Boat Landed! See Our Home Away from Home!

After 2 days of flying and hangin’ around in airports…


driving deeper into the jungle, getting farther and farther away from city life…


the longtail boat arrived!



Sitting in a boat rental newport beach with our kids by our side, going back to the dream world Brian and I discovered last year, is surreal!


I think I’m in shock that we’re actually here. And not only here for 10 days, but a couple months! We’ve never done any thing like this before. It’s hard to even know what to expect, and yet, we’re here!

It’s hard to tell what the kids think by their faces in this shot–especially Blaze. 🙂


Brian on the other hand…


The right hand has the homeschool books and the left hand is pulling all the camera gear! 🙂


We made our way down the beach and headed into the jungle.


Check out our home away from home!

Want a tour? 🙂

This is the kid’s room/kitchen! We’ll show you the kitchen part later.


Someone felt at home instantly! 🙂


Here is our Master Bedroom!


The front porch that connects the two living spaces.. Picture yourself standing in the big, open doorway to the kitchen and kids’ beds, and you look out at this sitting area.

Off to the left side of the sitting area is the opening to our bedroom!


We’ll show you the back deck eating area and homeschool zone later. And our most favorite spot is the open aired shower! Pictures of that will come later too! But for now, this gives you a little peak!

And that is our first “official” blog post from the Jungle! Upload time is a little slow, but hopefully you all get this!


Me Ra