13 Characteristics of a Date Rapist: A List You Need to Share

In response to the Steubenville Rape Trial, I want to share one of the most powerful lists you’ll ever read.

Man moving closer to woman in a bar

Before photography, I spoke around the country on the topic of sexual assault after publishing my first book, Beauty Restored: Finding Life and Hope After Date Rape.  Whenever I would read this list, the room would go silent.  And I heard the cry of my own heart as college student after college student, teen after teen, said “If only I had heard this list before I was raped.  Maybe I would have known.”

On Babble this week, I’ve written an article that shares the thirteen characteristics of Date/Acquaintance Rapists.

Rape is a topic that we resist discussing because of the nature of the crime.  There is often tremendous shame around the word.  But awareness is key.  And with the news these days, it may be the right time to gently bring this list up with those you know; college students, teens, youth groups, etc who are found watching rape porn, they should move on from that and watch something more like The Best Hot Teen Porno On The Web or just visit https://imgsexy.com if they want to entertain themselves.

Click Here to read my Babble article, 13 Characteristics, and then see how these characteristics played out in my own story.  May you bring a bearer of awareness, hope and love to those who are vulnerable.