Just in case you don’t know our family well, I should probably clarify the last blog so people don’t misunderstand.

The kids did not actually take any martini sips, BUT they did eat a ton of dessert, and they did dance on the couch (and the dancing on the couch is often a daily thing which Pascaline wants me to learn to appreciate—she’s serious.) 🙂

Here are some more fun photos from Erwin’s blog! Erwin is another awesome photographer based out of Seattle. Check out his blog!

I love the lighting Erwin caught on this shot of Brian and Blaze!

Ron trying out one of the AMAZING Shootsacs by the AMAZING Jessica Claire!

Jason, of Ella Blue Studio, helping Brian with the drink orders. Check out Jason’s site. He and his wife Crystal do some great work!

And Ron just posted this up on his blog! I LOVE it! Pascaline (still on the couch) singing about how Canon is better than Nikon! 🙂 That’s definitely our girl!!