The time has come for you to meet our new CONFIDENCE teachers!  They are our second year, certified and trained (and beautiful!) teachers!  WOO HOO!!!!  Year Two CONFIDENCE Teachers with Me Ra Koh

From left to right; say hello to Nikki, Janna, Neyssa, Jill Ann and Cathy!

These awesome women join our existing nationwide force of fourteen CONFIDENCE Teachers!  They are based in Washington, Texas and Kansas!  They are a diverse, dynamic group that has already become a wonderful addition to our teacher team!

Pass the One Year Marker and Already Growing in Year Two!

It’s hard to believe that we started the CONFIDENCE Teaching Program over a year ago!  Man, the first year teachers went through it all with me and Brian in learning how to launch something we’d never done!  But oh, did we grow!  And not only did we grow individually, but our workshop program became that much stronger and richer!  Within the last year, we’ve had close to a couple hundred women go through our teacher’s Budding and Growing CONFIDENCE Workshops.  The reviews and feedback from their attendees continue to be off the chart!  It is simply awesome–exciting–thrilling to be empowering such a strong group of women leaders!  Brian is now leading individual, business coaching sessions with each teacher every other week.  I often over hear him exhorting the ladies, cheering them on, helping them dream and think bigger, and I just LOVE it!  I couldn’t do any of this without Brian, and now our teachers all have their own little Brian doses weekly!

Hear Their Stories!

As all our teachers, these special five women each have their own stories for how photography found them.  Their passion for empowering other moms is powerful.  They are not content to just enjoy the success of their own photography businesses: they want to give it away with all their heart!  Read their stories, see more of their beautiful work, and check out the date for their FIRST Confidence Workshops by clicking their names:

Cathy from Kansas

Jill Ann from Texas

Neyssa from Washington

Janna from Texas

Nikki from Washington!

AND, they know how to have a GOOD TIME!

Okay, so let me tell you the facts before you see the Dance Partay!  🙂

At the end of our four day training in August, right before we all said our goodbyes and headed to the airport, we put the camera on a tripod and got crazy silly!  Somehow we each ended up doing our own dance moves (AND LORD KNOWS I CAN’T DANCE!), but we laughed so hard and kept shooting and dancing away.  Lucky for me, all the photos were on my camera!  (BWAH!  HA!  HA!)

Now that they have all turned in their teacher contracts and signed the next three years of their life away…hee!  hee!

I’m sure these women would never want these photos to see the light of day, BUT…as Brian and I looked at the photos…OMG!  Hilarious and too good NOT to share!  We realized we had a full on Dance Partay Video on our hands!  Brian has been up until 2am the last few nights putting this video together.  And every so often I hear him downstairs start to laugh out loud (picture Count Dracula laughing from Sesame Street).  It’s 1.13 seconds of being confident in our silliness.  LOL!

But don’t worry!  Brian and I make our own appearance too!  We wouldn’t leave these women hanging!


Will you help me welcome our official second year CONFIDENCE Teachers!  Not only do they have a GREAT sense of humor (since they had no idea we were going to make this video–and I’m sure they will get even), but they are a force of life, joy, and passion for empowering women!



p.s.  Tomorrow (Friday) is the deadline for entering the Running On Empty contest.  Not sure that anyone has entered yet, so if you are the only one…you will get a FREE spot in our workshop that is worth $1249!  Read yesterday’s post for all the instructions on how to enter!  Only TWO Spots Left if you are planning to sign up!  xoxoxoxo