Photographing multiple siblings is no walk in the park.  In this case, it was a walk down the romantic roads of Vicenza–a small town in northern Italy where every street is a beautiful backdrop to a photo shoot!  Just one of the many reasons we are leading a photography workshop in Italy this May!  (shameless plug, but it’s ITALY!)

Learn How to Take Photos in Italy with Me Ra Koh

It was a honor to do a few family photo shoots while we were in Italy, especially with these beautiful girls!

Photographing Multiple Siblings, Me Ra Koh, Family Shoot in Italy

These five sisters are darling!  Five different dresses.  Five different smiles.  Five different personalities.  5 Tips to Photographing Multiple Siblings!

Let’s start with the facts!  The one who kept me on my toes was the youngest!  I knew that we had to keep this photo shoot moving, or I would lose her quickly.

Tip 1: Conspire with the Older Siblings

So I conspired with the four older sisters.  I told them to walk towards me, laughing, talking, and sharing secrets.  If we looked like we were having fun, maybe we could entice the youngest to join us.  At the time, she was wrapped around mama’s legs and not interested.

To my delight, our little plan worked beautifully!  She ran to join us without us having to beg and plead.

Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan, Italy family photoshoot

I especially LOVE this next one!

Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan, Italy family photoshoot 2

Tip 2: Keep Eye Contact While Shooting

As you can see from the first photo, I’m not using the camera’s view finder.  I’m shooting with the SONY a7 (see all our camera gear / affiliate links included), and I’m using the LiveView so the youngest and I can stay engaged and even keep eye contact.  LiveView and the speed of Sony’s mirrorless technology makes these action shots happen with success!  Imagine my face hiding behind a camera body?  That would never fly with this little one.  She’s to smart for it!  I love how the middle one, in the green dress, is ever looking up to her two older sisters.  Darling.


Tip 3:  Incorporate Defining Details

To best prepare myself and my clients for an upcoming photo shoot, I love to ask mom what the kids are into.  Incorporating Defining Details helps tell the story of each unique family.  You’ve heard me talk about Defining Details for years, but it never grows old when you see the different expression it brings to every family!  It just happens to be that these sisters LOVE reading!  They are proud, beautiful bookworms.  Their love for reading was the inspiration for the portrait.

Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan, Italy family photoshoot 3

You want to especially allow yourself space to try different combinations, different set ups, where they should stand, etc.  We took some time getting the right set up for this portrait.  It was important for me to allow each sister to not only engage with her book but do it in such a way that is true to her personality.  The different poses each one is doing is subtle but also speaks to who they are.

Tip 4: Allow Space for Each Personality to Shine

Notice how Mary is standing off to the side.  She is the middle sister and has her own sweet disposition.  I LOVE this portrait because I think it captures how unique she is, especially being “smack in the middle” of all the sisters, as her mom said.  Group photos with everyone looking at the camera are important and good, but watch for the candid ones that allow for individuals to shine.

Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan, Italy family photoshoot 4

Notice how different the energy is for each sister…

The Oldest

Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan, Italy family photoshoot 5

Next Oldest

Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan, Italy family photoshoot 6

You saw Mary’s photo above.  Meet the fiery, DARLING, strong willed fourth sister!

Photographing Multiple Siblings, Me Ra Koh

And the youngest who steals the show!

Tips to Photographing Multiple Siblings, Me Ra Koh

Tip 5: Capture Special Bonds Between Sets of Siblings

When capturing your family in pictures, you definitely want the great group shots from everyone looking at the camera to a creative portrait with their books.  You also want individual portraits that show off everyone’s personality.  But remember to take time photographing the bonds between sets of siblings.  The two oldest sisters have their own bond that I wanted to do something special for.

We found a beautiful wall (because beautiful walls are EVERYWHERE in ITALY!  sigh…I miss Italy:)).  I asked one of them to share a secret with the other.  And even though we were losing light from the sunset, I LOVE the colors and tones of how this moment turned out!

Tips to Photographing Multiple Siblings, Me Ra Koh

The three younger sisters have their own dynamic of playfulness with each other!

Photographing Multiple Siblings, Me Ra Koh, Italy

I want to thank this beautiful family for the honor of photographing them in Italy!  The girls all know that I’m SUPER JEALOUS of them living in Italy!


Learn How to Take Photos in Italy with Me Ra Koh

Ten days left to register for our 8-Day Italy Photography Workshop/Tour!  Picture sleeping in castles, villas, getting lost in Venice and experiencing the Renaissance in Florence while learning to shoot the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany and seeing yellow painted walls with flower hanging baskets everywhere…it’s a DREAM Photography Workshop!  Details here!



We are The Adventure Family! We’ve put our sweet home on the market, our belongings in storage, and left the familiar behind to build a dream: a family travel show that takes you abroad and off the beaten path! Follow our journey!

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See Extra Sneak Peaks on Instagram! Click @merakoh and see #AdventureFamily!


Here’s a throw back from 2011 at one of our most popular, inspiring photo tip posts: 20 Photo Ideas for Family Portraits.  Get inspired with these photo ideas that anyone can do.  Fast forward four years and most of these women now have successful photography businesses.  I know you are going to be inspired and consider joining us in Dallas this September for our CONFIDENCE Workshop!

Meet the Seattle Fall CONFIDENCE Workshop, a beautiful group of women who flew in from all over the country!  On Day Two, we start the morning with unpacking metering so that we can be shooting in Manual Mode by the time the Family Shoot happens that same afternoon.  Women are always a bit nervous, especially the beginners, that they will not be able to make it happen.  But you are about to see twenty photos that prove they not only made it happen, but they knocked it out of the park!

Some of these ladies have blogs and website, we’ve hyper linked their names if they do!  Be sure to check out more of their work.  And if you have a few moments, leave a comment of celebration or encouragement b/c they all worked so hard and really pushed their limitations for two days.  Super proud of these ladies!

We start the family shoot with me “thinking out loud” as I walk through setting up my camera and the family for a holiday photo, and then what other poses/set ups, tricks to help them relax, after we’ve got the holiday photo done.

20 Photos Ideas for Family Portraits

Here is a basic family photo “set up” that I walked the group through (and maybe the ladies will remember ALL the subtle adjustments we made until it felt right).  Photography is a collection of subtle shifts–little shift here, little shift there, another little shift for the best rim light, another shift to have mom’s face lit even, and on you go until VOILA!  You see it! Now you are ready to lift the camera up and grab the photo!  Challenge for YOU:  Before you snap your photo, check to  make sure there aren’t any other subtle shifts you could make that would draw the emotion and light out that much more.

20 Photo Ideas for Family Portraits, Me Ra Koh photography workshops

(this family is our neighbors, and i LOVE them so much!  just had to say that!  :))

What a fun image of this little guy, taken by Amaris Michelle Espinosa.  The slight vignette that she put on this image draws us right into his happy face!  For those of you who have my book “Your Baby in Pictures”, this is the SAME little boy who was the crying baby for the photo recipe “Tiny Cries”!  How do they grow THIS FAST!

20 Photo Ideas for Family Portraits

 Amy Swank caught Amanda and her husband without their little ones running around them, or they might have been and we don’t even know it.  I love to take at least a couple images of the parents together during a family session.  They always sell because they probably haven’t had any professional images done of them since their wedding:)  Amanda…you look marvelous!  (Amanda came to our CONFIDENCE Workshop four years ago! One of my favorite parts of the shoots is seeing ladies from past workshops and how their families have grown!)

I always try to position (pose) a family in a great spot with awesome light.  Then I will tell them to just talk to each other for a second while I get ready (I’m really ready and actually snapping shots already).  This is a great way to relax a family, especially a family with more than 2 kiddos (and you get the most “candid” images), like Carrie caught.  Very nice!

 Christy Cowan also captured an awesome, relaxed portrait of this family.  Remember, not all need to be looking at the camera.  Trying to engage them with eachother will most likely yield genuine emotion.  Awesome job Christy!

Oh my goodness, I just love the Mom and Dad in this image.  We had a fun time setting this shot up with the couple’s help and the group working together.  Knowing little tricks to help people relax in front of the camera make ALL the difference.  Don’t they look completely in love?  And the sweet little girls are watching them from the back.  Mmmmm, goodness.  Way to go Gargi!  This gorgeous mom is Tonya Todd, a wonderful photographer in our area!

20 Photo Ideas for Family Portraits, Me Ra Koh photography workshops 2

Genny Kothari  really caught the emotion of this mother and daughter’s bond.  The coloring is magnificent!

Another shot that I just love.  You can almost tell what their faces look like by looking at the movement of their feet.  Innocent happiness.  Great view Jacki!

20 Photo Ideas for Family Portraits, Me Ra Koh photography workshops 4

Jill Ulander knew what she was composing when she took this image.  I really like the natural lines that the railing fence and stairs make.  Really nice and crisp with a buttery background.

 Julie Wray…another image of an amazing family, relaxing and just having fun!  Look at the smile on Dad’s face.  It doesn’t get more “real” than that.

20 Photo Ideas for Family Portraits, Me Ra Koh photography workshops 3

Karyn surely shot this is at a low aperture.  The tree leaves are glistening almost like holiday lights!  Keeping your aperture low while shooting portraits, really makes your subjects “stand out”.  Fantastic!

I can totally feel how safe this little girl feels in Daddy’s arms.  Katie, such a tender moment you captured.

I love this pose that Krista caught.  Putting the children up front and the parents blurred out in the back (with big smiles) is always a winner.  For this shot, since the two girls are not exactly on the same plane, I would have shot this between 2.8 and 4.0, depending on which lens is used.   And the emotion on the older girls face is an added bonus here.

photography workshops for women

It’s okay to cut heads off sometimes.  It really works in the “Rule of Thirds” composition that Kristy choose to go with here.  Kristy, this is adorable!  Awesome job!

Look at his face!  Maria, you really caught him in his element!  Absolutely darling!

 Danielle Kindelberger captured this tender moment between mom and her boys.  I love the simple black and white tone that you applied here.  Just perfect.

This looks like a magazine image.  Wow… Michaela Hundahl!  It is hard to shoot with such a strong backlight and  girl, you took your meter and knocked it out of the park!

Neyssa Lee worked her magic with this little girl.  The slight camera tilt adds a little more texture by bringing in the door frame.  Precious Neyssa, your little guy is going to have the BEST photos as he grows up!

Robyn…I hope they put this image on their wall!  What a super family portrait!

Every one of these women took their camera, creative spirit, courage and WENT FOR IT!  Not only did they capture awesome photos, but we had a BLAST in the process!

photography workshops for women, Me Ra Koh

Thank you so much ladies for a wonderful, WONDERFUL weekend!  One of my favorite moments was when Danielle introduced herself and said she didn’t know who I was but was just surfing for a weekend getaway and figured Hotel Murano was a great place to spend it!  LOL!  Brian and I still laugh about that moment!  We hope Danielle, and all the rest of you, got that weekend away that filled you up and nourished your creative spirits to move forward with confidence!  You have all that it takes to go for it!

Me Ra Koh, Photography Workshops for Women

Is Danielle glad she came? Was the weekend the break she needed? :)

THANK YOU so much to all the families for being our models!  What would we do with out YOU!!  We appreciate you so much!!  And I know you are going to LOVE all the photos these ladies captured!

It’s amazing to look back at this post, the 20 Photo Ideas for Family Portraits, and the BEAUTIFUL women who captured these images.  Many have gone on to have their own business, and Neyssa Lee is not only has a successful photography business but is one of our teachers in Seattle area!

My heart is full, may your heart be inspired!


p.s.  Join us April 11th and 12th 2015 for our 2-Day Dallas CONFIDENCE Workshop!  [This is now SOLD OUT!  CLICK HERE for next available workshop in 2015.]

Women are flying in from ALL over the country, and we have only three spots left!



February 25th is the deadline to sign up for A Portrait of Italy where you will learn how to take photos in Italy with Me Ra Koh!

Learn How to Take Photos in Italy with Me Ra Koh

Me Ra and Brian are so excited to bring you and your spouse/BFF/sibling/parent to Italy this May!  All levels of photography are welcome.  You will capture the rolling hills of Tuscany, learn how to do a magazine shoot with one of the most famous cheese makers in Northern Italy, dive into the art history behind the birth of the Renaissance, explore ancient towns tucked into the cliffs, and spend time getting lost in Venice.  And you’ll be sleeping in castles and villas along the way.  This 8-day tour is a DREAM!

For a detailed itinerary of what to expect each day from the photo focus to the lodging locations, check out A Portrait of Italy and learn how to take photos IN Italy with Me Ra Koh!

Deadline is February 25th!

Learn How to Take Photos in Italy with Me Ra Koh

There is a secret to overcoming self pity.  But the funny part is if you REALLY are stuck in the mud and muck of self pity, you don’t even want to read this post!  However, if you give me less than five minutes, you may find breakthrough.  It’s a perspective shift that is necessary but often not considered, like this gorgeous photo Brian captured of the sunrise over the Dead Sea.  You don’t think of gorgeous colors like this when you think “Dead Sea, Israel”, and yet it’s there if you are willing to do the mile high hike at 3:30am.  Secret to overcoming self pity is there for you.  You willing to make the climb?  The view is worth it!  Promise!

Dead Sea sunrise, Brian Tausend

When I blogged last about How to Determine if You are Failing and Succeeding, I was thinking the Secret to Overcoming Self Pity has to be the follow up post.  Isn’t that what we all feel when faced with disappointment?  I don’t know about you, but when I stepped off that scale last week, Self Pity grabbed a warm blanket from the dryer and wrapped me tight.  She encouraged me to just rest, get cozy, and nurse those wounds.  Maybe even finish off the pumpkin pie while I’m at it.  After all, I’m not having a great moment and deserve to at least TASTE something yummy, right?!

Self Pity is a nasty one.  She’s must be first cousin’s with Doubt.  At first glance, her words sound so validating.

“You don’t deserve that.”

“You’ve worked so hard.  This isn’t fair.”

“You’ve given so much.  When will you have what you need?”

“Your bank account only has so much?  That doesn’t make sense?  Will this ever change for you?”

With every twisted validation, you feel yourself sink deeper and deeper until the sun has dried up all that mud surrounding you, and you now find yourself immobilized.  But don’t forget about the odor you are sending off.  Yes, odor.  Have you ever walked by a dried up mud flat and sniffed the nasty odor that comes off it?  Icky bacteria that is stagnate.  Makes you want to run the other way.  And you wonder why you are getting that impression from your friends.  That odor is what your friends and family are smelling when you are keeping close company with Self Pity.  She says it’s because they just don’t “get you”.  The truth is you’ve started to stink.  You are carrying a spiritual odor that attracts others who wear the same.  Beware.  People wrapped in Self Pity’s blanket are not the friends you are looking for.  Their input will only cause you to stink even more.  You need the secret to break up that dry mud and walk away from Self Pity.

The secret to overcoming self pity…

Here it is:  Write down your starting point.

That’s the secret.

Write what the scale says.

Write what the bank account balance is.

Write what the status of your marriage is.

You’ve got to know where you starting from to track your progress.  And there is a WORLD of progress to be made.

It’s such a simple, easy step, but we resist doing it.  Last week, I saw what the scale said, and wanted to eat another piece of pumpkin pie.  After all, I felt discouraged and on top of that Costco only sales pumpkin pie during the holidays!  WAHHHHH!  (anyone feel me?)  Instead, I re-opened the free app My Fitness Pal and entered my weight.

If I don’t start somewhere, I will simply never start.

I bought an  Jawbone tracking device that I clip on my bra to track my steps.  My goal is 10K steps a day.  Most days I take 7500-8000 steps, but that’s still 5000 MORE steps than I was walking during the holidays.

secret to overcoming self pity

I set a goal to drink a 100 oz of water a day.  (It’s super dry in Dallas.)

I decided to start recording what I eat in My Fitness Pal again.

secret to overcoming self pity

Oh man.  Self Pity was RIGHT THERE!

“You shouldn’t have to track what you eat!  You already eat so well.  You don’t eat wheat.  You don’t drink any caffeine.  You don’t have dairy.  My goodness, if anyone should get a break on tracking their food, it should be you!  The problem can’t be how much you were eating the last six weeks.  You do sooooo good.  Don’t spend the energy on tracking your meals.  You already work so hard as it is.”

My spirit finally burst with all this noise, and I yelled “SHUT UP!”  That’s what I had to yell at Self Pity.  “SHUT UP!”  I mean, I had to get MAD!  I had to get sick and tired of listening to that voice.  Some of you need to get mad about the mental state you’re stuck in.  You need to get fed up with how you smell.  I’m not an angry person, but there is a time to get angry.  And Self Pity may approach all gentle-like, but she needs to be FORCED OUT with resolve.

After a few days of tracking what I was eating, low and behold, I was reminded I can still over eat when you have food allergies!  LOL!  Food allergic people find ways to make up for it.  Am I right?!

When I’ve been sitting for two hours, my UP device reminds me to get up and move.  It’s amazing how fast two hours goes by when you are working at your computer.

And since I started with the secret to overcoming self pity (by writing down my current state) within a couple of days, I started to see progress!   I was able to track it.  Turns out I was super dehydrated.  Just moving more, watching my calorie intake and most of all, drinking twice the amount of water, shed the first 5lbs in a week!

The secret to overcoming self pity is accepting the status of where you are, and deciding to set goals beyond that place.  I love how Zig Ziglar talks about expecting obstacles when you set goals.  He writes “If there wasn’t something between you and your goals, you would already have everything you want.”  Wow!

Knowing we will face obstacles gets us strategically thinking about how to overcome them versus praying and pleading in the corner that we don’t face any at all.  See the difference?  It’s small, but it makes ALL the difference in the world.  How much energy do I spend fretting about possible obstacles versus strategically planning what to do when I face them because I will face them.

This new year is so special!  2015 is unlike any other year.  You’ve never been so prepared for a new year.  You’ve never known so much, held so many creative tools, had so much hard knox experience under your belt, and been this wise.  You may look at the New Year and see defeat waiting for you.  Instead, look behind you.  Look how far you’ve come.  Look at all you’ve learned.  Look at how you grew last year!  And then look down.  Look at where your feet are standing.  Write it down.  Write down the current status of your life, your family, your business, your weight, your dreams…and then set some goals beyond this place.  This will give you the best treat your spirit’s taste buds ever had!  Being able to track your progress, see that you are moving forward, is the “daily treat” that will make you leaner, stronger and more motivated!

So how about it?  Why not tell Self Pity to take a hike!



p.s.  Three Ways to Build Confidence with Me Ra and Brian in 2015!

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Restart Your Creative Spirit, Online Class, Me Ra Koh

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Here is what students from last year’s Restart Class said;

This was soooo fantastic! I can’t wait for next week!! Thank you so much for offering this!

I’m sitting here feeling so blessed and beyond excited to let the waves of 2014’s “Ah-ha” moments rush over me. Thanks Me Ra & Brian!!! Can’t wait to see coming next week.

I have been encouraged in every area of my life not just restarting my creativity! It has been like having a best friend come along side of me and peel away layers so I can be the person I was created to be! Thanks Me Ra for everything you do!!!!”

Restart has not been an easy process for me… all this soul searching and answering tough questions. But I am loving it! It is exactly what I need!

I completed week 5 and loved this class! Thanks for restarting my creativity!

I’ve loved the class. I’m sad that it’s over. After the final video I cried, wept even. It was such a release. This restart has been so eye opening, it has grabbed me by the heart and lead me to a path that I am looking forward to following, even with not knowing exactly where I’ll end up. Big things have happened in the last month and a half. Just by allowing myself to go there.
It’s weird how things kind of just fall together when you follow your heart. It’s still going to be a lot of work, but at least I know what I want to work on…. for now. :) Thank you for being. For showing up, being your authentic self and sharing your heart. It’s been a process and will continue to be so. I look forward to this journey. I am excited about it. Now I will approach it with a courage and acceptance that I don’t think I would have had if it weren’t for you Me Ra. I am happy to have you in my life.

Restart in 2015!

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photography workshop in Italy

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5 Ways to Find Confidence with Your Camera, Me Ra Koh 5



What determines if you are failing or succeeding?  I have to ask myself this question to stop a vicious mental cycle.  I want to start 2015 with a pause, a long enough pause to ponder this question.  If I don’t, I sit like a merciless judge overlooking each day’s events with a critical eye.  Without hesitation, I hit the gavel against the wood and pronounce “Failure as charged!” It is much easier to judge myself as failing than succeeding.  If my critical judge doesn’t see any “bigger than life “evidence of success, she quickly assumes there is nothing worth finding.  To determine that I may actually be succeeding instead, this takes more work.  And this leads me to the next question “Have I determined I’m failing because it’s more work to discover how I’m succeeding?”

When you are building a dream, creating something in the dark (often groping in the dark), there isn’t always “bigger than life” evidence you are succeeding.  There is usually just darkness.  When I say darkness, I don’t mean it in a negative tone.  I mean it in the way the poet T. S. Eliot wrote “I said to my soul, be still, let the dark come upon you which shall be the darkness of God.  As, in a theatre, the lights are extinguished, for the scene to be changed.”  Creating is like setting a new scene on stage.  But when we are creating something new, we are most vulnerable to the critical judge that says we are failing.  This is a truth I have intimately and painfully learned over 2014.

In March 2014, Brian and I took our kids and left the shore of the familiar behind us.  We set out to create something we had never done before.  We followed our heart’s pull and put everything we had into our dream.  Every bit of creative energy, every dollar we had ever saved, every opportunity for revenue that we would miss, every family member, every detail that makes home feel like home, we gave it all with no guarantee of what our result would be.  Ten months later, we are still forging this dream in the fire.  We still feel like we are groping in the dark.  And when I look around, I find myself in a new place, unknown land, and often feel lost.  This is when that critical judge enters the courtroom of my heart.  On some days, the judge holds court several times throughout the day.  And I hear the gavel pound and pound and pound the proclamation of “Failure as charged!”  The evidence comes rolling in…

-We left our beautiful home by the sea and mountains where the air is fresh and clean…

Determine if You are Failing or Succeeding

and moved to the desert.  We still haven’t been able to sell our home, and it weighs on us all the time.  Doubt takes center stage “Maybe you should have waited to move…maybe you should have stayed longer…how will you make ends meet?…You’ve sold the pilot but you haven’t sold the series yet…what if you never do….”  On and on Doubt goes like a well practiced attorney who knows this is an easy win.

-Back home, we had an older Mercedes station wagon.  I loved that car–just a fun classic.  We thought it would sell right away, and then we’d put that money towards buying a car down here.  After three months, it still hasn’t sold.  Brian and I spent almost five years getting out of debt.  For us, the option of financing a car isn’t an option.  We’ve tasted what life is like without a car payment, and we don’t want to go back.  The church here has generously loaned us their 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis–think old school, silver bullet.  I drove it to a photo shoot recently.  This family has found incredible financial success in their life.  Their is mutual respect between us and room for joking in our relationship.  When the dad saw the car I had driven to their home, he jokingly said “This is NOT the car I would expect you to be driving with all I know of you and your business.”  He wasn’t being critical.  He was just surprised.  I jokingly responded, “Don’t forget where you came from.  You weren’t always the successful business man you are today.  Remember what it was like to build a dream with no guarantee of success?  Brian and I are all in with everything we’ve got.”  As I drove home in the silver Grand Marquis, I felt the critical judge entering court again, calling the court to order, asking to see the evidence of what car I’m driving, as if the car I drive determines my future or current successes.  The critical judge in my mind did not listen to the argument that we are choosing not to take on a car payment, as we patiently wait for our car back home to sell.  The critical judge only saw my titles, accolades, TV shows I’ve done and do, and looked at the make and model of the car we are driving and said “It doesn’t match up.  Failure as charged!”

-Holidays have come to an end.  I stepped on the scale last week.  I was up more than I’m comfortable with.  The critical judge looked back at me in the mirror and said “Failure as charged!”

-I sat down to blog today, but the evidence came rolling in.  “After 7 years of blogging almost four times a week, every week, she hasn’t blogged at all since she was hospitalized in Israel.  That was six months ago!  She’s lost her momentum and discipline.  We know she’s moved her family across the country.  We know she’s given up the familiar for the unknown, but that’s still no excuse.”  The critical judge leans forward, looks me up and down, and says “Failure as charged.”

I could go on and on with all the ways I see myself failing.  On one hand, it sounds ridiculous to even type because there is another side to every example.  But I wanted to share these examples with you today because I know I’m not the only one that holds court in their mind every day.  And there is power in knowing you are not alone.  So how do you determine if you are failing or succeeding?  Clearly, there are endless ways to determine you are failing.  Here’s what I’ve learned about determining success.

5 Principles to Determining Success

1. Train your spirit’s eyes.  Daily successes are easy to miss.  We are often looking for show stoppers or mountain peaks; the unexpected job offer, the mysterious check in the mail, the breakthrough in our marriage that changed everything overnight, the miracle healing for our loved one, the estranged relationship fully reconciled…  We look for the evidence of these huge successes, and  when we don’t see them we dismiss the courtroom with a verdict of failure.  These mountain-moving successes do come in life, but not on a daily basis. Daily success are often packed deep in the earth’s hard rock and cold noise of the day.  Daily successes must be mined out.  Like a miner who looks for a thin sliver of gold embedded in the unforgiving rock, we must look for our daily successes.  A gold miner only has only to see a sliver of gold to know he’s struck gold.

2.  Listen for turbulence at night.  When you turn off the bedroom light, tuck yourself into the covers and listen for turbulence.  Despite all the looming impossibles you face, despite all the fears that taunt you, do you feel a deep peace in your heart?  With all the uncertainty and unfamiliarity that surrounds me and Brian, I feel a deep peace in my heart when the house is quiet at night.  I know we are exactly where we are supposed to be.  I know I don’t have a ton of evidence to show for it, but the deep peace tells me everything.  That isn’t to say that I end my day feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted.  I do.  But there is a difference between exhausting yourself from all the energy it takes to ignore the pull in your heart to leaving the shore of the familiar and being exhausted by the sheer journey.  Two different exhaustive states.  One lets you sleep at night.  The other keeps you awake with turbulence of the heart.

3.  Observe the wildlife.  When I say wildlife, I’m affectionately referring to our children.  They are wild and full of life.  Do they seem to be walking out their day with peace?  Moving to a new state can be overwhelming for kids, but I’m amazed at how Pascaline and Blaze are taking the change in stride.  This is evidence of success.  This is evidence of being on the right track.  Before we left Washington, without hesitation, they told everyone they did NOT want to move to Texas.  This would worry me day and night.  But since we’ve moved, they are making friends, having new experiences, and they are the first to say they are glad we came.  They have hard days and good days, but there is a deep peace I see in them–even a new kind of faith for this new chapter.  Sometimes God gives our kids what we are lacking.  Observe the wildlife, and you may find unexpected joy and adventure.

4.  Count the family not the bank account.  Our family has been dream-building for over a decade.  We have watched our bank accounts grow and grow, and we’ve watched them empty and stay empty.  Society sends endless messages to us “You can determine if you are failing our succeeding by looking at your bank account statements!”  Beware of this.  It’s a trap.  When you choose to step into the unknown, you are also choosing to determine your success by something much richer, deeper and greater than a monthly bank statement.  You have to find a new economy to count your wealth by.  Count the ways your family laughed together, reconciled, chose to forgive, helped each other, pressed through peer pressure, ate well, exercised, rested, unplugged, prayed, played, watched movies, played with neighbors, created, spoke up, held their tongue, gave and chose to love again.  These are things worth counting.  The bank accounts will go up and down as you are dream building.  They won’t be stable through much of the process.  But there are other accounts to count, your family’s account of well being.

5. Flip the Failure.  Every scenario that tries to proclaim “Failure as charged!” is a scenario I can flip and be thankful for.  I am SO THANKFUL we have four wheels to drive us around town.  I am so thankful we don’t have to take the bus or finance a car.  I am so thankful for the generosity and support of our church and their silver Grand Marquis.  Brian and I have never experienced such tremendous support from a church community.  It leaves me speechless much of the time.  And the truth is that our family, especially our kids and all their jokes, are never going to forget this car.  It’s not only good, but important for mom and dad to show the kids that the year and make of a car is not what makes us happy. In fact, drive your car with pride and smile wide!  THERE IS NEVER SHAME IN SACRIFICE WHEN YOU ARE DREAM BUILDING.

Determine if You are Failing or Succeeding

I’m so thankful for our rental home.  After owning a home for thirteen years, it’s strange to go back to renting.  But this home has so much peace, joy and creative energy.  And here’s the truth, the four walls don’t make my home.  My family is home.  I’m so thankful for my health.  I may be up in weight, but I have both of my legs to take me to yoga and go for walks.  I don’t have to struggle in the same way my dad does with a prosthetic leg.  And it’s okay for weight to fluctuate, especially when you’ve had major stress and deep grief.  Loving yourself back to a whole place is what matters most.

These are only some of the ways to determine if you are failing or succeeding.  These are principles I have found in the fire and hold dear.  We know in our head that a car, home and bank account balance don’t determine whether or not we are failing or succeeding.  Yet, we easily get caught into the trap of thinking they do.

We may be vulnerable if we feel like we’ve never been able to get ahead, and we are just as vulnerable if we’ve owned these things and given them up.  Yet, we have a common ground.

We came to this place today because we believe we are meant to create.  We believe we are meant to grope in the dark and birth something new.  We believe the darkness isn’t bad but may actually be the darkness of God.  And that our very lives are like T.S. Eliot’s stage being reset.  As I think of you and say a prayer for your new year, I hear the orchestra beginning to tune their instruments.  The lights are dimming.  I hear the rustling of the stagehands moving props behind the curtain.  I see the ruffle of the red velvet, and I lean forward with anticipation to see what 2015 will reveal on the stage of my life and your life.

We are not failing.  We are succeeding.  Lean forward with me, and let us wait for the curtain to rise.

Happy New Year, and Cheers to the Stages of Life being Reset!



p.s.  Build Confidence with Me Ra and Brian in 2015!

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photography workshop in Italy

  1. The 2-Day CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop in Dallas this April 11th and 12th 2015 is SOLD OUT!

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5 Ways to Find Confidence with Your Camera, Me Ra Koh 5



Last weekend’s 2-Day workshop was amazing, and now women are signed up and flying in from California to Florida for the next Dallas CONFIDENCE Workshop this April 2015!

Early Bird Deadline: Saturday, Nov. 29th.  All of you who asked if we’d do it again in Dallas, answer is YES!  YAY!!!!

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Workshop Dates:  April 11th and 12th 2015

Give yourself confidence with the camera this Christmas. You can even tell your hubby it can be a combined Christmas/Mother’s Day gift since it will happen early Spring! If he really needs convincing, throw in your birthday. LOL! Many women have had great success with this tactic.

Here are 5 Reasons to Sign Up and Find Confidence with Your Camera! (spotlighting photos from the weekend)

1.  Hands-On Photo Shoot with Me Ra

5 Ways to Find Confidence with Your Camera, Me Ra Koh 1

We will do hands-on photo shoots both Saturday and Sunday.  In the morning sessions we fill your mind with tons of understanding about your camera’s settings, inspire your creativity, and then let you put it all to practice with Brian and I by your side for the hands-on shoots!

2. Gain Confidence in Your Camera Settings

5 Ways to Find Confidence with Your Camera, Me Ra Koh 2

We call Brian the “walking camera manual” because no matter what camera brand or model you have, he’s probably read the manual.  He can help with just about any technical question you’ve got.

In fact, did you know your camera comes out of the box with crazy default settings that set your photos up for failure.  We’ll spend time during Day One’s morning session changing those default settings and getting you set up for success!

3. Learn Tips and Tricks to Engage Your Subjects

5 Ways to Find Confidence with Your Camera, Me Ra Koh 3

On both Saturday and Sunday, I will demonstrate a photo shoot for you while I talk you through what I’m doing.  I’ll explain why I’m setting the subjects up a certain way, how I’m determining my camera settings, and how I’m getting them to engage with the camera no matter how young or old they are.  There are tons of photo tips and tricks to engage your subjects that make all the difference!

4. How to Capture Gorgeous Lighting (no lighting equipment needed)

African American Family Portrait, Me Ra Koh

Can you believe this family portrait was taken in a hallway at a hotel?!

This is what Brian and I want to teach you “How to Capture Great Lighting” no matter where you are!  The more difficult the setting, the more I LOVE it because you become a believer that you can do it too!

We will show you how to capture buttery, blurry backgrounds.  How to get dark black backgrounds or blasted out white backgrounds that look like studio lighting but require no extra lights.  It’s just a matter of understanding your camera settings and discovering the magic of natural light.  We will also teach you how to use an external flash in five minutes. Five minutes because that’s how easy it is!  It’s a flash method we always used when shooting high-end weddings.

5. Grow, Gain Confidence, and Laugh with a Group of Women from All Over the Country

5 Ways to Find Confidence with Your Camera, Me Ra Koh 5

Here’s the deal.  In every workshop we have a range of proficiency.  Some women are complete beginners and others have their own business with paying clients.  But confidence is a key desire in all of them.  Often times, women have technical holes in their understanding of how the camera and lighting works which keeps them from shooting in full confidence.  This is what we are after, breaking through those glass ceilings so you capture your loved ones with consistency and feel solid about how your camera works!  Magical things happen over the weekend, but you’ll have to come to see what I mean.

BIG thanks to our wonderful models for giving us their time!  Lots of great photos are being uploaded and coming your way soon!

Sign Up for April’s Dallas Workshop Here!

Early Bird Price Ends this Saturday, Nov. 29th.


p.s.  Do you ever dream of learning about photography in a storybook setting?

photography workshop in Italy

Experience Italy with Me Ra and Brian!

That’s right!  Brian and I are hosting an 8-Day Photography Workshop/Tour in Italy this May 2015.  It’s a dream come true!  We are going to have the most amazing adventure together.  Husbands, friends and moms who aren’t photo enthusiasts but want to experience Italy are also welcome.   I like to say it this way…

In 2014, we traveled the world filming our show.

In 2015, we bring YOU with us!  (Eeeeks!)

All the details of the trip are here!

As a former Running On Empty winner, I remember vividly the moment I received the word. It was exciting and crazy , I was a bit in shock, and honored to have been selected all at the same time. Every time Me Ra holds a Running on Empty contest, the stories that come in from all over the country are amazing to read. The truth is that not one woman is more deserving than another. Every single one is just as deserving as the next. That is why a whole team of women vote together on who will win. This is part of what is so beautiful about the Running On Empty contest. The team of women who are voting have all been winners. They are all the past Running on Empty winners. They know the feeling of being nominated by friends and loved ones, or of nominating themselves. They know the feeling of the anticipation, and they know the feeling of getting the word that they are the one who has been selected this time. They know the excitement, the shock, and the honor.


Dallas CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop


Choosing the winner is no easy task.  Ive heard time and time again how they wished everyone could be selected. This time around, I had the amazing honor of delivering the news to the winner.  I can’t describe the sheer joy that came with this task.  I’ll admit, I was a bit giddy to share the news!

The winner of the Running on Empty contest is Kristy Cox.  Kristy was chosen from a group of women nearly twenty strong.  Every single nominee was so deserving of being the winner. I can’t give a better statement than Me Ra’s own words…

I see myself in all your stories, and I want you to know I’m pulling for you. No matter how dire the circumstances, I have built my life on one truth: The impossible still happens. For those of you need the impossible to happen in your life, who need a new beginning, a broken heart mended, a financial provision or breakthrough…a road where there seems to be no way to go…I believe it can happen. It will happen. And if nothing else, I hope my own life is an encouragement. Whether you are a winner or not, I’m pulling for you. I hope our paths cross so I can look you in the eye and say “You are worthy. You are worthy of the best. And the impossible can happen, even for you. Just hang in there…just hang in there.”

Kristy was so brave to nominate herself for the contest, here is her story:

“Running on empty…that definitely describes me. I’m not sure I was ever full, come to think about it. I never in a million years thought I would nominate myself for something like this but here I go.

I have been so very blessed with my life. It’s not always been easy, but it rarely is. I turned 40 this year. Such a milestone, one many never get the chance to see. And for that I am blessed. But that didn’t make turning 40 easy. I have spent my entire life in a military community, always moving, never putting down roots. My dad was in the Air Force and then later on I joined the Army after college and met my husband there as well. We decided when we were ready to start a family that one of us needed to get out of the Army. One of us needed to be the stable rock in the household. That ended up being me since my husband still owed the Army time for his education.

We started our family shortly after I left the Army. When my daughter was 6 months old my husband deployed for the first time, for a year. Throughout the 13 years he stayed in the Army there were many deployments, TDY’S (business trips), many weekends worked, many early mornings and very late nights. I learned to raise children by myself in states where we had no family, friends or roots. I was the mom and dad. I maintained the upkeep of the house, mowed lawns, ran snowblowers, maintained vehicles, paid bills all while raising kids, nursing them through illnesses, homework, school conferences, awards ceremonies, etc. It seemed for so long like I would never get out of that trench.

Finally after 13 years of Army life we decided to leave the Army and try to become a “normal” family. We moved to TN where the next job would be. I was so excited at the prospect of roots. Civilian life on one income was a little more of a struggle than Army life was. Normal medical bills add up, normal expenses add up. We had to tighten down where the money would go. My husband took advantage of the GI bill he had and went back to school to earn an advanced degree, hoping it would help put us in a better financial position down the road. One year into his 2 year degree he was laid off…2 weeks before Christmas. I can’t think of many other times in our lives where we have been at such a low point. In the back of my head I was kicking myself for not having ever started up a photography business. If only I wasn’t so scared at failing or overwhelmed by all of it then we might have something to fall back on at this very uncertain time. I am a RN by trade, but since I hadn’t worked in over a decade even I wasn’t able to find a job.

Such a helpless, overwhelming feeling.

My husband was able to find a job several months later. I am so grateful it wasn’t longer. I know many people try much longer. Several months after my husband started his new job we got the surprise we had never expected. We were pregnant. Wow that took a while to wrap my brain around. It definitely wasn’t on my bucket list for turning 40. Now we are blessed with 3 amazing girls. I thought I was done having kids, but God had a greater plan for me. I love this family of mine so much, but I feel like along the way I have lost myself. I have given everything I can to take care of everyone else. I want this for me. I need this for me. I feel like I have been in a mommy time warp for 12 years and now I don’t know how to step out of it. I have always had a mad passion for photography. At one point I had an ok knowledge of my camera. Nowadays I rarely use manual and never shoot in RAW anymore. Most of my pictures are taken with my phone, like so many.

Photographs are your story. The good, bad and ugly. Photographs were our main source of communication during times when my husband missed birthdays, holidays, special events and also just daily life. They told the story of us. I want to be able to tell that story better with my own family and for other families as well. Everyone has a story. Everyone deserves to have their story told.

A while back Oprah had asked a question on her show “what would you be if you knew you would not fail?” I have always wanted to be a photographer. I don’t want to spend the next 40 years wondering why I stood in my own way.”



Photography Workshops for Women with Me Ra Koh

Thank you so much, Me Ra for your generosity and your heart to give to women.  Thank you for pouring into the hearts of women time and time again.  Kristy and I and a whole family of Confidence Workshop attendees and Running On Empty winners say a resounding “THANK YOU”!

We have one or two spots left for next weekend’s Dallas Workshop.  Grab one of the last spots here!  Email me once you register.  Me Ra has the attendees do a couple fun exercise to get your creative juices flowing and prepared for the workshop!  There is still time for me to get you prepped for this amazing, powerful weekend!



Janna King Photography


Neyssa here with 7 Pumpkin Patch Photo Tips (especially for those of you with toddlers)!

It’s October which means its time for trips to the pumpkin patch. This past weekend my family made our annual trip to a local farm, giving me the perfect opportunity to put together these seven pumpkin patch photo tips for you!

For Milo, the highlight of going to the pumpkin patch was not picking pumpkins, but getting to ride in a big “trailer” (or wagon) pulled by a tractor. By the looks of excitement on the other kids faces, I’d say this was the highlight for many kids. The tractor ride is a part of the adventure to the pumpkin patch.

Capture the Ride.

I realize that not all pumpkin patches have big tractors, but many have mini trains, ponies, or other fun ways to get to the pumpkins. Even a ride in the wheelbarrow is exciting for young kids! The sun was bright so I had my family sit on the side of the tractor that put the sun on their backs. I just love how Grandma and Auntie are watching the kids for their reaction and Milo was watching the pumpkins go by and the wheels turn. I know this ride will be one he talks about for weeks.

ISO 100, Aperture f2.8, Shutter Speed 640

Seven Pumpkin Patch Photo Tips, Preschool Boy and sister on tractorIt wasn’t a minute off the tractor that we had tears. Milo saw a bucket of huge trimmers and wanted to carry a pair all by himself. Of course, daddy didn’t let him, but we told him he could help cut everyone’s pumpkin stems. He thought that meant he got to cut everyone who was at the pumpkin patch not just our family, but that was besides the point! When it came time to help Sawyer free her pumpkin from the stem, Milo and daddy came to the rescue.

Capture the Work

Milo may not be looking at me or grinning ear to ear, but I have captured his hard working, focused face. A face we see often around the house. I have captured my ‘boys’ working together to get our pumpkins! I know that in future years, Milo won’t need daddy’s help, so capturing this detail now is important for telling our story right now.

ISO 100, Aperture f2.8, Shutter Speed 320

Seven Pumpkin Patch Photo Tips, Father and son picking pumpkins

This fall has been gorgeous in Seattle. I felt strange complaining that it was too hot while I was picking pumpkins. But the setting sun provided gorgeous light for me to capture my family.

Use the Sun to Create Beautiful Backlighting.

As my family continued to pick pumpkins I could not help but get excited about the sun filling the frame of my camera. I love how the light pours into this image of everyone working together to get our pumpkin.

ISO 100, Aperture f2.8, Shutter Speed 200

Seven Pumpkin Patch Photo Tips, Family Picking Pumpkins

It may seem obvious that I was at the pumpkin patch too since I was the one taking all of the photos. However, it is so important for my kids to see years later that I truly was present with them on these adventures!

Hand off the Camera.

Before we even left for the pumpkin patch I told my husband that he would have to take a few photos with me in them too. Once out in the patch, I set the settings on the camera so that he could take some good photos without having to fuss to much, and then I handed off the camera. As moms it is so easy to use the excuse that we take the photos as a reason to not get in front of the camera. I was having a crazy hair day, my baby bump is at that stage where you don’t know if I’m eating too many cookies or if I’m pregnant, but I still handed off that camera. And I love this image of my daughter and I at the pumpkin patch! (She was so interested in the stem and wanted to “carry” the pumpkin. My husband captured that here, with me in the photo too!

ISO 100, Aperture f2.8, Shutter Speed 320

Seven Pumpkin Patch Photo Tips, Mother and daughter with pumpkin

While we waited for the tractor to come pick us up, the kids decided that the pumpkins were the perfect place to start. It was too cute that we had to take a picture. Of course, getting two toddlers to look at the camera (when Skittles aren’t involved) can be tricky. I used another trick up my sleeve instead.

Have everyone look at one person instead of the camera.

Sawyer was so proud that she was sitting on the pumpkin too, we all looked to her. I love this image my husband captured of our family. We aren’t looking at the camera, but there are genuine smiles and it is very telling of this time for our family with little Sawyer as the adorable center of attention.

ISO 100, Aperture f2.8, Shutter Speed 320

Seven Pumpkin Patch Photo Tips, Family with Pumpkins

When you’re at the pumpkin patch you can get carried away with pumpkins in your photos. They don’t have to be front and center in every image to show you’re at the pumpkin patch.

Be subtle with pumpkins.

This may be one of my favorite images from the day. Sawyer is leaning on grandma’s leg with the pumpkin next to her on the ground. I called her name and she looked up, catching the light in her eyes with the pumpkin softly blurred in the background. This is a great way to show where you are, or the time of year, without having the frame full of pumpkins.

ISO 320, Aperture f2.8, Shutter Speed 400

Seven Pumpkin Patch Photo Tips, Toddler girl with pumpkin

Milo thought the pumpkins in the patch were too big for him. He wanted a small pumpkin. We found a bunch of tiny pumpkins by the farmhouse for Milo to pick one from. Of course, Sawyer had to have a small pumpkin too. Actually, she had to have TWO small pumpkins (which meant she got 3 pumpkins on our adventure).

Focus on the pumpkins

Instead of focusing on Sawyer’s huge grin, I chose to focus on the two pumpkins as she held them up for me to see. Kids love to show off their selections, so focus on what they picked! If their pumpkin is larger, capture them trying to pick it up (even if it is too big for them). Focusing on the pumpkins will put their “prize” front and center.

ISO 320, Aperture f2.8, Shutter Speed 500

Seven Pumpkin Patch Photo Tips, Toddler girl with pumpkin

Now it’s your turn! Grab your camera, pack the kids up, and head to the pumpkin patch! It is such a fun fall activity to capture!  Even if you’ve already got your pumpkins, it’s worth a fun trip for today’s photo exercise!

Does the thought of aperture and shutter speed overwhelm you? Gain CONFIDENCE by taking a workshop with one of the amazing teachers around the country. In the Seattle/Eastside area? Join me, Saturday, November 8th for my workshop!


Running on Empty is a photography scholarship for moms!  Nominations open now!  There are only 3 Spots Left and 1 Running on Empty Scholarship spot saved for the upcoming 2-Day Dallas CONFIDENCE Workshop with Me Ra and Brian.  

Running on empty is something that is all too familiar to me. That’s why Me Ra, Disney Jr host and champion for moms with cameras, asked me to share a little of my story.  As a mom of five boys that are six and under (including TWO sets of twins!), I have been through seasons where I felt like it was all I could do but to get through the day in one piece.  I LOVE my boys, but I know as well as any mom, how important it is to take some time for myself and be able to take a deep breath…to be refreshed and refilled. I have observed time and again, Me Ra’s genuine passion for women and seeing women be filled up and cared for.  She always saves a photography scholarship for moms in her CONFIDENCE workshops, a special spot for a mom who is running on empty.  This is one way she pours into moms.

Two years ago, I had the honor of being chosen as the Running On Empty contest winner. Here is are two photo examples, a BEFORE and AFTER, so you can see the overnight change from those two days with Me Ra and Brian.

BEFORE Confidence Workshop

photography scholarship for moms

After Confidence Workshop

photography scholarship for moms

This incredible gift, to have received a photography scholarship for moms, to attend Me Ra’s 2-Day Confidence Workshop, still impacts my family, myself, and my growing photography business!  I’m also starting to teach Me Ra’s Growing Confidence Workshops in Dallas area.  I would have never guessed how much would unfold from those two days!

Today, I have the great honor of starting off the upcoming Dallas Workshop Photography Scholarship for Moms!  Are you a mom in Dallas area Running on Empty?  If so, keep reading!

If you know a MOM who is;

A. Running on Empty

B. Lives near the Dallas/Fort Worth area or has mileage to spend

C. Can arrange for a sitter and get the weekend free, starting Friday, November 14th, 7-9pm, for the Meet & Greet through Sunday evening, November 16th, about 7pm.

D. Most importantly, has a PASSION for photography

Nominate her (or yourself) TODAY by sharing her story in this post’s comments.

Nominations must be in by Wednesday night, October 29th at 9pm PST.

We will announce the winner in time for her to jump in and make all the arrangements. So make sure your nominations are all in by Wednesday at 8pm PST. If you are not familiar with this contest, read Me Ra’s description below and see what it’s all about! Moms are one of the most beautiful parts of creation. This contest is all about acknowledging their beauty, even when they are Running on Empty and they sometimes know it least of all.

How to Nominate a Mom (from Me Ra)

In honor of how wonderful moms are and all that they do and give, Brian and I keep one spot reserved in every workshop for a special mom like YOU! That’s right, you (or she) will get a free pass to the upcoming CONFIDENCE Workshop in the Dallas area! (Please note, we don’t provide room/board and travel.)

Deadline for ALL nominations is Wednesday, 10/29 at 9pm PST.

Nominations MUST be posted as a comment on this blog post. 

Nominations emailed, posted on other blog posts, or FB may be overlooked. Please post all nominees in the comments to this post.

Please include in your submission an email or another way to contact you, so we have a way to let you if you or your nominee wins.

photography scholarship for moms

To nominate a mom, you must post a comment telling us about the mom who you think deserves a big break in life! If you are a mom, you’re probably laughing because we ALL deserve a serious break. But the moms we’re looking for are the ones who have had a ridiculous amount of stress in their life whether from trauma or things just not going her way this year. She is a mom in your life that needs a serious blessing to come her way. She needs a serious surprise that gives her empty tank some fuel. If she is a woman that has miscarried, she is still a mom in my mind because I know her heart became a mother’s heart the moment she found out she was pregnant. Don’t hesitate to nominate her too.

I’m proud to say that some of our previous winners stepped out on a limb and nominated themselves. Take courage in them and feel free to nominate yourself if you know you need a serious break. Who knows, you may go on to have your house remodeled by Oprah and Nate Berkus!

Brian and I look forward to meeting you in a few weeks!


Me Ra


We’ll collect all the nominees, have a committee of wonderful moms vote, and then announce the winner in the next week! Being as wonderful as they are, it’s not an easy job. As one said recently, “After reading each story I’d say, ‘I’m voting for HER’.”  Each one of you is so deserving.

Nominate her today and turn her day around!  Oh, wait!  Don’t forget to let her know you’ve nominated her too! If I was a mom nominated I’d love to know my friends were thinking of me whether I won or not!  Deadline for ALL nominations is Wednesday, 10/29 at 9pm PST. Nominations MUST be posted as a comment on this blog post.  Nominations emailed, posted on other blog posts or FB may be overlooked. Please post all nominees in the comments to this post . Thanks! (Tip: write in your post in Word or another program first, then copy and paste over – just in case.)

What do past attendees say about the CONFIDENCE Workshops?  Take a look at Me Ra’s birthday post where over 100 women shared what a difference this workshop has made in their life.  CLICK HERE to read their comments! And she’s only gotten better…:)

With two months left in 2014 (can you believe it?!), make this someone’s best year yet!

Nominations are now open for this special photography scholarship for moms!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]  I’m the Touchpoint for the upcoming Dallas CONFIDENCE Workshop and here to help!



Janna King Photography

*Grab one of the last THREE SPOTS left here!


We’ve got great news!

Our 2-Day Dallas CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop is being moved to November 15th and 16th!  If you were secretly sad when you saw the October dates, someone “up above” must have heard your prayer for different dates.  :)  Our family’s move to Dallas has been moved to the middle of this month, so we are moving the Dallas CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop too. This means you still have time to sign up!  We’ve got a few spots left!

And we are extending the Early Bird Discount until October 14th! 

Investment: $999 (w/o the Early Bird Discount: $1249)

2-Day Dallas Confidence Photography

Need payment options?  Details and Coupon Code here!

Excited to see you all soon!