Video: Tips for Photo Coaching Your Subject (from the early days! LOL!)

Yesterday’s comments and feedback in regards to the post, A Woman’s Power During Uncertain Financial Times, were amazing. Thank you for all the beautiful things you shared from your own experiences to quotes to songs lyrics to your own fears and vulnerabilities. What a gift you each gave.

Today is a much more serious topic. 🙂

This video touches on a couple things.  Brian and I share some tips for photo coaching your subject (helping your clients relax in front of the camera), and we share an ongoing topic in our home: Why Brian thinks he could win the People magazine award for Sexiest Man Alive. Before I get myself in trouble as his wife, he is totally the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!  And Brian’s theory on why the world would agree is interesting to say the least.

Check out the video! This is from the early days of our business but we still laugh at this same joke and photo coach our clients the same way!  LOL!

Cast your vote below by answering the question: Do you think Brian could win Sexiest Man Alive if he only had more exposure? 🙂