Tips for Taking the BEST Family Holiday Photos!

As online print companies send us email after email with discounts for holiday cards, I want to set you up for success with some of my favorite tips for taking the best family holiday photos!

What makes a family holiday photo the best?

Is it everyone looking at the camera and smiling?  Or is it something more?

The best family holiday photos are the ones that represent this season in your life.  So you’ve got to ask yourself, “What does this season look like in my life?”  If you have toddlers running around, then a family photo with toddlers running around is your best family holiday photo.

Me Ra Koh, The Photo Mom, shares her best family holiday photos and tips

If you have a sleepy newborn, than your family holiday photo isn’t going to be waking the baby up to get eye contact with the camera.  It’s going to be a family portrait centered around the sleepy newborn.

I often think about what makes a photo beautiful.  Is it beautiful people, is it the sunset lighting, is it emotion?  While all of these things can lend to a beautiful photo, what moves my heart is a photo that best represents the authentic moment of now–the moment that is ever fleeting.

A great granddaughter will not always grab her great-grandma’s leg and hold tight.  This moment, this ever fleeting moment, that is what is most beautiful.

Me Ra Koh, The Photo Mom, shares her best family holiday photos and tips

Twin toddlers will not always insist on doing the opposite of the other.  But in this moment, this season, they do.  That is what is most beautiful now.

The preschooler won’t always try to run away before the picture’s taken…that’s why this is the BEST family holiday photo.  This is their now.

Me Ra Koh, The Photo Mom, shares her best family holiday photos and tips

And the messier, the better!

Get the photo tips for taking the BEST Family Holiday Photos!  Fill yourself with inspiration!  See my Babble post ‘Tis the Season: 12 Tips for Taking Amazing Family Holiday Photos!

What does your “now” look like?  What is fleeting about this season?

That is a wonderful place to start!

Share your best family holiday photos with me on my FB page!  I would LOVE to see!



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