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 2016 Dates Coming Soon!!!

2016 Dates Coming Soon!!!

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Award Winning Photography Workshops for Women!

When was the last time you took a day to yourself to be inspired, creative, laugh with other women and gain confidence?

Click on a blue city below to find an award winning photography workshop for women near you, taught by Me Ra and her nationwide team of certified CONFIDENCE Teachers!  Or click on the following link to see the most recent blog posts about what’s happening in our CONFIDENCE Photography Workshops.


Meet Our Teachers:

Allison Gallagher

Allison Gallagher

Washington DC
Washington DC Washington DC Washington DC Washington DC
Nikki McLaughlin

Nikki McLaughlin

Nikki McLaughlin is a beautiful heart and talented family photographer in Washington.

About Our Teachers

Enjoy getting to know each one of Me Ra Koh’s trained teachers by clicking on the camera icon to see their website/portfolio or visit their Facebook page.  Teachers offer a 1-Day version of the CONFIDENCE photography workshop to women.  Every teacher has their own photographic passion and twist on capturing kids, family and even fashion or travel.  To find the next upcoming workshop date for a teacher near you, visit their individual websites.  Workshops are offered at different times of the year due to seasonal differences around the country.

*If you are interested in becoming one of Me Ra Koh’s trained teachers, follow this link for details!