AfterShow “Photo Tips for Picture Day”

I had the most amazing time sharing photo tips on Live with Kelly and Michael!

Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper were so welcoming, kind, and a hilarious duo.  The behind-the-scenes team of Producers were absolutely phenomenal to work with.

Live TV is always full of surprises.  No matter how much you plan, you never really know what is going to happen.  (That’s the part I love!).

We had a longer photo tip segment planned for the show, but we ran out of time.  You can catch my photo tip segment on the homepage for Live with Kelly and Michael.  But we had more!   Here’s the great part…Gelman, their well known Executive Producer, had us keep going!  YAY!!!

Watch the above video to see MORE photo tips for a successful school picture day!

We had so much fun being silly that I know you’ll love watching it!

Fingers crossed, I’ll get invited to come back!  🙂



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Segment photos taken with Sony a7Rii

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