyone has clothes that are the right size for their kids and then swamp with another mom. I’m serious ladies, you have to check out this brilliant service that Mommy Pie has created. It’s pretty much free, except for the shipping cost of swapping clothes. Brilliant, isn’t it!

The amazing producer and mommy blogger, The GoToMom, has already posted two videos. ALREADY! Kim even got Mr. T’s to say a few words, and it’s not “I pity the fool!”. :) I mean just look at her website header photo below. Does this woman not have the best sense of humor or what?! I love that they dressed up like Wally and Beaver for a photo shoot! So funny!

Sony posted on their blog, check it out HERE.

But ladies, do you want to join the SonyMom conversations on Twitter? The tweets are fun! If you do, log on to Twitter and do a search for #SonyMom. When you post your own tweets, if you put #SonyMom somewhere in your tweet message, your message will be added to the conversation. And you will be sharing your tweets and chatting with us all! It’s called a “Hash Twitter”. Did you know about Hash Twitters? One of the many things I learned from these awesome Mommy Bloggers. So come join us! We’d love to have you! These women are so approachable, I’m telling you, you’ll love them. AND FYI for Jeramy, you don’t have to be a mom to join. ;) ( We got your back friend.)

Okay, now to catch our FLIGHT! See you in DC!

The NEW January Seattle CONFIDENCE Workshop goes live at 6am tomorrow! See you here bright and early!!


Want to learn more about REFUSE TO SAY CHEESE? Check out our Award Winning DVD set, Refuse to Say Cheese and ,or discover our popular 101 Kits for starting or expanding a business in photography, click on the titles of your choice!

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SonyMom Blogging Event!

Breaking News Ladies! The Seattle CONFIDENCE Wkshp is going to release THIS FRIDAY for Early Bird Registration! The official dates are January 16th and 17th (Saturday and Sunday). ALL other details will be posted this Friday when registration goes live at 6am, including the winners of Brian and Jeramy’s post. It’s going to be a party Friday! Mark your calendars ladies for 6am this FRIDAY to make sure you get your spot. And can I just say “Yeah! January is going to work!” Brian and I still talk about the intense emails that some of you sent when you didn’t get a spot in the November CONFIDENCE Workshop. I’m so glad we’re going to be able to make it happen in January for all of you. It will be so fun starting the new year together!

So what was I doing last week in LA? Time to spill the beans! A driver to pick me up at the airport, a room at the W Hotel that was bigger than our first apartment when we first got married, and nine amazing women bloggers for company…it could only be another awesome Sony gig! As I watched this special event unfold, I kept thinking, ‘Sony definitely puts the style into SonyStyle!’ Sounds corny, but it’s TRUE! Every minute was detailed with Sony class.

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

Here is what happened. Nine of the top mommy bloggers were flown in from all over the country to see the new line up of Sony imaging products (DSLR cameras, Cybershots, camcorders, etc).

They were introduced to these products in an adventurous way. Sony Animation joined forces for this event, and these women were given back stage passes to interview the directors and talent of the new Sony animated movie Cloudy with a Chance or Meatballs. They got to get in on the red carpet premier of the movie, plus they were given a private tour of the Sony movie lot. Read one of the mommy bloggers, The Mommy Blog, share her experience. Mindy’s fun recap is HERE!

I was given the privilege of welcoming them and kicking the three days off with sharing my passion for photographing our kids. I walked them through the new Sony Alpha 330 (the camera I can’t say enough about!) and also taught on my philosophy of…(you know it! :) Yep, that’s right!) Refuse to Say Cheese.

Text arrives.

Are you free to do this upcoming event with 9 top mommy bloggers?

‘Hmmmmm….Spend the day with wonderful mommy bloggers at the Sony Lot, share the new Sony Alpha with them, and talk about taking better photos of your kids…hmmmm…okay, you twisted my arm.’ :)

Speaking at Sony Mom Blogging Event

Can you tell how much I LOVE these kinds of speaking engagements? :) Images like the one below could be embarrassing. (but it’s not, I can’t help it!)

Sony Mom Blogging Event

After my session, we were given a fun tour of the Sony Lot and the chance to practice the photography techniques I’d talked about. Most of these women had never met until that morning, but we ended up having the best time together. We laughed a lot,

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

(remember this moment ladies :))

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

Sony Mom Blogging Event

tried new techniques with the cameras.

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

The gal below in the dark sunglasses is Linda, one of Sony’s PR Managers. I can’t say enough about what an AMAZING job she did with putting this event together. Plus, she is one of the sweetest people ever. Linda, you ROCKED this event!

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

This was a group of women that you could totally goof around with and have a blast being silly (one of the things I loved most about these ladies–no ego from any of them!–which is probably why their blogs are so loved)

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

I offered to take head shots of the women during dinner. It was wonderful to spend a couple of minutes with each of them alone. It gave me a window into some of their specific passions and voices. And then how blessed am I? Since I’m a “mommy blogger” too, I got to pick their brains at dinner on ways to improve my blog. Their input was gold! (thank you ladies)

You must check out all their blogs. You’ll see what I mean!

• Monica Villa…………
• Amy Clark………….
• Beth Blecherman…
• Darcy Cruwys………
• Kimberley Blaine……www.TheGoToMom.TV
• Kristina Sauerwein… (on
• Karent Bodkin………
• Alli Worthington……
• Mindy Roberts……

Look out world. These mommy bloggers have a lot to say, and if Sony does the research and decides their worth spending the money to fly them out for three days…they may just be worth listening too!

Sony Mom Blogging Event 09

To join their fun and insightful conversations around the SonyMom event, follow their hash group on Twitter by searching for #SonyMom!

To the nine beautiful mommy bloggers,

It was a complete honor to spend the day with you. I will never forget our meals and how honest some of you were in the struggles and challenges you face as women, as bloggers, as moms. And yet, you continue to push forward never giving up on your dreams and passions. Don’t ever stop expressing your voice. Don’t ever let the fears keep you from what you believe and dream. The world has so much to gain from each of you. Your inner voice, your strength, your crafted talents, but most of all your ability to risk while being completely feminine, strong and determined. Power Houses is what you are.

SonyMom Blogging Event 09

Much love, Me Ra


Want to learn more about REFUSE TO SAY CHEESE? Check out our Award Winning DVD set, Refuse to Say Cheese and ,or discover our popular 101 Kits for starting or expanding a business in photography, click on the titles of your choice!

The NEW January Seattle CONFIDENCE Workshop Early Bird Registration goes live FRIDAY AT 6AM PST!!!

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Hi ladies,

If you follow my Tweets (merakoh), you know that I came to LA yesterday for a special Sony project. Are you following my Tweets? Please do, if your not b/c sometimes I update my Twitter more than the blog when exciting stuff is going down.

But quick question, I’ve received a handful of emails from women who didn’t get into the Seattle CONFIDENCE Wkshp. I was blown away when the workshop was sold out by end of day. But I know that wasn’t good news for everyone. A couple of your emails made me almost cry. Two of you said you’d been saving up for a year. One of you had to work all day and couldn’t sign up until that night, and by then it was to late. I want to fix this. What if we released another Seattle CONFIDENCE Wkshp? Brian and I may be able to pull it off in January. But we could release registration this coming week once we get dates figured out.

Would that work for you? A mid January Seattle CONFIDENCE Wkshp?

If YES, post a comment so we know how many women there are. It’s important that we have a decent head count before we reserve things with the Hotel Venue.

Gotta run, but check back for some great stories and photos from what I’ve been doing on the Sony Lot in LA!

xoxoxo, Me Ra

p.s. Did you read Lora’s Amazing Mom interview? She is awesome! See below!

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Was Brian’s “Disappearing Blackberry Peach Gluten-Free Crumble” awesome or what? I love that guy. Your comments made, I’m talking MADE, his day. You can be sure to see the Mean Mojito recipe soon! :)

If you follow my Twitter Feed (merakoh), you probably noticed that we came back from a 5 day camping trip on Sunday night. It was AWESOME! HILARIOUS! I can’t wait to show you the images and tell some funny stories. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have that ready for you. But I want to tell you about one of the best photography conferences this November (because the seating is selling out fast!).

One of our FAVORITE photography conferences is the PICTAGE PARTNER CONFERENCE!!! This year it’s going to happen in the French Quarter of New Orleans on November 3-5, 2009!

Brian and I are excited to be a part of this. I think this is our fourth year speaking at Partnercon (Partner Conference). And this year, we are going to do a different type of talk, per request and encouragement from our good friends at Pictage. Instead of talking about Marketing and Technical Skills, we’re going to focus on reviving YOU! Here is the summary!

Joe Buissink

Me Ra and Brian of Me Ra Koh Photography

Revive the Artist in You: Live the Impossible Life!

What does your life look like? Has stress piled so high that your creative child can’t play anymore? Me Ra and Brian are excited to bring something unique to this year’s Partner Conference! They are shifting their focus from marketing and shooting to YOU and how to rediscover your creative self- the most powerful piece of your business. In this session you will learn simple exercises and practices that you can do to revive the artist within you. Me Ra and Brian believe that their commitment to constantly rediscovering their creative selves is the foundation for living their lives and running their business. Come to this session ready to be inspired, artistically refreshed, and ready to look at your business in a whole new light.

Want to join us?!!

New to the idea of Pictage Partner Conference? Let me fill in some blanks.

First, to find out who Pictage even is (and you must find out if you don’t know–they are a HUGE piece to our photography business), CLICK HERE! All our workshop attendees get a free, 1 yr. membership to Pictage Lite!

But the reason Pictage’s Partner Conference is so amazing is because you get to hear from the industry’s best in an intimate setting for 2 1/2 days for only $200 (or less, depending on how early you sign up!). Instead of a HUGE conference with thousands of people, PartnerCon is limited to a few hundred. It feels small enough to handle. You know what i mean? I can say without hesitation, that you will love it. And this year, you don’t have to be a Pictage Member to come. Anyone can come. ANYONE! Plus, this year the conference is going to host several Live Shoots with some of the speakers based on first come first serve basis. So basically, you get the opportunity to spend a couple of hours shooting alongside one of your photography heroes. How can you beat that? This year our heroes will be back doing new talks; Joe Buissink, Denis Reggie and more! Click HERE to see the awesome speaker line up and their topics!

The location is going to be the beautiful Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel. More DETAILS

Q: Have you ever been or felt like a Wall Flower?

Brian and I are working on a way to help host a “newbie” Pictage dinner one night. If you’ve ever been or felt like a Wall Flower b/c you were new to a group and didn’t know how to break in, you are not alone. The idea is still in the works, but if you come to Partnercon and don’t know anyone, we want to help you feel comfortable and welcome. Maybe we can find a place to all meet at for dinner. What do you think? This 21/2 day conference is about giving to you, leaving you inspired and most of all, connected.

We hope to see you there!

See you at Pictage Partner Conference 2009 New Orleans

Click the icon or CLICK HERE to register today!

P.S. If you are interested in one more chance to attend a CONFIDENCE workshop before the end of 2009 (think Early Christmas Present), what do you think of a Seattle CONFIDENCE Workshop on November 14th and 15th? We are making final decisions about our 2009 speaking schedule, so post a comment or email Genie today! ([email protected])

[email protected]________________________________________________________

THIS FRIDAY is the deadline to get the Early Bird Registration price for our upcoming Minneapolis Workshop! I don’t think we’ll be able to make it to the East until next Fall, so if you are near Minneapolis or on the East Coast :), come join us! To find out more details and get yourself a spot, CLICK HERE!

Want to learn more about Framing, Composition, Blurry Backgrounds and Lighting? Check out our Award Winning DVDs, Refuse to Say Cheese and (They are BACK IN STOCK!! Yeah!!), or discover our popular 101 Kits for starting or expanding a business in photography, click on the titles of your choice!

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It’s been an interesting couple of months in the airports. Magazines seem to jump out at me with titles that hold inspiration inside vs crazy Hollywood breakups. Time magazine last week was AWESOME–all about the endless possibilities for entrepreneurs despite the economy. This week’s Time has Twitter on the cover. And then Oprah, well, she always has good stuff.

I read this on my way back from San Francisco Friday night. I had to share it with you. It seemed to be the best way to start our Monday morning;

Note to Self: Fail Upward

“All great champions, most of whom are optimists, have become great because of–not in spite of–great adversity. Michael Jordan, a perennial optimist, once said, “I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game’s wining shot…and missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.’ If ever there was a case for optimism, this is it.”

-Robert Mack in Happiness From the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment

Wishing all my “perennial optimist” friends a wonderful Monday. If you find yourself failing, be encouraged. You’re not alone. In fact, your among the greats.


For MORE Photo Exercises and Tips check this out!

Our Refuse to Say Cheese DVD series are now AWARD WINNING! They received one of the highest and most prestigious awards in the parent product industry: The Gold Award from NAPPA! Read the press release HERE ! If you haven’t ordered your own copy yet, check out our popular Instructional DVDs Refuse to Say Cheese and , and our 101 Kits for starting or expanding a business in photography, click on the titles of your choice!

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She is our sweety,and she turned eight years old today! Happy Birthday sweet Pascaline!

The one thing and ONLY thing that made Pascaline nervous about this trip was she would turn eight years old while we were in Thailand. Eight years old in Thailand…what would that look like? Pascaline was convinced it wouldn’t feel like her birthday being so far from home. I’m happy to say she went to bed tonight saying this was the BEST birthday she’s ever had! :)

The morning started with her and Gina having a magical moment when they saw the white haired Gibbon apes! Some people. who have lived here a few years, have yet to see the Gibbons for themselves. But Pasc was up early keeping Gina company as she packed to head home. And from what I hear, they both saw the Gibbons in the trees!

After breakfast, Pascaline and I bought longtail boat tickets to go to the mainland and spend the day shopping together. At home we have this little tradition where she and I bring our journals and pens. At her request, we spend the afternoon shopping at Nordstrom (she is a Nordstrom fanatic! I don’t quite get it since I never go myself, but Pasc LOVES that place. She’s already been offered a job there when she’s old enough. :)) After we shop a little, we have lunch together in the Nordstrom Cafe. We take out our journals and colored pencils and do sketches of whatever comes to mind. And then we share them with each other.

Well, we don’t really have a Nordstrom here, but we did find journals and colored pencils at a mini mart! And we also found Swensen’s Ice Cream!

First we had ice cream, then we shopped, and then we had lunch–the order it should be for birthdays. :) I wish I had images to show you of us journaling and doing our sketches together, but I refrained. I wanted Pascaline to feel like today was only about her.

Pascaline wanted to go to the Skunk Bar for dinner. Yep, that is really what it’s called. :) But the walk is a little far which felt a little risky with the evening rainstorms we’ve been having. So we resorted to our stomping ground here, The Flaming Tree. And to our surprise, when the staff heard it was Pascaline’s birthday they went to work on a secret surprise!

While we ate dinner, we could see them huddled together working away. The staff made a sign for her, they found birthday candles, and then about 15 of them came out to sing “Happy Birthday” in English to her!

They even made her a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Pascaline looked at me and said, “Wow, people only do all this when they love someone. I feel so loved.”

Oh, I wanted to cry. The staff loved on her so much tonight. One of the ladies told me how special the kids are to them, and how happy they were to celebrate with Pascaline tonight. For the sake of the fun memory, here is a blurry but fun family photo. :) Notice the waiter in the background. :) He is one of our favorite people here, and he’s a turkey for getting in this shot!

Over the last couple weeks, Brian and I have debated the idea of taking the kids to more locations since we have all this time. But in the end we decided to stay in one spot, for at least a month, so we could really sink in to the people and local community. After a night like tonight, I’m so glad we stayed put.

Flaming Tree is an open aired restaurant that sits on the beach front like most of the places here. To get home, you walk along the beach with your flashlight. If you forget your flashlight, you wait for the lightening to illuminate your next steps. The lighting was ever present tonight, and we sang happy birthday to Pascaline all the way home…beating the rainstorm!

What are some of the things that blow me away about Pascaline?

She is Brave. She is the ONLY one out of all four of us who gets up in the night and fearlessly walks to the bathroom to pee (our whole place is open aired here), she is unafraid of encountering Tokay geckos, bats or whatever else we here in the night! Pascaline also runs barefoot across the beach at night, dancing her heart out. Crabs run crazy when the moon rises, but she doesn’t give them a second thought. Blaze and I feel like we’re walking over hot coals as we stress about a crab pinching one of our toes.

Pascaline is also strong in spirit. She’s wise beyond her years. She’s full of creativity and magic. And the list goes on and on. I love her so much.

I love you, my sweet and beautiful Pascaline.

Love, Mama

(As I finish writing this, the rainstorm has become a full on rain POUR! The bamboo screens aren’t really keeping us dry. The kids are sound asleep, but Brian and I are hiding under our mosquito net b/c a bat has flown in for cover from the rain. But then, of course, ALL this craziness makes me have to pee. So Brian walks to the bathroom with me, on bat patrol, the rain is coming sideways which means I’m being rained on, AS I pee. AND, there is a wide eyed Tokay (gecko on steroids) hanging out on my bathroom mirror looking at me like I’m an idiot! If you aren’t getting my Twitter updates, you should be! :) You can find me on Twitter as “merakoh”. Now to find a towel that isn’t wet!)

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