*What’s our Special Announcement?!  Brian and I have decided to extend the Early Bird Discount for our CONFIDENCE Workshops for another two weeks.   More details below!*

It’s hard to believe that we only had two days together– just forty-eight hours.  And yet, I feel this way every time we end one of our CONFIDENCE Workshops.  I get to witness transformation happen in twenty women–every single time.  The inner changes, awakenings, joy, tears, deep laughter–the kind of laughter that is healing and refreshing,

and most of all the confidence that blooms for so many reasons…it’s an amazing forty-eight hours.   Why do these powerful things happen every time?  I have no doubt of what the answer is.  The women come with great expectation.

Every woman comes through the door with expectation for herself.  And in the midst of that, she comes feeling a little afraid that her expectations are to high.  Yet, she still comes–ready to take a risk, a risk that may lead her to uncomfortable places.  But she expects the discomfort to be worth it.  Before she walks through the door the first morning, she has decided that the place she has been existing in is no longer good enough.

Every woman comes with determination to go deeper in their passions, creativity, dreams and confidence.  And it is a honor to spend the weekend with such courageous woman who roll up their sleeves and fight to gain confidence, no matter how vulnerable they each feel.

The attendees aren’t the only women who feel vulnerable.  We also have baby models come the first day.  And I just have to say that these sweet mamas who bring their babies, who feel vulnerable to be photographed, and still let us go wild on experimenting with our cameras, lighting and poses…

…these mamas are just beautiful–glowing from within with their sweet munchkins!

I can’t wait to see what our attendees captured!  Here are a few of my favorites!

We sat this little guy on the table top because trying to photograph a baby on the floor is limiting for how low you can go and vantage points to shoot from.  I also taught the ladies one of my favorite tricks for slimming mom.  Have her stand behind the table top and baby.  She instinctively leans forward which gives her the most flattering, natural pose.  And is that the cutest baby face or what?!!

And then there was this little peanut!  She was all bundled up and ready to head home when I stopped mom.  I’d been helping out the different groups when I spotted the baby wrapped up.  I had to capture it before she left.

One of the things I LOVE about the baby shoot is how the women gain confidence when it comes to shooting indoors!  You don’t always have to be outside waiting for the perfect light.  That’s especially good news if you live in the Northwest, like we do.  With the right tools you can capture amazing shots indoors too–even when your environment looks more like a hotel banquet room than some one’s home!   Wait, we were in a banquet room!  😉

One of the ladies already posted up a few beautiful shots from that old hotel room!  Judith, this was my FAVORITE!

More samples from what the ladies shot to come!

San Fransisco ladies, Brian and I were honored to spend the weekend with you on so many levels.  To watch some of you go from shooting in Auto to shooting in MANUAL (oh YEAH!) by the end of the weekend, to hear about your current trials and see the strength you already possess and the strength that unleashed inside this weekend…I mean if we thought we would hold it together we were mistaken by the time our beautiful Andrea shared her story!  (we love you Andrea!  I think we’d all vote you as our hero!)  Thank you ALL for sharing your hearts, fears and dreams with us! Brian and I are so EXCITED to see what happens with your journey in the very near future. Love, love, LOVE YOU ALL!

And for those of you who haven’t made it to our CONFIDENCE workshop, yes, it’s true…we are extending the Early Bird Discount!  Why?  As I spent the weekend with the women in San Fransisco, I was reminded of how many had been waiting for over a year for us to come to their city. And I thought about how the recent Early Bird Discount only lasted four days instead of two weeks.  Some of you have emailed because the four days came and went to fast for you to get the Early Bird Discount.  I believe with all of my heart that these weekends are meant to be.  Does that make sense?  It seems like every time we do a workshop, every woman that “is meant to be” in the workshop is there.  I’ve read your emails, and I do hear your heart’s request.  I want to support you coming, even if this means we credit money back to the ones who have already paid full price.

So starting today, the Early Bird Discount of $799 instead of the regular price of $999 is re-opened for the next two weeks.  If you need to split the amount up into four payments, use our popular promo code; fourpaymentsdeal.  And yes, we are still giving ALL five of our 101 Kits and both award winning DVDs to each attendee.  That’s over $600 in tools to help you get your confidence soaring!  Brian and I have been doing this to support our attendees during the recession.  Ladies, there is no way you will walk away from this workshop without CONFIDENCE!

I hope this Early Bird extension helps your “meant to be” happen a little easier. If you have any questions or need help getting registered email us at info@merakoh.com!

I will see you this Winter!

much love!


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