I’m really excited about this week’s blog posts! Some of you may not know this, but I draft up ideas for each week to make sure there is a good flow to the blog’s overall week. I try to think about what types of posts we should have, what types we haven’t done in awhile, and most of all, what all of YOU want. The drafting process works well if I stay open to it changing at the last minute, like a baby bird taking it’s First Flight.

As I’ve been drafting this week’s posts, I notice the week has a lot of highlighting YOU! I LOVE this! Many of you have been working so hard at flapping your wings, and I love that I get to highlight some of your hard work and courage on through today’s post and the the upcoming Five Photo Contest Finalists!

Remember the fun blog post last week on Bubbles? Well, a ton of you emailed me your bubble images. It was AWESOME! I wish I could share them all, but I had to narrow them down. Get ready for some inspiring shots taken by women just like you, and don’t forget to check out their wonderful blogs/websites!

Jennifer sent me this sweet photo. Can’t you smell summer when you look at this? I love the baby’s bare feet, the curious focus on the escaping bubbles, and the amazing garden in the background. Is that a white picket fence?! Jennifer, is this your baby and your garden? Adorable baby! Great job! If it is your garden, what’s your secret!

Photos by Me Ra Koh Moms

I love this blog title: FIMBY: Fun In My Backyard! Isn’t that the BEST blog title! Renee is the artist behind this blog and just looking at her bio picture makes me fall in love with her! From her blog, it looks like she’s a Vegan, Homeschooling mama, and she’s capturing the story of her kids through photography. How can you not be inspired by her! šŸ™‚ I liked how Renee captured the beautiful back light in her daughter’s hair and the bubbles. GREAT JOB Renee! See more of Renee’s bubble photos here!

Me Ra Koh Photography Moms

The image below was taken by Stephanie in Honolulu at her nephew’s birthday party! I love ALL the action and motion happening at once. The look in this little guy’s eyes is priceless. And then you have the sweet little girl in the background. It’s as if each child is in their own magical world. The frame is full with wonder! Stephanie, did you get down low when you shot this image? It looks like you shot it from the hip? What a great angle b/c the kids fill up the frame even more. And your blog, oh my goodness! I got a look at your work last night and freaked out! Your photography is gorgeous! So excited for our blog readers to see your art!

Bubble Photos by Me Ra Koh Moms

Aileen! Thank you for sending me your bubble images! They are fantastic, and I had to share this one especially! The moment you captured is well done on so many levels! For starters, the colors in the bubble, the way you framed the little girl in the bottom corner, the softness of her hand, it’s all so WONDERFUL! Is this your daughter? I didn’t see a blog or website in the email you sent. If you have one that you’d like to share, please do in today’s comments! Thank you so much Aileen for sharing! FYI: Aileen said they used “Miracle Bubbles” to make this happen. I know some of your inquiring minds were wondering about this. šŸ™‚

Bubble Photos by Me Ra Koh Moms

Tara Bradford, author of the Paris Parfait blog sent this image to me. She captured this when walking down the streets of Amsterdam. I instantly fell in love with the image! The sharp red tones, the abundance of bubbles, the surrounding architecture and the absence of who the bubble blower is. The image is simply wonderful. And wait till you see the Paris Parfait blog! You must read Tara’s bio too! She is another fascinating, inspiring woman! I even had the privilege of meeting her last year when I spoke at the BlogHer Conference. She is now living in Paris finishing a novel and two photography books. Can you imagine! Sounds so dreamy! At least we can follow her blog and live vicariously through her. Thank you Tara for sharing your image! The composition caught my eye right away!

These last two images did a great job of capturing the sheer joy kids express with bubbles! Kristy is the talented photographer. Her website is totally worth seeing! It’s called Forever Captured Images. You MUST see the photo for her Contact page! It’s the BEST Contact page photo I have ever seen! Beautiful work Kristy! Thank you so much for sharing with me, and the rest of us!

Bubble Photos by Me Ra Koh Moms

And my absolute FAVORITE! It’s a second one by Kristy. Kristy, the timing on this shot couldn’t be ANY better! Bravo!

Bubble Photos by Me Ra Koh Moms

I want to thank each one of you that sent me your Bubble photos. I’m sorry I couldn
‘t post them all. I hope you continue to send me the stories your capturing b/c I love seeing them! And when I can, I’ll share them with our blog readers too!

Thanks to the featured women in today’s blog post! Your work inspires us all!


Me Ra

p.s. The answer to yesterday’s Pop Quiz on flashes is in the comments of yesterday’s post! Enjoy!


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