After almost six years of working alongside SONY to get into Target stores, I am IN! (insert screaming!)

I can hardly believe I just typed that sentence.  Seriously!  It’s insane!  Target is the TOUGHEST retailer to get into because they are simply just amazing.  But we are in folks!! It’s a small in, but we are still IN!

Next time you go to buy a new SD card, head to TARGET and look for this packaging!  You’ll find me there!  🙂

Target_16 SD Card-3

In case you missed me sharing about this on creativeLIVE yesterday (and wasn’t that a BLAST!), I’ve had a dream to have this island or aisle in the electronics department of Target stores.  Moms would see all these empowering photo products made for them–products that empower them to capture their kids, products that are pretty, make them smile and inspire them to want to have fun being creative with the camera.  Well, these little SONY SD cards are the first step towards that dream coming true!

How do you get your face and name on a product with major retailers?  Join my next creativeLIVE workshop in May for that answer.  🙂

This exclusive SD card packaging is ONLY in Target stores.  SONY and Target also asked if we could make some online content that was exclusive to customers who bought the SD cards–to continue the learning process.  Well folks, Brian ROCKED IT!  He was Director, Camera Man, and many other roles for three exclusive videos that you get access to when you purchase one of these SD cards!  Watch me walk you through a Baby Shoot, show you how to Freeze Action (with Blaze’s help in Egypt!), and teach you how to recover photos on your card that you may have forgot to save.

SD cards tend to have conservative packaging–nothing much to write home about.  Thanks to SONY, we were able to help create an eye-catching packaging that I think moms will love much more.  I’m hoping this packaging, combined with the videos, gets moms excited so that Target and SONY want to do even more!

The most heartfelt thank you to SONY for not giving up on this challenge.  It’s been almost six years, but they have kept at it with me and Brian.  SONY, you are amazing.  It’s a huge honor to have my face and name represent you in Target stores.

Next time you are in Target, check to see if they have these SD cards in stock!  Take a photo of you holding yours up and tweet “Found @merakoh in @Target! Thank YOU @SonyElectronics!”  You don’t have to say exactly that, but it would mean the world to hear from you and see you holding one!  Target and SONY pay attention to all that kind of stuff.  Remember to tell us what city/Target store you are in!

We can’t wait to hear from you and hear what you think about the exclusive videos!



p.s.  SONY SD cards works for any camera brand that uses SD cards!