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3-Day Winter Wonderland Photography Workshop and Creative Retreat, Park City, Utah

5.00 out of 5

$ 315.00$ 1,400.00

Dates: January 26th-29th 2018

Escape to a magical, winter wonderland in Park City, Utah for a photography workshop / creative retreat unlike anything we've ever done.  Start 2018 with kindred spirits, laughter, and inspiration, as you snow shoe into gorgeous, snowy landscapes with your camera.  And be prepared, you may leave this weekend laughing more than you bargained for!  Required: mittens, hats, scarf, and a camera


Photography Workshop and Creative Retreat in the Snow!

Join celebrity photographer, Me Ra Koh, and her husband, Brian Tausend (award winning photographer and cinematographer) for an unforgettable way to start 2018.  This is 3-Day Photography Workshop and Creative Retreat in the Winter Wonderland of Park City, Utah!


Pack your coziest pj’s, snow clothes, and mittens.  We’re headed to the Winter Wonderland of Park City, Utah for a BIG SLUMBER PARTY style, photography workshop and creative retreat.  Brian and I can’t think of a better way to start the new year!  During the day, we’re going to strap on snow shoes and photograph the gorgeous winter scenery.  At night, we’re going to dive into the heart of creativity with fun, reflective exercises.  We’ll cook our meals together, have hot cocoa by the fire, talk shop and giggle into the wee hours of the night.  It’s the ultimate slumber party with a photography twist!

All lodging, breakfast, lunches and dinners are included in the price!  How great is that?!

Photo: NY Times


We’re researching best times of day for outdoor shootings excursions, but here’s what you can expect!

FRIDAY: After a beautiful, scenic drive to Park City, arrive in time to get settled, unpack your camera and gather around the table for our first group dinner.  Get to know your fellow slumber party friends with a magical first night by the fire!  Dinner included.


Photography Workshop and Creative Retreat, Park City, Utah

Photo Credit: On Better Living, Snow Shoeing in Park City, Utah

Each day will consist of the following;

-Outdoor Excursion / Activity with Our Cameras (for example; snow shoeing through the winter wonderland to photograph gorgeous, breathtaking winter scenery).

-Photo Lesson Including Go-To Camera Settings for Specific Situations, as well as, Composition and Story Telling

-Creative Exercise Outside of Photography

-Image Review and Editing Best Practices

-Free Time to Explore Park City and Heber Town with their quaint shops, boutiques, galleries, cozy cafes and bookstores or simply sit by the fire for cozy, creative conversation

*We encourage you to stay Sunday night and fly home Monday.

**Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included at our lodge.  Although you may want to eat lunch in town on your own or with a fellow photo friend!

This image by David C Schultz is one of many GORGEOUS examples of the dynamic and diverse scenery we’re headed to!




This long weekend photography workshop and creative retreat is for those who want an inspiring, travel weekend escape!  Every level of photography is welcome.  This trip is also for those who can’t come away with us to Thailand, Italy or Greece for nine days.  Or it’s for those who can come and don’t want to wait a whole year until the next Portrait of the World Workshop and Tour!  This long weekend is your ticket of escape!  We heard your request for something within the Americas that starts on Friday and ends on Sunday (but we hope you stay till Monday morning!).  Get ready for the weekend of your life!

How is This Workshop Different?

Portrait of a Winter Wonderland is unlike any other photography workshop we offer.  We’re headed to the snow, capped mountains to be together.  Instead of eating out, we’ll be cooking together and dining in by the hearth.  There is an element of exhale in our gathering together.  Discovery and digging into our creative wells is our focus.  There is shooting time, play time and down time.  You will learn more about photography, editing, and the business of it all.  But this is a retreat that is meant to fill you up for the new year through the coming together of kindred spirits who will become life long friends.

What is the Investment?

Our Confidence Grads get a special rate of $1249 as a perk to attending our 2-Day CONFIDENCE Workshop.  We encourage you to take the CONFIDENCE Workshop so that every trip with us or on your own is beyond satisfying because you understand your camera better than ever!

For non-Confidence Grads, the investment is $1400 pp.  Check out all that is included.  This is the part we’re REALLY excited about!

What is Included?

We searched high and low in the US and Canada for a lodging option that we could include within the price.  Park City, Utah didn’t disappoint!  The investment you make in this weekend will include lodging and all meals (unless you decide to grab lunch in town which may be fun too!).

What is Not Included?

Airfare and transportation are not included.  However, Brian and I are going to do our best to coordinate with the group so we can carpool up to the cabin.  We’ll be sending more details on transportation options to everyone as the date approaches.  Gear rental for outdoor activities are also not included (i.e. snow shoes, tubes, etc).

What to Bring?

Appropriate winter/snow clothes and boots or waterproof shoes, your camera gear, laptop for editing, hats/gloves/scarves, and a few more fun items that we’ll email you about as the date approaches!  We’ve got a few surprises already planned!  🙂

What if I’m a Newbie at Photography?

This (crazy fun) long weekend workshop/retreat is designed for ALL levels of photography. Me Ra and Brian have been teaching photography workshops and traveling for two decades. Me Ra is one of the select, original Sony Artisans of Imagery since 2007, inspiring both beginners and pros. Brian is an award winning, published photographer, cinematographer and teacher.  They’re so EXCITED to photograph Utah’s winter wonderland with you!

Whether you are a newbie who simply loves travel and taking photos or a pro wanting to be creatively refreshed, Me Ra and Brian will take you to new levels with your camera proficiency and creativity while exploring the breathtaking winter wonderland of Utah.

And you may laugh more than you ever bargained for!


Think “Ultimate Slumber Party”.

Photography Workshop and Creative Retreat, Park City, Utah

That’s what a team of us went searching for when trying to find the perfect lodging for this retreat.  I wanted everyone to have a comfy bed, enough bathrooms, great room area with a fireplace, and sleep under one roof.

We’ve got so many options with this lodge!  We have bedrooms with queen beds AND bunk beds!  LOL!  No one is going to sleep on a pull out sofa bed!  Everyone gets their own bed!  And I LOVE the feeling of us all being under one roof!  Brian and I think it will make for much better, richer conversation at night.

Photography Workshop and Creative Retreat, Park City, Utah

There are two rooms with just a queen bed.  Brian and I will take one.  And we’ll hold the other for any couples that register.  Everyone else is sharing rooms.  Let the SLUMBER PARTY BEGIN!!!

And last but not least, check out the view from our lodge’s deck!

Photography Workshop and Creative Retreat, Park City, Utah




Nitty Gritty


*We may or may not do another Portrait of a Winter Wonderland because there are so many AWE-mazing destinations to explore in the Americas.  If this weekend sounds like what your soul needs, jump on this!


Glad you asked!  To read reviews from past travel workshop attendees, see Italy and Thailand. 


Airfare and Transportation to and from the airport is not included.  But we’ll do our best to arrange carpooling to/from the airport.  And we’ll carpool once you arrive!


You can pay in full or sign up for 4 automatic monthly payments. Payments will be divided over four months. It’s that easy!

If you run into any issues with registering for the payment plan, don’t hesitate to email us at info@merakoh.com. Our team will get you set up right away.

For some reason if you should need to cancel, we will apply your payment(s) as credit to a future CONFIDENCE or online workshop within 24 months of your original workshop up to 45 days before the workshop weekend.

If you need to cancel within the 45 days leading up to the workshop, we will do our best to fill your spot and apply your payment(s) to a future workshop within the next 24 months. But we can’t guarantee this. If your spot cannot be filled within the 45 days, your workshop payment(s) will be forfeited. This is the policy for all our online and in-person workshops, excluding our travel Portrait of the World international workshops.



5.00 out of 5

12 reviews for 3-Day Winter Wonderland Photography Workshop and Creative Retreat, Park City, Utah

  1. Olena
    5 out of 5

    Hi Me Ra and Brian

    Just wanted to send you this note and with proper feedback since last night I was too tired to think clearly.

    Now that I had some time to reflect, I feel so thankful for everything you had done to make the Winter Wonderland weekend perfect.

    First, logistically, it was perfect for me. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I liked that all of us could bond by hanging out in the same cabin. From talking to other women, everyone said how great it was that we all shared the cabin, but they also mentioned how important sleep was.

    Secondly, food was delicious and just perfect for this type of weekend. You both, John and Jenny made it so easy for us just to relax and not to worry about cooking or cleaning. This was very important for me because I do kitchen work every day at home. I loved the break from it and not thinking what’s for dinner. Plus, it’s much better than restaurants!! Really, I was very impressed how much thought you had put into planning meals, snacks, desserts, etc.!

    Most importantly, what I have gotten out from this weekend is PRICELESS!! My main goal was photography and getting more comfortable with my new Sony A7riii and I have achieved it. But this was just a small part of what I have taken away.

    The wisdom of Me Ra and her insight about my spiritual gift, as well as her thought on how to use it, was very impactful for me. She could “see” and “feel” me – and just that was the most powerful moment of the weekend.

    I also enjoyed connecting with other women. Their unique stories, wisdom and vulnerability made my experience so much richer. Everyone felt safe to share and open up to others about their passions and struggles. I learned so much from each of them! Never would I have thought my biggest lesson would about parenting from other women’s experience.

    This workshop is not just about photography, although you will do some of it. It’s about deep connection, vulnerability and searching for meaning in your life.

    Thank you, Me Ra and Brian, for such a powerful experience this weekend!

    -Olena, Chicago, IL

  2. Teresa
    5 out of 5

    This was a perfect weekend getaway!
    A great balance between fun snow activities and learning about landscape photography.
    Plus, it was such a GREAT group of people!
    My favorite things were the cozy location, teaching on Stages of a Dream and the exercise we did, SLEDDING!, our snow shoe surprise and all the other surprises that you planned (I don’t want to ruin it for future attendees!).

    -Teresa, CA
    Portrait of Italy, 2015
    Portrait of Thailand, 2017

  3. Lisa
    5 out of 5

    This weekend was so much more than I had imagined it would be.
    Not only did we dig into creativity, but we spent time working on the techniques to improve our photography.
    I loved the adventure of going out of my comfort zone and doing something completely different than what I normally do.
    The mountains, creeks, landscape, barn were all beautiful!
    The group of women who attended all made it feel so special.
    It’s hard to not go home inspired!

    -Lisa, Delaware
    Restart Your Creativity, 2018
    CONFIDENCE Grad, 2018

  4. Holly
    5 out of 5

    Every detail of Me Ra and Brian’s Winter Wonderland Retreat was thoughtfully considered. From ensuring every guest drove safely, to amazing excursions and workshop activities, my experience was WONDERFUL from beginning to end!
    The lodging and home cooked meals brought us together, and the discussions and creative projects around the fire stretched and inspired us all!
    To Me Ra and Brian and their team: YOU ARE ALL PURE GOLD! THANK YOU!
    -Holly, UT

  5. Lydia
    5 out of 5

    I would recommend this trip to ALL my friends!
    Me Ra and Brian are so welcoming and help everyone from the technical side of photography to the inspirational.
    I feel refreshed, recharged and informed!
    My favorite parts of the retreat were personal talks with Me Ra and the wonderful company of women I met.

    -Lydia, WA

  6. Karen
    5 out of 5

    This weekend was superb from start to finish!
    The photographic opportunities were so amazing and plentiful.
    I loved hanging out all weekend with so many women who have the same passion for photography as I do!
    It’s so fun to make new friends along the way!
    The food couldn’t have been better!!!
    Every meal was just fantastic and the selection was perfect–yummy homecooked food that everyone loved! (How did you all pull that off?!)
    I loved the snowshoe excursion 100%! It was such a fun thing to do, and the surprise you planned was such a special touch!

    -Karen, FL
    Portrait of Thailand, 2017
    Custom Photo Organization with Brian, 2016

  7. Jenny
    5 out of 5

    Not only did we grow in our ability to take marvelous photos, but we also took time to delve into personal, creative growth.
    I loved Brian’s Lightroom session in the evening on editing / post processing!
    The sunrise photography and our Word activity were great.
    This weekend was wonder-filled!

    -Jenny, CA
    Portrait of Italy, 2017
    Custom Photo Organization with Brian, 2016

  8. Michele
    5 out of 5

    This Winter Wonderland Retreat was so much MORE than I imagined!
    Not only did I learn a lot about shooting in the snow, but I found myself on another adventure I didn’t even expect–an adventure in learning more about myself that just blew me away!
    This workshop brought strangers together, and we became life long friends.
    The sunrise shoot at the barn…wow. I’ll never forget what I learned here.
    Your whole family, each and every one of you, welcomed us, cared for us, and served us with whole hearts filled with love.
    If you’re thinking about doing this workshop retreat…this is the best experience you can give yourself!

    -Michele, CA

  9. Jamianne
    5 out of 5

    It’s amazing how much you can experience in a few days together. It felt like the perfect balance between outdoor excursions and winter photography instruction with cozy meals, making new friends, and delving into creative exercises.

    -Jamianne, WA
    Portrait of Greece, 2018

  10. Lynda
    5 out of 5

    This weekend was absolutely magical and totally met my expectations for a weekend of fun, learning more about my camera, and having an amazing community of creative women from all the corners of the US.
    This totally pushes my ability to a new level of using my camera. And I was using a new LENS!
    I loved the spontaneous night shoot with Me Ra and Brian, plus the sunrise shoot with the group.
    The creative exercises and discussions were such a great experience.
    Thank you so much!

    -Lynda, TX
    Portrait of Italy, 2017
    Portrait of Greece, 2018

  11. Amy
    5 out of 5

    Me Ra and Brian take care of every last detail over the course of the weekend. They did that with Thailand and this weekend. It was full of learning, a bit of adventure, fun, laughing, and a few tears (good tears).
    They know how to bring the group together, break the ice, and make fast friends out of strangers.
    The photography exercises were amazing, eye opening and the personal development exercises we did were a complete bonus.
    I would highly recommend ANY trip with Me Ra and Brian!
    Looking forward to more!

    -Amy, WA
    Portrait of Thailand, 2017

  12. Sue
    5 out of 5

    The weekend was a learning experience in so many ways.
    Not only photography but the reason for WHY you have a passion for photography.
    You did deep and get to know yourself in unexpected ways.
    It was so fun having everyone stay in the same cabin and being able to get to know each other.

    I was nervous about the snowshoeing, but I’m so proud of myself for accomplishing it!
    The support was amazing. And I learned so much more about my camera.
    Thank you!
    -Sue, FL
    Portrait of Thailand, 2017
    Portrait of Greece, 2018
    CONFIDENCE Grad, 2018

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