Yes, I have a stylist.  :)  I can hear some of you giggling as I type that.  But can I just tell you, IT’S THE BEST!  When my mom heard, she said “FINALLY!”  When I was in high school and college, she would buy me clothes–sometimes beg me to try them on–because I never thought about shopping.  Never thought about clothes.  Not that I don’t like new outfits, but seriously, clothes and shoes have never been on my radar.  Drove my mom nuts (but she loved me still :)).  However, when you need a different outfit for every TV episode–that personality type isn’t going to last very long.  Enter Rebecca–my saving grace stylist!

Rebecca Dashow, Me Ra Koh's Stylist

Rebecca is not only an incredible Stylist, she has a passion to help women find confidence in their own skin.  Plus, she is an awesome mom to a busy toddler.  I can’t believe, it’s been almost three years ago since she first started working with me.  I wanted to make sure that what I wore reflected a woman who was approachable and feminine.  Whether it’s Nate Berkus, Disney, speaking engagements, or a photo exhibit in NYC, she sets me up so I feel even more confident to be me.

Love her already, or what!  She is the master at taking what you have in your closest already and finding cost effective pieces to change things up so your favorite outfits becomes three new favorite outfits!  I think she hides a magic wand in her sleeve every time she starts going through my closest because a blouse I’ve looked at for two years takes on a whole new look when she gets her hands on it–pairing it with pants, scarves, shoes, etc.

I asked Rebecca if she would give our readers some ideas on what to wear for Fall photos.  She asked me what piece of clothing that Pascaline and I love most right now.  Based on what we said, she was going to put together what she does for clients that she can’t see in person b/c they live out of state, etc.  Well, OMG!  Look at what she sent back to me!!!  Not only ideas, but all the links of where to find these things!  She calls this: Virtual Stylist, where she starts with one thing you already own and gives you suggestions on what to wear with it, where to buy that item, and keeps it cost effective.

Pascaline LOVES her little jean jacket, so using that as her piece for a girl, Rebecca put together this assortment of ideas for a Fall colored Holiday Photo!

(Yellow striped top, yellow heart dressgray puff hatyellow polka dot tightsleopard skinny jeans in graysparkle tennis shoes silverdenim jacket.)

Rebecca wrote; I like unexpected colors so this is why I picked this season’s hue: yellow. This blends beautifully back to fall and the Thanksgiving season of course. Since Pascaline wanted the focal point to be her denim jacket, I picked pieces that she could easily choose from to mix and match to her liking. She can also wear them later for school and fun. Also keep in mind all these pieces are mostly under 20.00 dollars–YAY!!

She knows I’m loving my canary yellow cords from Target, so she put together pieces that could go with it for a family photo.

(free people pulloveranthropologie patchwork sweatertarget skinny yellow jeanschambray shirt old navy, anthropologie cream sweater, (similar version), ninewest riding boot.)

Tips for moms from Rebecca…When I work with Moms, especially moms that are going to be photographed, looking great and feeling great is key. I have picked a pretty confident color, yellow, for this Thanksgiving themed holiday card. However, here are three reasons why you will look and feel your best.

1. Yellow is a strong color and in itself it distracts from any flaws that you might ” think” you have. Also, yellow lifts the mood so you can’t help but smile and have fun.

2. All the pieces I’ve picked have a certain length to them that flatter various body shapes and sizes; a long sweater coat, untucked chambray shirt that will elongate under a layered sweater, tall brown boots. A petite gal might buy a similar brown boot with a small heel or wedge.

3. Nothing is baggy or too loose fitting, yet the fit is not tight. Does this make sense? I feel like a lot of times we hide in our clothes instead of finding clothes that fit us. When we find the right fit we can do no wrong!

I personally LOVE learning from Rebecca since this is always new to me–and how people feel in their skin goes hand in hand with feeling comfortable in front of the camera.  Question for you, would you love to have her share more styling tips in the future?  If yes, let me know in the comments.  Or let me know questions you have for her with the holidays around the corner. And we will see what we can work out for you!

You can also learn more from Rebecca on her blog!