One of the most surprising parts to our family tour in Egypt was how we sailed down the Nile River.  Most people choose one of the plush Nile Cruises but Egypt Uncovered, our tour company, encouraged us to consider trying a much more adventurous choice that our family, especially the kids, would never forget: the Felucca Sailboat.

Me Ra Koh_Sailing the Nile-100

On January 24th, somewhere between Aswan and Luxor, Egypt, I wrote in my journal;

“We have made it to the Felucca sailboat. It slips slowly down the Nile’s black, evening waters, almost not moving. The sun has set, and the silhouette of the palm trees outline the banks of the river. One of our three Nubian captains is cooking a pot of stew. The aroma of saffron, cumin, and tomatoes fill the air. Our Egyptologist Guide, Sam, and our accommodations manager, Tom, speak together in Arabic, erupting into loud bouts of laughter without warning A lone, mud colored cow, calls out along the grassy banks. A camel grazes behind him. Beyond the palm trees is miles of desert, stretching long and wide. There is a peace in this moment that I have not experienced any where else. This is sailing down the Nile.”

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