The pressure of a first post, first page of a book, first sentence of an essay, ugh!  I’ve written and rewritten my first post for Babble so many times I can almost recite it by memory! I’m excited to say it is officially live!  Wanting to share with this new audience who I am, why I do what I do, and give an idea of what to expect from me … was the challenge.  But it came together finally, or at least I’m hoping you feel like it did too!  I had the most fun with the Photo Gallery for the post.  Talk about a walk through my own evolution of art.

If you have a moment to ready my first post on Babble, I would be so honored.

The title of today’s post is The Risks and Rewards of Committing Yourself to Your Art. 

And if you have two more seconds after you read it, will you leave me a comment on the Babble post and let me know you are out there?  Helps me feel like there are friends with me on this new path.  I know I shouldn’t be so nervous, but shoot, I just am!