I’m sending you a BIG thank you from Texas!

Mother’s Day Sunday was an incredible day. I was so honored to not only speak at Covenant Church but have all of you join the live stream.  Even my mama got to watch from Korea!

Thank you for all your emails and tweets.  It’s awesome to know that the message I gave resonated deeply with so many of you.  I believe we are all feeling this desire to be more bold, to take greater risks, and even though it feels scary–we can’t ignore the pull.

I’m not sure how my dearest girlfriend, Pastor Amie Dockery, and her dad, Pastor Mike Hayes, preach three services every week.  Phew!  What an experience, and also wonderful challenge, that took my own abilities to another level.  I’m so thankful for the wonderful opportunity to grow in my own confidence.  Their family is so dear to us.

They invited me, Brian and the kids to their Texas ranch for the week to take some much needed downtime.  It’s been six weeks of constant travel and speaking from Denver to Chicago to Dallas–but I feel like we’ve been going strong since we returned from Egypt even.   We’ve also decided to put a hold on creativeLIVE at the end of May, and we will let you know when the rescheduled dates are as soon as we get direction on it.  This little mama is tired.  And I believe wholeheartedly in perfect timing.

I’m going to let the blog rest for the rest of the week as I rest.  But I wanted you to know how thankful I am for all of you who watched on Sunday and have sent me emails.  It is such a honor to be a part of your lives and walk this wonderful journey with you.

All my love,

Me Ra

7 Comments: “Big Thank You from Texas!”

  1. loved it! Watched it twice Sunday.

  2. loved it! Watched it twice Sunday.

  3. Susan Burchard says:

    On Mother’s Day, I had my husband take the kids to church so I could stay home and have some quiet time. I sat at my desk, window wide open and drink in hand (coffee drink that is) and watched/listened to you speak via live stream. I laughed, cried, felt rejuvenated and inspired. Thank you so much Me Ra for being such a bright light in this world and blessing those around you. Enjoy this time of rest!

  4. Mary says:

    We absolutely loved having you Mera! You are a blessing and it is with tears of gratitude that i thank our Father you are a part of our Family. PS – You have serious guts to live in the northwest. I did it for 25 years and hated every moment of it. Shine the Light amidst all that rain and make some awesome rainbows. I love you! ((((hugs)))))