YEAH! It’s FINALLY March 1st!!  I’m on a personal countdown because on March 15th my new photography book releases and starts shipping to all those who are pre-purchasing it!  The title is Your Baby in Pictures:  The New Parents’ Guide to Photographing Your Baby’s First Year.

(I’m just crazy, giddy about the cover design!!  But wait till you see what’s inside the book!)

What would you think of FORTY Photo-Recipes for photographing a baby?!  And not just any Photo-Recipes, but Photo-Recipes that are split into the developmental milestones that a baby experiences the FIRST year!  For instance, there are defining details to capture when a baby is 3-6 months that will be gone when a baby is 6-9 months.  Whether you are a new mom, friend of a new mom, aspiring photographer or pro photographer looking for fresh inspiration, I’ve been thinking of ALL OF YOU for two years as I wrote Your Baby in Pictures.  I did the research, dug through the thousands of baby photos I’ve shot and found 40 amazing baby moments we don’t want to miss the first year.  (And they are super sweet moments.)  Wait till you SEE!!  I can’t wait!

There is so much I could write, but why don’t I just say it instead!!  (writing it down just doesn’t show how excited I really am–I had to do a video!  :))  Mouse over the video below and hit play!

Can you tell I’m excited?!  Two years in progress friends, and we are only 15 days from Random House shipping it!!  I could SCREAM!!!

To pre-purchase Your Baby in Pictures at Amazon’s AWESOME discount of $13.17 (regular price is $19.99), goto Amazon or Barnes & Noble to Purchase!  Books start shipping on March 15th!



p.s.  To celebrate this 15 day countdown, I’ve got a fun treat!!  The first 15 people to purchase AND post an awesome review on Amazon will receive a second autographed copy from me!  You can either keep the autographed copy, or you can save it for your next baby shower gift!  Once you post your review, email us at with your mailing address!  MWAH!