Photography Exhibit at Sony Square in NYC

Photography Exhibit at Sony Square in NYC

We are so excited to share our photography exhibit at Sony Square in NYC!

Me Ra Koh Photography Exhibit at Sony Square in NYC

The name of our gallery is “A Different Life” and shares the visual story of how we not only decided to homeschool our kids but make the world their classroom. Some people call it worldschooling, a family traveling the world, but the beauty of homeschool is that you can fashion it any way you want. And we called it Adventure Family!

With Sony’s partnership, our exhibit helped raise awareness of how to do family outside of the box. We had 100+ people come from all over the country to our Gallery Opening Night; women who have taken our travel and CONFIDENCE photography workshops over the last decade, TV producers we’ve worked with, Disney’s team, and most of all, my family from Seattle! It was a magical night!

When you first walked into SonySquare NYC, images that weren’t in the gallery were being projected 30 feet high on the screen!  It was UNREAL to see our images so big!  Everyone said it took their breath away, including mine!

Me Ra Koh Photography Exhibit at Sony Square in NYC

This is our family doing a LIVE Facebook video from the Gallery.  Can you tell that I’m overwhelmed with joy?

Me Ra Koh Photography Exhibit at Sony Square in NYC


This video was a special part of our photography exhibit at Sony Square in NYC!

Turn up the volume and grab some tissue, it might make you teary eyed. We’ve been told by several moms that they cried watching it even though these weren’t their kids.  Best compliment ever!

When it gets to the song around 2:50 (Best Day of My Life), I pretty much cry from that point on if I’m not already. Where does all the time go?  When the kids were young the days felt like years.  Now they’re awesome teenagers, and the years feel like days!

Reflections as a Mom

As I walked through our gallery, I saw a decade of raising our kids in countries all over the world–beautifully exhibited–and I thought about all the funny, crazy, adventurous stories we have lived together. It was fun to watch our kids (or teenagers) share favorite behind-the-scene stories with guests who came to our Gallery Opening.

I feel a new chapter starting for our family.

With Pascaline headed to college in a year, I feel the close to Adventure Family.  Every thing we’ve done as parents has been about empowering the kids to build their own dreams, appreciate and respect other cultures and their differences, and to know home is not the four walls around us but being together wherever God may take us.  Raising our kids has been the “Best Days of My Life” as the video’s song puts so well.  And yet, I also know God’s goodness is far reaching, never ending, and He has many more things in store for us.

What an AWE-mazing ride it has been! One built on faith, risk taking, love, and deep commitment to recreating family culture together.

Me Ra Koh NYC Gallery Opening Night

Thank you Sony for the honor of exhibiting our work for a whole month in the heart of NYC!  The beautiful gal on my left (below) is Kayla Lindquist, Director of the Sony Artisans of Imagery.  She and I have worked together for over ten years.  And she helped me with every last detail of this exhibit!  Jonathan from Fundy came all the way out from Portland to join us too!  We also send a BIG thank you to Triple Scoop Music who couldn’t be there but are a part of every Adventure Family video with their amazing music, including the video in our gallery.

Thank you to all our friends, fellow photographers who constantly inspire me, and family who came to the Gallery Opening!  There were CONFIDENCE Grads and travel workshop friends who came from all over the US!  I can’t even begin to express in words what a honor it was to have so many incredible colleagues and friends come!

Me Ra Koh NYC Gallery Opening Night

Even my parents got to come from Seattle!! Isn’t that the BEST?!  They’ve never been able to see my work on exhibit; it was such a HUGE GIFT to have them there.  And that’s my little brother!  Love that guy!

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