First Impressions from Turbulent Egypt With Our Kids

It’s almost 2am in Egypt, the family is sleeping but I have to write.  There is so much to share.  It’s hard to believe that we are only on Day 12 of our Egypt adventure.  There is SO MUCH to this country that a couple days here can feel like weeks.  The history alone is mind blowing, let alone the political turmoil.  The days have been so full that we get back to our hotel and crash every night.  Choosing to bring our kids to Egypt instead of Hawaii was a little scary but has been worth it, and a family adventure that we will never forget!  Here is a beginning look at Egypt through our family’s eyes–plus, a few crazy stories that you just can’t make up.

From an armed guard escorting us through an open market to a surprising situation that involved camels and pyramids to the breathtaking imagery that Egypt offers, this is our family’s first impressions in Cairo, Egypt.

Every photo was taken with one of these three SONY cameras; DSC-RX100, NEX6 or SLTA99V DSLR.

The Coptic Christian Church in the heart of Cairo reaches high to the blue skies.

These are the first two of the eleven photos!

Click here to see the other nine images and read the stories about our armed guard and first camel experience!  (And thank you for following the links to Babble’s website.  We are working hand-in-hand with both Babble and Egypt Uncovered to get as many eyes as possible on our family’s trip in hopes of helping the country’s tourism industry.)