Brian and I were so excited to start Day 2 of our Tampa CONFIDENCE workshop with this amazing bunch of women!  Sharing much more laughter and tears made the weekend one of the most memorable for us.  They did so awesome at the baby shoot yesterday, don’t you think?  With that said…you will love their images from the Family Sessions!  I don’t think I have ever challenged a CONFINDENCE Workshop group as much as I did that day.  Full sun, on a beach…one of the most difficult situations for shooting, especially moving subjects.  They did so wonderful!  As you can see from our group photo, the sun was still really high in the sky.  Harsh shadows and extreme backlighting were all around us!

What a beautiful moment you captured Alla Rozenberg.  We get so caught up in shooting the kids of families that I am so glad you didn’t overlook how powerful a picture of just “those two” would be.  I am sure they love this image!

Vikki Sloviter, this is such a great shot of this little guy!  I bet when his family goes to the beach he picks things up like this all day long.  The color of this image is wonderful!

There is so much I love about this image that Tita Nelson took.  Of course the motion of this little girl is awesome, but I also love the birds in the background.  Everything in this image takes part in telling the story of that day.

Suzanne Hamels caught a genuine look of admiration that this girl has for her mom.  It is almost as if this was an in-between moment, you know, those moments you hope to capture by accident!

This little girl’s laugh and smile were infectious!  Sheetal Kakarala, I am so glad you caught her in her element!  Sweet!

Another shot that really depicts a daughter’s love for her mom.  Robin Nierman, this is so precious!

Mary McGuire caught a “real” moment!  When you just follow a family around for a bit and not ask them to pose, these are the types of shots you will get and these are the ones that makes moms cry!

Such crisp and colorful image from Laura Sharbough.  Don’t you just love the parents expression!

Catching children in motion is a wonderful thing!  Kathy Haywood did just that with this image.  Fantastic!

Joyce Levy, I am so drawn to your image.  I love how the completely blown out sky serves as a fantastic backdrop.  We are completely focused on the emotion between this mom and dad.  Wonderful!

Jill Furlong shot this family with the hotels in the background and I actually really like the architecture look in this shot.  Your focal point was right on, look how sharp the little boy’s face is.  Really awesome!

This is an amazing image Jennifer Tacbas!  Your black and white conversion again leads us right into the emotion of this moment!  So good.

Wow, wow, wow Georgina Petrosky!  These girls were completely stunning!  Facial features to die for!  The fact that the little sister is not looking and her hair is blowing on her face is just perfect!  Again, such a great technical shot when the sun was bearing down on them with no shade cover.  Wonderful!

Debra Dremann, it is so hard to shoot blonde children in direct sun without a darker background.  I am so thrilled that you manually exposed this so you didn’t lose their hair to a blown-out sky!  I am so proud of you!

The color and skin tones in this image is perfect, Carla Kasera!  A sweet moment among sisters!

This is one of the best poses for a family of three.  Brittany Carpenter took this image and I love how the little girl is kinda laying on her sister’s shoulder.  Lovely!  That little ounce of positioning totally changes the feel of this picture.

Ahhhh, Bea Byers, I hope the mom makes this a really big canvas on her wall.  It is spectacular!

Barb Skrobuton shot a completely different view of this mom and little girl.  This too is so adorable!  I love the camera tilt on this!

Anna Serebryanik, this is insanely wonderful!  A dad and his little boy throwing things in the ocean together, what a great memory captured!

Ladies, I am so proud of you for tackling the challenge at the beach during Day 2.  Your images ROCKED!!!

Me Ra

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