Check out the trailer for next week’s “Shoot What You Love” series.  A FREE, three day event!  Brought to you by SONY  for FREE at @creativeLIVE!  Every day, SONY will be giving away the NEX-6 camera and another surprise that I get to announce on Monday!  I’m BURSTING inside, I can’t wait to share!

I get to kick off the three days this Monday!  Maybe I should have Brian and the kids come on set for a while!  🙂


And then I pass the baton to what of the coolest women photographers in the industry!
If you love nature/cultural photography, you have the special opportunity to learn from one of National Geographic’s photographers, Cristina Mittermeier!  She is my SONY sister and incredible at what she does.  (and some of you know how AWESOME it is for a camera manufacturer to have TWO women representing them…yeah…whole different conversation–but you get what I’m saying)

Even though my focus isn’t nature and wildlife, EVERY TIME, I mean EVERY TIME, I hear Cristina speak–I learn something new that I take into my family portrait work.  You will too!


Or, if you have always wanted to learn from Matthew Jordan Smith, holy cow, sign up for his class!  We all know what a power house teacher and photographer Matthew is!


They are AWE-mazing photographers.

Okay, and seriously, you have to love a camera manufacturer that doesn’t give you a script of what to speak on but says “We want you to talk on the topic of “Shoot What You Love”.  Sky is the limit.  And we are going to sponsor it so photographers can be inspired because you inspire us.”

Yep, SONY is amazing.

See you next week!