Before reading on, this is a disclaimer. Nothing said in today’s blog has been reviewed by Me Ra and may or may NOT be her opinion. All of the words and pictures used are without her authorization, and may be frowned upon for their use without her consent. If you continue to read, please do so with a grain of salt.  🙂

This is Brian, Me Ra’s Husband. I asked Me Ra if I could write her blog for her today since it’s her Birthday. You know how when you have friends over for dinner and you sometimes want to tell them stories or show them pictures? Well, sometimes I feel that way with this Blog, except for some reason I’m never saying anything. Huhmm? I wonder if that’s why Me Ra enjoys this blog so much, it’s like dinner with friends without have to kick my shins under the table? 🙂

Well, now’s my opportunity to say something at least until she has the last laugh.

I don’t know how I got so lucky as to get Me Ra to marry me?

Me Ra and Brian as Bride and Groom

And I don’t know how I got even luckier by marrying someone who has only gotten more beautiful each year of our marriage.

Me Ra Koh cool with Glasses on logtail boat in Thailand

I love to sneak up on her and take her picture. Sometimes she even lets me.

Me Ra in Snowy NY Central Park

Even though she was afraid to ride a road bike,

Brian making up for ditching Me Ra

rock climb high above the ground

Me Ra Koh Rock Climbing in Railay Thailand

or dive way deep with the sharks, she has not let her fears stop her from trying.

Brian and Me Ra Scuba diving in Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Even last month, I’m not sure she actually stood up, but she tried out paddle boarding.

Me Ra Paddle Boarding in Ventura, CA

I love watching her teach, speak, be on TV, and take photos.

And of course she is the amazing and beautiful mother to our children.

Me Ra the beautiful and amazing mother of my children

That shared, besides through photography most of you know Me Ra through writing.

Me Ra Koh writing in Thailand under mosquito net

If you could help a husband out today please share if Me Ra written something that inspired you? Or said something in person that encouraged you? Or if words by Me Ra have let you know that you are not alone could you share those words below in a comment to her for her Birthday? I know that would mean the world to her. Thanks so much!

Happy Birthday Me Ra!


Your Honey