The creative vision for your photo shoot starts at this moment, as we get to know you.  Whether it’s Family Portraits or Senior Portraits, we want to discover who you are and what you love.  This is a scheduled phone session that our families often say is transforming. It’s a wonderful discovery process for us on who is coming to the photo shoot, the connections you share, personalities and passions, and how you envision the final artwork being displayed in your home.  This is also a perfect time to ask any questions or express any concerns about what to wear, cultural or family dynamics, special needs children, or other experiences that may have caused you stress from previous family photo shoots.  Capturing the spirit of family is our expertise, and we are here to serve you.


Me Ra is a master at working with little ones, whether it’s on TV for 3M viewers or in the privacy of her studio.  Your photo shoot is designed to keep children engaged and entertained as she captures powerful, meaningful imagery that you will display for generations to come.  The length of your photo shoot depends on what we are capturing.  A classic family portrait session or pregnancy shoot are often 60-90 minutes long.  Me Ra frequently takes two hours for newborns and Senior Portraits.  Several different looks will be captured in one photo shoot, whether you’re changing wardrobe or not. Get ready!  This part of the experience is going to be unforgettable! Scroll down to read what our clients say.

Hair and make up are available upon request.


Our families love the photo shoot, but seeing their photos is their favorite part.  Not only do we reveal what was captured, but we show you custom designed, gallery wall layouts that compliment your personal style and home decor.  You will see your favorite portraits to scale on the walls of your own bedroom, living room, stairwell, and more.  We are passionate about you having meaningful Fine Art displayed on your walls that tell the story of your family.  These heirloom pieces will hold a beautiful presence in your home to enjoy every day.  If you have ever felt overwhelmed with the printing/framing/display process, stress no more. We take care of it all for you.  When you come to my studio, you’ll see how every wall in our home tells a different story of our family over the years.  Our children have grown up surrounded by Fine Art imagery, reminding them of how much we value and love each other.  We are excited for your family to have this same gift.

Music to My Heart

Family Portraits with Me Ra Koh

Having Me Ra take our Family Portraits has not only become an annual tradition (since she was our Wedding Photographer over ten years ago, and subsequently our pregnancy photos), it is single handedly the day in the year we look forward to the absolute most.

Me Ra has captured the best of our family in moments we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Her photography is displayed all over our home.  Our family and friends look forward to our photo shoot every year and the holiday card that follows.

Me Ra has evolved into an integral part of our family, and someone that we trust to capture the memories of our life.

Shachar, Los Angeles, CA

I truly have no words to describe how AMAZING    Me Ra is as a photographer. The images she is able to capture on the camera are not just pictures of our family, but rather memories that will live on forever because of the setting she creates behind the photo shoot. Now that we have our pictures on the walls in our home, I look at each picture and remember what was going on at that time. I will always have a story to tell and share with those who come into our home.

Me Ra was even able to get our two year old to smile and have fun during the photo shoot. The images she was able to capture of our newborn will enable us to relive that very special time of his life for many years to come.  Me Ra is a joy to work with; she radiates life and is full of energy. She makes this mom who has insecurities about her physical appearance feel like she should be walking down a fashion runway! She is so positive and encouraging. I just cant’ say enough things about our wonderful experience with Me Ra. You will certainly never go wrong with hiring Me Ra for your photography.

Tiffany, Dallas, TX

Portrait of Mom and Son by Me Ra Koh Photography

No one compares to Me Ra Koh when it comes to Family Portraits. Perhaps it is her obvious talent and perhaps it is the way she comes to each shoot. Me Ra treats a photo shoot as if she decided to go on a miniature vacation with you. It is not as a job with rules and objectives. The children don’t dread the experience and spend zero time asking when it will be over. It’s as though her warmth comes around to the front of the camera and is an important part of each image. We have done two shoots with Me Ra, and the results are incredible. Whenever our zip codes overlap, I always jump at the chance to immortalize a moment of my family through Me Ra’s eyes.

Anne, NYC, NY

Pregnancy Portrait by Me Ra Koh Photography

OMG!!!!! These are amazing. I’m crying and smiling and glowing and so happy looking at these. I was holding my breath waiting for the pics.

We need more wall space for these!!

Thank you soooo much. This will definitely turn into a yearly family tradition!

Maria, San Francisco, CA

Father's Day Portrait by Me Ra Koh Photography

I look at this portrait every day of my husband and son, and I just beam with joy!  We love it so much that we have two prints hanging in our house! Thank you, Me Ra, for capturing that perfect moment!

Kayla, NYC, NY

Mothers and Daughters Portrait by Me Ra Koh Photography

You can have Family Portraits taken by any photographer, but the difference with having Me Ra take your Family Portraits is that she is phenomenal. Her personality, the quality of her work, it all shines through; from the moment she contacts you for the pre-consultation, to the photo shoot, and the end when you open up your canvases and hang them on your walls. It is all amazing!  I am so happy every time I look at my walls and see each and every picture. So well worth it!

I love that she takes the time to get to know me and my family, especially my three little girls. The interaction she has with kids, you can totally see it captured in the photographs. I love that my portraits look natural and everyone had a genuine happy smile on their faces. It takes a lot of talent, and Me Ra definitely has it.

I didn’t just find any photographer; I found a life time friend and wonderful mentor. My family and I loved our experience.

Hong, Houston, TX