For the October blog circle, our CONFIDENCE Teacher team is bringing you 10 Ways to Capture Comfort!  If you missed last month’s theme on Transition, I encourage you to check those blogs out and read the beautiful prose the women wrote.  Wow, their words AND photos filled my soul.  I can’t wait to see what ten of our teachers show you for capturing the theme of Comfort.

My 8 Details that Capture Comfort

I’m on the road more than home between now and Thanksgiving.  So I thought I would share my 8 details that capture comfort when I travel for work.  All of these photos were taken with my smartphone.  They are more meditative captures for me when I’m feeling a need to land within, even though I am thousands of miles from home.

1.  Favorite Walking Shoes

Walking Shoes and Barefeet Painted Toenails Photo by Me Ra Koh

2.  Framed Photo of Me and My Honey (yes, I bring it with me and set it next to my bed)

Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend photo

3.  My Vitamix brings the stomach comfort

Vitamix on the Road Photo at Sunset by Me Ra Koh

4.  My SONY NEX, candle, journal and pen are all my creative comfort tools

SONY NEX6, Me Ra Koh, Candle

5.  The kids as my screen saver on my smart phone

Me Ra Koh Kids

6.  Vanilla Rooibos Tea with Two Agave Packets

Starbucks Rooibos Tea Me Ra Koh

7.  Flowers to Bring More Comfort and Color to My Hotel Rooms

Me Ra Koh photography pink roses

8.  Moments of Pause.  To notice a lone tree that is standing, even as a storm approaches.  These moments of pause and reflection always bring me comfort.

solo tree in Pacific Northwest storm, Me Ra Koh

How would you capture comfort?  We invite you to share your photos on my Facebook Page.  All the teachers would love to see them!

To follow the blog circle and see the other nine teachers post on how they capture comfort, follow this first link to Summie, our San Antonio teacher.  She will tell you what teacher to visit next.

May you experience comfort today.