This month’s blog circle with our teachers is “7 Women Photographers Capture Thankfulness”.  A big dose of visual inspiration for your next few weeks.  Is there any better theme for November than thankfulness?  No way!  Your CONFIDENCE Teachers are super excited to share a small window into their own worlds through the photos they take!  I can’t wait for you to see all seven of these blog posts today!  Why don’t I start us off…

I’m thankful for nieces and nephews.  Even though I don’t get to see these little munchkins all the time, they fill my heart with joy when I do.

Two Year Old girl in Central Park, 7 Women Photographers Capture Thankfulness, Me Ra Koh

My younger brother and sister-in-law live in NYC with my niece and nephew.  When Photo Plus came around, I tacked on a few extra days to get some time with them.  Imagine it being 6am, and a little knock sounds at the door.  “Auntie Mee-Wa?  Wake up Auntie Mee-Wa…” (it starts out as almost a whisper)  And within seconds that whisper turns in to a full blown “AUNTIE MEEEEEEEEE-WAH!!!!  OPEN THE DOOR!  OPEN THE DOOR!”  with pounding fists and all.  How can you not crack up?

The fiery spirit this little one has in her…well what can I say, she is family.  Need I say more?  I see so much of Pascaline in her.

Mom and Two Year Old, Central Park,7 Women Photographers Capture Thankfulness, Me Ra Koh

She wanted to pick out her own outfit for our day at Central Park.  Does it get any better?  Oh, how I miss these days with Pascaline and Blaze.  That’s why my niece and nephew were an easy pick for what I’m thankful for.  They transport me back in time.

Two Year Old Outfit for Photos, Central Park, 7 women photographers capture thankfulness, Me Ra Koh

Big brother is a sweetheart through and through.  Super patient with his little sister, rarely raises his voice, gentle…he’s a lot like his mama.  🙂

four year old photos in central park by Me Ra Koh

I love to trail him with my camera.

Little boy with red balloons in NYC, 7 women Photographers capture thankfulness, Me Ra Koh

We even met Mr. Bubble Man along the way.

Bubbles in Central Park Photos by Me Ra Koh

And the most talented drummer!

Me Ra Koh with family in Central Park

There is an innocence that children carry with them…everywhere they go.  It’s the type of innocence that is so true and pure, it feeds my soul.  I know this is a big part of the reason why I love photographing kids.  When they look at you, they see you.  And you are never the same.

two year old black and white photo at central park by Me Ra Koh

Nikki McLaughlin of Oliver Blue Photography is next up in our blog circle of “7 women photographers capture thankfulness”.  She is sharing the joy she finds in photographing her little ones.  Her photos are DARLING and INSPIRING (including a couple tips and her camera settings!) from their adventures in a boat to dozens and dozens of toy cars on the floor.  Not only is she one of our Confidence Teachers in the Seattle area, but she also is the queen of cute gifts!!  You get to see these wonderful photos of the kids AND her favorite holiday hostess picks from Anthropologie!  Yep, that is our Nikki!

Click here to enjoy Nikki’s thankfulness post!

As the holidays start to take the stage, consider taking some time to yourself with the camera or your smartphone.  How would you capture thankfulness?  What photo(s) would you take?  And if you’d like, share them on my FB page.  I always LOVE to see how you capture the monthly teacher blog circle themes.  I’ll do my best to leave you a comment on your photos too!

thankful for all of you!