Minis with Me Ra are coming to Florida this February!

Every family, every person, has their own story to share.   Me Ra would be honored to capture your story this February in Florida!

She is releasing only three Mini Sessions!  Below are all the juicy details!  To book your Mini with Me Ra, click on the date and time below of your choice!

1. Friday, February 3rd at 3:30-4pm

2. Friday, February 3rd at 4:15-4:45pm

3. Friday, February 3rd at 5-5:30pm

To be put on the waiting list for a possible fourth Mini Session, please email us at!

What is a Mini Session?  Keep reading!

A Mini Session is a family shoot that lasts 30 minutes.  You tell me what your most important photos are (a family shot for the holiday card, individuals of the kids, etc.), and we knock em out in thirty minutes!  It’s long enough to get all the shots we need, and it’s short enough for your kids’ attention span. :)

Mini Details:

Cost is $550.  Mini Photo Session MUST be prepaid to confirm your time.  You must be on time, preferably 10 minutes early, since sessions are booked back to back.

Testimonial:  I received the most beautiful testimonial from a Chicago Mini Session, and with her permission I’m honored to share it with you. My heart’s desire is that our 30 minutes together will be much richer than a picture taking session.  I can’t tell you how much Alisa’s feedback meant.

Dear Me Ra,
Words simply cannot express how much I loooove these images.  Ah-mazing!  Truly.  You have no idea how much it means to me to have spent some time with you and to have you take some awesome shots of me and my family!  It was so, so much fun and I tried to soak in every moment.  And now I have these amazing images to remind me of our time with you, of our first family vacation as a new family of five and some great images of Allen and me just loving on each other and our kiddos.  My heart just smiles thinking about it.
It was an inspiring weekend all around.  I know this is going to sound corny, but our shoot together really set the tone for our entire weekend as a family together.  You lifted my spirits, you filled my heart and you gave me a sense of confidence – all of which I soooooo needed – and that carried over into my entire outlook on life.  You inspire, you care and you love…naturally.  There is a just a freshness about you that is contagious.  I love you for that!
     Ok.  Tears are coming to my eyes and I feel like I’m sounding a little mushy-gushy…but I mean it.  Thank you so much.  You are awesome.  Wish I could be around you more often….I read your blog every day to get my daily dose! :)   
    Wishing you much continued success and lots-a-lots-a love!

-Alisa, Chicago Mini Shoot

Benefits of a Mini Photo Session with Me Ra :)

1. Done in 30 minutes! Have you ever experienced a photo shoot where you find yourself standing around, wondering what to do for the photographer.  Not going to happen with me!  One of the BEST time frames for a photo shoot with kids is about 30 minutes long.  And I maximize that 30 minutes like you would not believe.  We are moving, trying different ideas, laughing, playing and DONE before the kids are frustrated and tired. (Some of you may be thinking, THIRTY minutes?  What can you shoot in thirty minutes?  Answer: a whole heck of A LOT–see below)

2. 30 Final Images Narrowed Down for YOU! Are you one of those parents who has thousands, I mean THOUSANDS, of images on your computer?  Do you feel lost in knowing how to choose certain ones to print?  I hear your pain.  This is why I narrow down our time to the top 30 moments of the shoot.  And I mix them up with both Color and BW toning.

3. High Res Files FOREVER! The 30 Final Images are YOURS!  (yep, you get to keep the images and print them wherever you’d like)

4. Show the Sweetness Off!  An awesome 16×20 Metal Print of Your Favorite Image.  Our team is more than happy to help you pick the one photo for this Metal.  Moms have gone CRAZY over these Metal Prints since we spotlighted them on the Nate Berkus Show.  Nate LOVES these Metal prints–I LOVE these Metal Prints!  Watch the episode by clicking “Turn Your Portraits into Art.”

I have these metals all around our house, and I even have them hanging on my outside deck because they can handle rain and snow and add this wonderful design and color to our backyard.  Once you get yours, you’ll join the fan club of Metal Prints!

The BIG question…

What can I shoot in 30 minutes? Well, this is what I shot in 10 minutes at one of our CONFIDENCE Workshops in Seattle.

Mom had these amazing, long legs, so I walked the group through my thought process on how to set up a shot that tells this story along with the story of two generations.

Love all that JOY!!

(Within this 10 minutes, 20 plus women were watching me as I walked them through my camera settings and creative process–while trying to keep the kids entertained–mind you. )

When we do your family shoot, we won’t have an audience.  And, I’m going to pull out the individual personalities of your kids so that you feel like the story of “who they are” is found in your photos.

When I’m doing a live shoot on The Nate Berkus Show, I get less than 7 minutes and ONE click for each photo–one shot, and it has to work because 2 million viewers see it.

Bottom line, a thirty minute Mini Session with your family feels like total LUXURY on my end!!  We can do ENDLESS things in thirty minutes!

Once you are signed up, Genie (my right hand woman) will email you with details, like what to wear, what to bring, how to prepare, etc.  Questions?  Don’t hesitate to email us at

Want more than 30 minutes?

My Private Portrait Packages start at $3K.  I come to your home and spend up to two hours with your family, documenting the many expressions of your family being in the place you love.  Here is one of my favorite, recent examples, Gita, Nick and their Baby Boy!  For more details on booking a Private Portrait Session, email

I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful families on the beach in Florida!!

Much love!


p.s.  Please keep in mind that you MUST be on time for your Mini Session.  If you are late, your time and payment will be forfeited.  Thanks for understanding and arriving early with all your paperwork.