Brian and I had an AMAZING time at our DC Workshop this last weekend.  The ladies were incredible.  They came with open hearts and a readiness to take risks and grow!  And GROW, they did!  Lots of laughter, tears and applauding each other.  Transformation was everywhere, and it was stunning to watch.  Their photos transformed overnight, not to mention their creative spirits!

On Sunday, the ladies gave me one of the funniest surprises ever!  I had stepped out of the workshop to talk to the models that were arriving.  And when I came back in, Brian had a headband in his hair!  I almost fell over, he looked HILARIOUS!  But all of a sudden I turned around, and EVERY SINGLE WOMAN in the workshop had a headband on!  Knowing how much I love my headbands, they GOT ME GOOD!  Oh my goodness, I almost peed my pants.  It was the BEST and FUNNIEST surprise ever!

To all the beautiful DC ladies,

I found a card in my bag while I was on the plane, and when I opened it up and saw that all of you had signed it…I couldn’t help but cry.  Thank you so much for all your kind words and thoughtfulness.  My life is so much richer having spent the weekend with all of you.



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