My travel schedule is in full gear for the Spring!  In the next six weeks, I have eight keynotes to give!  EIGHT!  I’m laughing as I type it because here we go–and I LOVE IT!  I’m so EXCITED for each one because they are all SO DIFFERENT!

For those of you in Chicago, I’m doing two different events that are going to be a blast.

Both events are on the SAME DAY!

One is FREE, and the other is $15 at the door.

One has unlimited space and the other is limited to 30 women.

1.  The Family Photo Shoot, sponsored by SONY to get you ready for Mother’s Day Fun! 

On Sunday, April 28th, from 1-4pm, come watch me demonstrate a handful of photo shoots and tips with kids of all ages in the Atrium at ABT.

Some of the topics I will cover are;

-Favorite photo tips on capturing the relationship between parents/kids/siblings

-Setting Yourself Up for Success (the camera settings, as well as what to wear and how to prep your kids)

-Capturing Your Child’s Personality.

-I also have a lineup of families coming to be my models so I can demonstrate all of this

-At the end, we will have a book signing for Your Baby in Pictures.  If you already own the book, feel free to bring it for me to sign!  If you haven’t got a copy, we will have the book for sale there.  The perfect Mother’s Day gift that I would LOVE to sign for you!

2.  Inspiring Evening with Girlfriends on the Power of Black and White Family Photography.  Call up your girlfriend who loves taking pictures, and set the evening aside!  On Sunday, April 28th, from 7-9pm, both Kelli Kalish, my Chicago CONFIDENCE Teacher (and black and white magician with photography)

and I are putting together a two hour evening of inspiration and learning on how to capture black and white imagery of your family.

Photo by Kelli Kalish

Some of the topics we will cover are ;

-How BW Imagery Accentuates a Child’s Photo Story

-How to find a Black and White Moment Before You Even Lift the Camera

-How Textures, Tones, and Shadows are Used

-Tips and Tricks to Post Processing BW Images

-Working With and Without Light

-and more!

Kelli specializes in BW photography and is simply AWE-mazing with it.  It has been a part of her since she was a child–wait till you hear her story! During our REFRESH Retreat this last weekend, with our teachers, Kelli gave her BW talk.

We were all having a-ha moments, taking a ton of notes, and I know I can speak for the group–everyone felt inspired to try BW photography with a whole new set of tools from Kelli!

I’ll be talking first and sharing BW imagery from our Egypt trip, along with the my own creative process.  And then Kelli will speak on the subject!

The BW evening is $15 per person to be paid at the door.  This $15 can be used as credit that night toward Kelli’s May workshop, and there will also be fun door prizes, along with a special discount to Kelli’s upcoming CONFIDENCE Workshop.  But seriously, you need to email us at [email protected] ASAP if you want to come.  Once we get your email, we will send you the details and secret location. :)

Not in Chicago?  I’m coming to Dallas in May!  More details to come!



p.s.  Today is last day to submit your story to be a model for CL on Monday!  We will contact the models Friday morning by 10am PST!

Click here for details of how to submit your beautiful family!


21 Comments: “Meet Me in Chicago on Sunday, April 28th, for TWO Special Events!”

  1. Jess Robertson says:

    I SO wish I lived closer! I would LOVE to be there! Kelli is AMAZING!!! Her work is just phenomenal, breathtaking, and she is such a wonderful teacher on top of that. If you are in the area, you can’t miss this! You’re gonna rock it, Kelli!!!! xo

  2. I sooooo wish I could be there!!!! I am so in love with BW photography and this will be a fantastic event!

  3. Me Ra Koh says:

    Jennifer! Make sure you email us so we can send you the location details! Would LOVE to have you!! YAY!!


  4. Janice Fenwick says:

    I have sent 3 different requests and have not received email with details. Very much want to attend.

  5. June Kemp says:

    When I first started blogging about 7 years ago? maybe more? my blog was mainly a personal online diary. I shared what was going on with me personally, and really shared a lot of my thoughts and dreams. As time has passed, it’s become more of a photography blog, with some personal sharing and family images here and there. I see a lot of blogs changing. Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram seem to be taking over, but I really, really hope that blogs aren’t becoming passé. I still love blogging. I want it to go back a little to the way it was when I first started…but that requires a huge amount of time and commitment. Personally, I’m beginning to question whether how I’m blogging is relevant. I have noticed a huge decline in comments here, although I’m seeing more hits than ever before. A friend told me she tried three times to comment one day and it wouldn’t work, so there’s that. I’ve never wanted to be a blogger who cared only about affirmation from others. That being said, I do find that a few here and there go a long way. I have wanted to share and have a voice, no matter who or if I was speaking to anyone or not. But, sometimes I question myself. I think I will always blog and share recent sessions and even some of my thoughts, but I am open to whatever and however God would like to use me with this avenue. Life constantly changes, so one must be willing to change and flow with it, right? As long as it’s not a moral issue. Then I would stand strong and fight..I think….I hope. Anyway, just sharing from my heart today.