17 Indoor Baby Photo Ideas: Results from Confidence Photography Workshop

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I’m so EXCITED to share the loveliest, sweetest indoor baby photo ideas with you!! At our Confidence Photography Workshop for Women we challenge our ladies to use the least amount of light possible, using the natural light and deep shadows to create beautiful portraits. The ladies use the available space around them as well as some natural light from windows and the results are fantastic! It proves that even a hotel can become a great photo session location when you know how to find the right camera settings!

In this behind-the-scenes shot, you can see how I’m taking full advantage of my mirrorless Sony a7rii camera and the dynamic range.  The dynamic range is what helps you capture and retain details in not only the highlights but also the shadows.  This is something I depend heavily on because of how much I love working with shadows.  You can see an example of a baby portrait using dynamic range here.

Wait til you see this babies and their families! We were SO lucky to have such BEAUTIFUL models!!

Indoor baby photo ideas for your next photo session! Tips and techniques from the Confidence Photography Workshop for Women! Get tons of baby photo inspiration and more from Disney's Me Ra Koh!

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