Exciting News!!!  Brian and I are CRAZY excited to share a special project with you!  We had the honor of being invited by Disney (YES!  DISNEY!!) to teach Photo Tips on capturing your baby’s story!

DisneyBaby is running a HUGE photo contest called “Little Characters” for babies 0-24 months with grand prizes

awarding thousands of dollars to your baby’s college education, sending your whole family on an amazing vacation and MORE!  The contest is free to enter, and some of the biggest prizes are going to the photo entries that get voted for the most times!  (Yep, enter your baby’s photo and then call EVERY ONE you know or and then some to vote for your photo, AND they can all vote DAILY!)

Along with the contest, DisneyBaby wanted to also offer inspiring video content to their viewers on how to capture your baby’s story!  Enter me!  (yeah, crazy dance, cartwheels…well, actually, I’ve never been able to do a cartwheel, but crazy happy dance again!!)

I did a call out through my Facebook Page for some cutie baby volunteers (make sure you’ve liked my FB page b/c more Call Outs coming this summer!).  It happened to work out that a former bride of ours, and her sweet baby Neo, were picked which made the shoot that much more special!

After a full day of shooting, we have two fun videos to share!

Check em out!

This is Part 2!  (Can I say that I LOVE what I do!!!  Yep, LOVE IT!)

Share the videos with your new parent friends and then for heaven’s sake, enter your baby’s photo and calendar a reminder to everyone you know to vote EVERY DAY!!! If you win the family vacation to Jamaica, I get to come too!  See all prizes here!

And for those of you who have been on this journey with me for years, watching this dream building unfold each step of the way, if you have time and want to post a comment on DisneyBaby YouTube’s Channel for Video 1 and Video 2, it never-ever hurts.  Maybe something like, “We want more photo tip videos from Me Ra and Disney!”  🙂  Just an idea…



p.s.  The warmest thank you to Marian, Greg and baby Neo for making this special project extra, extra special!  Love you guys!