15 Baby Images of Inspiration: Sacramento Confidence Workshop Day 1

The Sacramento CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop for women will always be a special weekend.  Brian and I often feel limited to bigger cities with bigger airports so more of you can have access to attending the workshop, whether the flights are cheaper b/c of a bigger airport or there are more friends and family to stay with.  But Sacramento had been tugging on my heart for a while.  We decided to bring CONFIDENCE there, even if the workshop didn’t fill.  And as we went around the room on Day One, briefly introducing ourselves to each other, I was stunned at how divine this group was.  So many women were in the midst of relocating their homes.  So many women had no option to attend a CONFIDENCE Workshop in a bigger city due to unique family situations.  If we had not come to Sacramento, we wouldn’t have met these beautiful, gifted, passionate women.  I was in tears after Day One because it was so clear that this weekend was meant to be.  And with great honor, I share the beautiful work of the Sacramento attendees.

I absolutely love the black and white conversion that Maria Adams did on this quiet moment with mom and daughter.  The super sharp focus on the babies eyes really accentuate the “catch lights”.

baby images of inspiration for fun photos!

This is a great capture of mom and baby girl.  The mama’s tatoo and the red/orange colors in the background all add to the story of who mom is, her energy, her sass, her spunk, and then we have a miracle baby in the middle of it all.  Wonderful job Angela Cole!!

Sometimes at newborn sessions, we really have to find the best light in a home.  April Durrett found some really even light for this little gal!  The white comforter also helps the light bounce around a bit, too.  Super April!

Ahhh, “tummy time” can really create opportunities for great images.  Aviva Roller, what a crisp shot this is!  I talk about “Tummy Time” in “Your Baby in Pictures“…try it…turn off your flash, select Aperture Priority mode and dial that f-stop as low as it will go.  I also like to switch to Continuous Shooting mode so that I can take multiple frames per second to catch every bit of the action…including a drop of drool off the chin:)

baby images of inspiration for fun photos!

Cyndi Zuniga also caught some “Tummy Time”!  Look how this baby is adoringly looking at her big sister.  So cute!

It’s funny how really similar this next image by Jen Rich is to Genie’s image…but still such a different outcome.  They both wanted to shoot in close with a portion of mom in the image, really focusing on the baby.  Awesome!

I am sure I have told you before that I really love when new moms wear a black camisole to the newborn sessions.  It provides a great backdrop for the baby as well as really allows us to feel the emotion of an image without being distracted.  This is such a peaceful moment that Kerrie Little captured.  Really Nice!

Again, another really fun Black and White image by Laura Chesniak.  It is so perfect that the baby is “brighter” than the rest of the image.   It really draws us right to our focal point which is the pure bliss on her little face!

Oh My Goodness!  This image should be a really large canvas or print in their home!  It is amazing Lauran Laing!

baby images of inspiration for fun photos!

The adoration mom has for her little girl exudes out of this image!  Marcy Johns had them really close to the light source, as you can see the light in her eyes!  Really fantastic Marcy!

This was not the easiest room to work with.  You wouldn’t be able to tell from this beautiful photo below, but the lighting in this room was super low.  And yet, our small group had a blast trying to unpack this moment, the setting we had to work with, and the lighting we’d been given.  As you can see from the photo below, the results are gorgeous.  But GREAT job to Myriam Acfalle and the rest of the group that worked on this!

Paula, yet another image that this family should have on their wall.  Even though this little baby is not looking at the camera, she has totally captured the 3-6 month stage of babies…on their tummies, totally investigating their fingers!  I love it Paula Orologas!  Oh, and the Black and White Conversion is perfection!

I will not lie… it is so hard to capture a sibling with a baby at this age, but Annie Piros really captured how much these two little siblings love each other already.  So sweet!  Great work!

baby images of inspiration for fun photos!

I remember this moment so clearly.  It was like we stumbled upon this mom and baby, and voila, you captured it perfectly Sarah Nguyen!  Beautiful, beautiful job.  The accent of that green wall makes such a huge difference.  Remember how much we LOVED the green wall?!  🙂

mom nursing baby, images of inspiration for fun photos!

Stephanie Elie, I love that even though we can only see the adorable baby’s face, we know exactly what mom looks like also.   The plain background really pushes us to feel the happiness and joy in this image!

baby images of inspiration for fun photos!

Here are some Behind the Scenes photos of our Baby Day!  Check out the variety of locations and lighting!  Wow…really…hats off to these ladies for the wonderful images they produced.

Ladies, what a fabulous day!  It is a complete honor to help grow your confidence with the camera but also your creative spirit!
Me Ra

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